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41 Radiant Short Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Short hairstyles look amazing on heart-shaped faces because the length of the style really compliments the lines of the face.

Heart-shaped faces are well-known for their sweetness, but shorter styles can be used to give these looks a fiery and modern edge. Create a different impression using one of these superb short haircuts for heart-shaped faces.


Perfect Hair Styles for Women with Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have thick hair you should ask your hairstylist to add layering to your look. This will help to take some of the weight off and will prevent your face from being drowned out.

If you have a curly style, make sure that you keep your curls soft and loose. This will really compliment your heart-shaped face.


1. Pixie Cut for Heart Shaped Faces

short pixie cut for heart shaped faces

Even celebrities will be jealous of your mesmerizing haircut! Go for a short pixie cut for heart shaped faces that will really make miracles and elongate the expression. Wear a smokey eye make-up to highlight your eyes and learn how to contour your face according to its shape. 


2. Auburn Bob for Heart Shaped Face

short curly hairstyle for heart shaped faces

Short curly hairstyles for heart-shaped faces can totally transform you because they are built on optic illusions that diminish the prominent parts as the wide forehead. Remember that one of the best options when styling the mane is to wear the bangs on one side. 


3. Asian Bob for Heart Shaped Face

short bob for heart shaped faces

No idea what haircut to get? A short bob for women with heart-shaped faces can be a new chic option that looks so trendy and stylish and creates beautiful framing. It also hides the forehead and even works with sport and elegant outfits at the same time. 


4. Pixie Cut for Black Women

short haircut for black women with heart shape faces

Short haircuts for black women with heart-shaped faces can have different styles and colors, but this dark red pixie haircut with bangs covering the forehead is our old-time favorite. The jawline is well defined while the broad forehead is gorgeously covered. 


5. Wedding Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face

short wavy hairstyle for heart shaped faces

A short wavy hairstyle for heart-shaped faces can be your answer for your wedding coiffure. Style layers and curls and wear a pearled retro crown on your head. 


6. Pixie Cut with Ombre and Highlights

short thick hairstyle for women with heart shaped faces

Many celebrities have heart-shaped faces, and you didn’t even notice because they know how to glow each time they’re walking on the red carpet. And you can do it too with a short thick hairstyle like a pixie or bob cut. Spice things up by creating an ombre and pastel pink highlights. 


7. Very Short Haircut for Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face can be handled even by a woman with short fine hair, and the proof is right above. You can get a lot of help from your contouring palette and make-up skills, and you’ll manage to pull off a gorgeous hairdo that works with your features. 


8. Long Pixie Cut with Glasses

When considering styling a short haircut for heart-shaped face for women over 50, keep in mind that a pixie haircut accentuates that jawline and builds a balance for your facial features.


9. Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

short hairstyle with bangs for heart shaped faces

A short hairstyle with bangs for heart-shaped faces can make you look mindblowing! On one side, tuck the hair over the ear and wear the bangs covering half of the forehead and the cheek. Tousle the hair, and you’ll get a relaxed, fresh look. 


10. Ginger Short Haircut for Heart Shaped Faces

short haircut for heart shaped faces

Nobody will be able to ignore you if you go for a ginger copper shade for your pixie. Let the layers fall one over each other to get that beautiful texture and volume. Also, wear the fringe on one side to manage a mindblowing modern look.


11. Ponytail for Heart Shaped Faces

If you love messy relaxed looks, this one’s for you, girl! Pin your hair on top of the head and tie it with a scrunchie. Create a bump for the top to elongate your face and you’ll get a look that makes you look younger.


12. Inverted Bob for Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped face woman with short haircut

Pull off a natural look by choosing an auburn color with some blonde highlight and geat a feathered bob haircut. Wear the fringe on one side and let the hair reach the jawline.


13. Blonde Mohawk with Dark Roots

short pompadour for heart shaped faces

Elongate your face with a high blonde mohawk. Opt for a sandy hue and maintain the roots black, in their natural shade. Shave the sides to create a design and draw all the attention to your lips with red lipstick. 


14. Short Curly Hairstyle

short hairstyle for older women with heart shaped faces

Layers are also your best friends when trying to diminish prominent facial features. Use foam to give the curls bounce and more texture. You will love that wet look and the way the hairstyle completes the whole appearance. 


