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16 Best Hairstyles for Black Men With Round Faces in 2024

Trying to find the perfect haircut for your round face shape can feel like a mission, but guess what? We’ve got your back! Welcome to our exclusive hair inspo zone just for black guys with round faces!

We’ve got the whole range – not just limited to short, long, or whatever else. Take a look, find that style that shouts ‘you’ and suits your hair type and face shape, and then just go for it.

Trendy Hairstyles For Black Men with Round Face

From the barbershop classics to the latest Instagram trends, we’ve handpicked some cool hairstyle ideas for black men with round faces. Your killer new hairstyle is just a scroll away!

1. Broccoli Haircut with Pencil Mustache

brocoli haircut for black men with round face

This broccoli haircut is a great choice for African American men with a round face because it adds length to the face.

Though there is a high chance you might find your face looking oblong after growing long strands of afro hair, it’ll work. A simple addition, such as a pencil mustache, takes away the blandness of the look.

2. Undercut Afro with Light Goatee

short hairstyle for black men with round face

If you have afro hair that you don’t want to tie and tame all the time, a great solution is to go with an undercut.

Keep the sides almost shaved and leave short hair on top so you can say goodbye to a barber visit for months. To create a point of interest, you can go with a light goatee.

3. Long Dreadlocks with Clean Shave

long hairstyle for black men with round face

Do you prefer to stay clean-shaved? If that’s the case, you’re going to have a hard time making your face look longer because a clean shave will make your face look rounder.

What you can opt for in this scenario is long dreadlocks. They will cover the sides of your face and add to the vertical dimension of your face.

4. Blonde Flat Top and Shaved Sides with No Beard

white blonde hair for black men with round face

One of the most clever picks for black men with round faces is this flat-top haircut with shaved sides. While the shaved sides are dark, you can see the top is fully blonde.

This gets all the attention to your hair and makes it even more noticeable when you don’t have any mustache or beard on the face. This style will make your face look square or rectangular.

5. Burr Cut with Stubble Chin Patch

burr cut for black men with round face

One of the cleanest looks for black men dealing with a round face is the burr cut. This consistently short-length haircut brings your face to the front, but what do you do about the roundness?

You simply grow a stubble chin patch and it’ll do the job of making your face look a bit pointy even if it’s not.

6. Low-fade Side-swept Dreadlocks with Goatee

dreadlocks fade for black men with round face

You’ll notice that this hairstyle is a bit more intricate than meets the eye at first glance. The long dreadlocks have been swept to the side and the sides of the head have the low-fade effect.

The mustache is what you’d call a painter’s brush mustache with no gap or part. Lastly, you have a typical Egyptian goatee adorning the chin.

7. Mohawk Haircut with Patchy 5 o’clock Shadow

black men mohawk for round face

You can’t go wrong with a mohawk haircut when you intend to make your face look longer. The spiky hair in the middle of the head has a height of at least 2 inches.

The sides are shaved and the front is lined up for a cleaner look. A patchy 5 o-clock shadow creates a great mix of a bold and brave yet professional haircut for many black men.

8. Disconnected Undercut with Man Bun and Stubble

black man bun for round face

It’s not your typical undercut with short sides and slightly longer hair on top. It’s the disconnected undercut with short sides and very long hair, which is evident from the man bun tying the braided hair and keeping them in one place.

With light stubble on the face, a rugged and well-balanced look is achievable for a round-faced black man.

9. Short Textured Afro with Wayfarer Glasses

hairstyle for for black men with round face

Here’s a simple yet effective way for black men who have rounder faces to create multiple points of interest.

Firstly, you can cut your curly hair short and achieve a textured hairstyle. Secondly, you can wear wayfarer glasses on the face, and they will overcome the roundness because of their rectangular frame.

10. Long Kinky Hair with Oversized Keyhole Bridge Glasses

medium length hairstyle for black men with round face

Are you looking for a black men’s hairstyle to wear with glasses? Do you believe that your hair is your crown? If yes, you should grow your kinky hair to your desired length and it hangs naturally without any treatment.

Keep a cleanly shaved face to create a point of interest in the form of a contrasting oversized pair of glasses.

The off-white color of the glasses gets attention, and the keyhole bridge holds the glasses high on the nose.

11. Low Fade Crew Cut with Light Chin Puff

buzz cut fade for black men with round face

As an African American who has a round face, you should never underestimate the value of achieving more with less, like in this case. It’s a typical crew cut with short sides and a slightly longer top.

The low fade keeps it from looking too magnetic, but the small addition of a light chin puff completes this look and achieves the goal.

12. Curly Fade and Lines with Circle Beard

curly hair design for black men with round face

You have to be a sucker for dares to aim for this style. The haircut requires you to have faded sides with long curly top that has a dyed spot.

On the sides, you also have curly lines that lead to a very thin and long sideburn. As for the face, you’ll go with a circle beard with a pointy soul patch. There’s no way your face will look round after this.

13. Short and Blue Curly Hair with Earrings

black guy with curly blue hair and round face

There’s so much happening here without much happening. It’s a regular haircut with short hair, but the curly hair has been dyed blue to stand out—and they sure do.

The face is clean-shaven, which is a perfect background for the silver earrings that pop because there are no other focal points.

14. High Top with Light Beard

high top haircut for black men with round face

A surefire way to make the face look less round for black men with round faces is to go with a high-top haircut. This high-top is not just tall but also fully flat from the top, making the face look rectangular.

For the beard, you can just leave the natural stubble to grow on your chin and slight patches of hair on the cheeks.

15. Blonde Buzz Cut with Chinstrap Beard

blonde hairstyle for black men with round face

Let’s not forget that coloring your hair a popping color can always make them the center of attention, which is the case here.

The buzz cut isn’t too short, mainly to keep the blonde become the highlight. As for the beard, the angular chinstrap beard takes further care of the roundness of the face.

The pyramidal mustache is like a cherry on top.

16. Cornrow Braids with Petit Goatee

cornrow braids for black men with round face

Cornrows have always been a favorite among black men who wish to keep their afro hair tamed, and it works out even more for black men who want a style that suits their round faces.

The long and narrow sideburns are subtle but do play a role in making the face look long. As for the beard, it’s very visible but not too big, so you can call it a petite goatee.

So, from so many choices of hairstyles for black men with round faces, you can surely pick one that makes you feel complete and confident.