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17 Spectacular Ponytails Hairstyles for Black Men in 2024

It’s tough when you have long hair and want to keep it looking tamed and stylish at the same time. Moreover, if you’re a black guy with longer hair, it’s even tougher due to your unique hair type.

Ponytail hairstyles come to the rescue and solve all these issues. Ponytails are a lifesaver for black men to keep their hair under control without looking boring.

Are you in a rush but want to get a fashionable look in a minute? Just grab a rubber band and make a ponytail!

Trendy Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Men

Stay tuned as we walk you through all the details, from simple pull-backs to incorporating twists and braids. This is your go-to guide for black men looking for ponytail hairstyles. So let’s get into it.

1. Classic Ponytail with Goatee and Mustache

ponytail for black men with beard

What you see here is a classic ponytail for black men, usually suited to those who have dreadlocks. You just pull them back and tie them behind your head.

Don’t leave your face completely empty. Instead, adorn it with your favorite beard, which is a goatee with a mustache in this case.

2. High and Short Ponytail with Tapered Sides

short ponytail for black men

It’s an interesting ponytail that’s definitely going to get attention because it stands tall and high. The high ponytail is a great choice when your hair isn’t too long.

The tapered sides and nape provide further support to making the ponytail seem quite high and noticeable even from a significant distance.

3. Low Ponytail with Wayfarer Glasses

ponytail for black men with glasses

One of the most stylish looks for black guys who wear glasses. Call it the executive look due to certain elements. For example, the hair is quite long but the ponytail is so low on the nape that it might not be visible when someone’s standing opposite you.

The wayfarer glasses make this style even more acceptable for jobs and roles that still maintain traditional office decorum.

4. Patterned Braids with Messy Ponytail

braided ponytail for black men

Call this ponytail a suitable choice for black men who don’t want to conform to a particular discipline. It’s tamed and rebellious at the same time if you take a closer look at it.

So, the braids are quite uniquely patterned with straight lines going from the front to the back of the head, but the ponytail is quite messy and in no defined shape.

5. Braided Bangs with Small Low Ponytail

black man ponytail with braided bangs for

What makes this style stand out is the braided bangs falling over the forehead. They are long enough to cover the width of the forehead and extend past the eyebrows.

The style is layered as you can see that only the hair from the back and crown of the head is pulled and tied in the form of a ponytail.

6. Long High Ponytail with Chin Curtain

high ponytail for black men

Call it a clever pick because of how it takes into consideration the shape of your face. The ponytail is quite high on the head and long and thick due to the quality of the hair.

To keep your face from looking too long, pick a chin curtain beard that draws an outline of the face and adds a point of interest, snatching attention away from the length of the face.

7. Baby Ponytails with Ear Studs

two ponytail for black men

This is the perfect ponytail hairstyle for black men who wish to look cute like a baby. The hairstyle is squared up, but the highlights are the two ponytails in the shape of giant bubbles on the head.

As for the ear accessories, these aren’t your usually-worn earrings or studs. You’re going to pick real shirt buttons to show your baby side.

8. Pineapple Ponytail with Skin Fade

undercut ponytail for black men

Here’s one that no one can ignore even if they wanted to because of how it blends a ponytail with a trendy haircut. The skin fade on the sides is your eyes can’t miss.

It’s technically an undercut with long hair in the middle of the head. Tie the hair in a ponytail and let them look like a pineapple to achieve this look.

9. The Scraper Ponytail with Coiled Braid

black guy with ponytail

You can’t call this ponytail for black men an ordinary style. Firstly, the scraper ponytail is only for courageous people to aim for.

What makes the ponytail so amazing is the single braid that wraps around the ponytail like a snake. It’s subtle yet a very unique touch to an otherwise ordinary ponytail.

10. Coily Fountain Ponytail with Full Beard

celebrity inspired ponytail for black men

This is a celebrity-inspired ponytail for black guys and it’s quite noticeable because of how much your hair scatters in all directions despite being tied into a ponytail.

It’s like a big fountain sending mist in all directions. To get the proper look, you’ll also have to grow a full beard to go along with this hairstyle.

11. The Tuft Ponytail with Tapered Temples

black men ponytail

Quite noticeably, the tuft ponytail is small and usually low or in the middle of the nape. It’s shortness may make it go unnoticed in most daily-life scenarios.

If you want to bring an additional element to this style, what makes the most sense is slightly tapered temples for some trendiness.

12. High and Tight Ponytail with Pantos Glasses

dreadlocks ponytail for black men with glasses

Say a lot without saying anything with this style that requires you to have a high and tight ponytail, which has nearly skin-faded sides and hair near the crown only.

It’s quite a sight when you have dreadlocks. The face is completely clean, which allows your Pantos glasses to shine despite having a silver frame.

13. Cornrow Top Knot with Tapered Sides

cornrow braided ponytail for black men

It’s true that your cornrow hairstyle is going to attract some attention even if you don’t tie them in a ponytail, but a top-knot can definitely magnify the level of attention you’re getting.

While the braids are making these interesting patterns on your head, you can’t leave the sides untouched. Get the sides tapered or faded to go along the rest of the hairstyle.

14. Braided Top with Knotted Ponytail

long ponytail for black men

Do you want a style that’s a marriage between braided hair and dreadlocks with no braids? This is it! The hair on the head is braided whereas the ponytail is dreadlocks falling freely.

The most interesting part of this setup is the ponytail, which is unique in that it uses your hair to tie a knot around it and keep it collected in one place.

15. Lined Up Haircut with Man Bun

black ponytail for men

You might not notice due to the short hair but the front of the hairstyle is lined up. The sides and the nape have short hair whereas there is a man bun sitting on top.

It’s okay to let a few locks fall here and there for an added effect. What’s interesting is that the beard is the same length as the sides of the head.

16. Afro Braided Ponytail with Patchy Beard

afro braided ponytail for black men

This braided ponytail is more suited for young African American guys. Tie your afro hair in a ponytail that rests on your crown.

A couple of braids won’t require a lot of grooming time. As for the beard, let the patchy beard from the young years grow on the face.

17. Knotted Low Ponytail with Lattice Pattern

ponytail for black men with dreads


If you want to get an absolutely unique and attention-grabbing ponytail hairstyle for black guys, try this look. It’s your hair so you are free to do whatever you want to do, as is clear from this style, which has a lattice pattern – kind of what you see on an apple pie.

The ponytail is quite long and the knot near the bottom of the nape is a great twist. You have to have significant hair growth to achieve this particular style, though.

Finally, ponytails are a game-changer in black men’s hairstyling as they offer both convenience and style. They work great for different occasions, moods, and hair types. So go ahead, and give it a try; you might just find that a ponytail is your go-to hairstyle you’ve been looking for.