15. Short Haircut with One-Sided Bangs

short haircut for heart shaped faces

A pixie haircut with bangs tossed on one side creates an illusion that makes your forehead look smaller. And this is precisely what you need because when having a heart-shaped face, your forehead is wider and prominent. 


16. Long Bob with a Middle Part

short messy hairstyle for heart shaped faces

Elongate your face by creating a middle part and building layers for your mane. Let the strands reach the shoulders line and tousle the hair for a more relaxed messy appearance. 


17. Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Pixie cuts are also ideal for women that want to hide a big forehead. Get a taper for the back and maintain a longer top hair that you can wear on one side, slightly covering the face. 


18. Bob Haircut with a Scarf

short hairstyle for asian woman with heart shaped face

When you have a heart-shaped face, a short haircut with layers is going to help you hide that wide forehead and accentuate prominent cheekbones. Use a scarf as a headband and knot it on top of the head. You’ll pull off a youthful, modern look that will definitely suit your facial features. 


19. Rebel Pixie for Heart Shaped Face

short haircut for girl with heart shape face

Besides the choppy pixie haircut, contouring can become your best friend. Use it to your advantage and go for the hairspray to lift the top hair and make it look messy and rebellious. 


20. Choppy Textured Hairstyle with Undercut 

Heart-shaped faces work best with middle length flow. That doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up with an ombre and an undercut styled on one side. Create a messy hairdo and use a headband to show off the trimmed section.


21. Lightly Curled Updo

short Curled Updo hair with heart shaped faces
A pinned up style is a classic short hairstyle for a heart shaped face. Put a light curl into your hair and then pin it up on one side so that it sits above your ear.

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22. Tousled Bob

Bob short haircut with heart shaped faces

A tousled bob style can be worn anywhere from the beach to the boardroom. To achieve this style for heart shaped faces, let your hair dry naturally. Run your fingers through your hair to create a lightly tousled look.


23. Face-framing Bangs

short Bangs hair with heart shaped faces women

Whatever hairstyle you have, you can frame your face with your bangs. Leave a few strands down at the front of your style to enhance the shape of your face.


24. Asymmetrical Bob

heart shaped faces womens hairstyle

Try an asymmetric bob if you want to add an irregular edge to your heart shaped face. This is a beautiful modern short hairstyle for women.

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25. Cropped Style with a Sweeping Fringe

women hair with heart-shaped faces

Cropped haircuts look super when they are cut on women with heart-shaped faces. Give a short hairstyle a modern edge by styling your hair with a dramatic sweeping fringe that covers your forehead.


26. Highlights and Lowlights


Any short hairstyles for heart-shaped faces can be enhanced by including highlights and lowlights. Highlights and lowlights help to give your hair the appearance of more volume and texture.


27. Cute Bob with Heavy Bangs

womens Cute Bob with Heavy Bangs hair

A cute bob is a very low maintenance hairstyle which can be worn to the office or to social events. Heavy bangs look very sweet on a symmetrical heart-shaped face.

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28. Reverse Tapered Style with Side Fringe

short Tapered Style with Side Fringe hair

Cut your hair so that it is shoulder-length at the front of your style, but taper the cut shorter towards the back of your head. Add asymmetry by brushing in a sideways fringe which nearly covers one of your eyes.


29. Long Crop with Chin-Length Sections

heart shaped faces

For a chic modern hairstyle for women with heart-shaped faces, why not try cutting your hair into a long crop style? Keep some sections of hair as long as your chin to add a funky new dimension to the style.


30. Glamorous Curls

Glamorous Curls hairstyle for heart-shaped faces

Put gorgeous big curls into your hair for a truly glamorous Hollywood look. Use hair rollers to give big bouncy curls that look perfect as a hairstyle for heart-shaped faces.

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31. Light Tips

light short hair with heart shaped faces

Bleach the tips of your hair a lighter color to give a simple take on the classic ombre hairstyles. A lightly tousled hairstyle is an ideal hairstyle for a heart-shaped face.












Women with heart-shaped faces are really lucky because they are naturally beautiful. Make your look even more beautiful by teaming a short hairstyle with a heart-shaped face. If you have a different face shape, then you may want to check out one of our other lists.