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25 Elite Haircuts for Baseball Players to Sport

Baseball players have been inspiring boys and men from all over the world with their hairstyles since a very long time. It is now considered that their hairstyles are fit to be chosen for every field of life. These haircuts are not messy and are easily manageable for an individual’s everyday life.

Baseball haircuts make the players look stylish and are also practical in their everyday game life. While the game of baseball does not come with any particular requirements regarding the player’s hair, it is only sensible to opt for the kind of hairstyle that is easy to maintain and does not get in your way during the game.

Trendy Baseball Player’s Hairstyles

Following are some of the haircuts that have been famously sported by baseball players.

1. Dreadlocks

Baseball player Vladimir Guerrero Jr. with Dreadlock Hairstyle

Before doing your thin dreadlocks, enlighten the tips with a blonde nuance. Also, layer your hair to make your dreadlocks fall in a cascade. Place your cap on top of the head and lift the vizor.

2. Blonde Frohawk

Baseball player Francisco Lindor with afro curly hair

Bring your baseball hairstyle to a whole new level. If you have 3C curls, create a low fade for the sides and keep this area in your natural color. As for the curls, bleach the hair and style a platinum blonde color.

3. Spiky Hair

Baseball player haircut Joc Pederson

Creating height for the crown area is a pretty good idea if you have a V hairline. Use a hair gel to get that wet, icy look, and carefully style those spikes. Make the hairstyle messy.

4. Layered Waves

Baseball Players' Long Wavy Hair

If you love your waves and adore this baseball player-inspired surfer look, all you need is to layer your hair regularly. Use your fingers to toss your long bangs to the back. The messiness of your hairstyle will be quite stylish!

5. Short Sides

Freddie Freeman

A stubble beard will go hand in hand with a flawlessly styled baseball haircut. Like the example above, go for shorter sides that extend into a slightly longer top. If you have thick hair, just use some pomade to lift the crown area.  

6. Messy Side Comb

Baseball player haircut - Shohei Ohtani

When you have longer tresses, you gain a lot of versatility. You can do a comb-over or toss those long bangs to the side. Tousle your hair to get that casual, effortless style. 

7. Messy Comb-over

Trea Turner

Choose a casual hairstyle that makes you look young and comfortable during the baseball game. Sometimes a touch of messiness is just what you need to transform a regular hairstyle into a cool and sexy one. 

8. Crew Cut 

Baseball player haircut - Bryce Harper

A regular crew cut will make you feel comfortable during an intense game. Style a simple temple fade and keep a defined short beard. If you want to look fierce during the game, you can also apply some dark paint to your cheeks. 

9. High Top

baseball player Mike Trout's Hairstyle

Love badass looks that make your opponents respect you more? Even on the field, your image should be impeccable. So, go for short sides and a long top that has height. A nicely shaved face is the perfect combo for this hairdo.

10. Wet Look 

Jacob DeGrom

As a baseball player, you need a hairstyle that makes you look cool during your game and suits your day-to-day activities. Get shorter sides and a longer top that you will style with hair gel and pomade. This way, you’ll obtain that sophisticated wet look. 

11. Buzz Cut With Fade

Mookie Betts

Who said short hair can’t look fashionable and cool? Go for a buzz cut and give it some style by creating a bald fade for the sides. Give the hairstyle more value with a goatee beard. 

12. Straightened Coils

Voluminous Straight Side Comb for Baseball Players

Keeping your crown hair long gives you plenty of styling opportunities. Therefore, if you’re tired of those 3C coils, you can straighten the hair and comb it towards the back. Style it with pomade to make your hairdo last the whole game. 

13. Curls with Beard

Gerrit Cole

Need a baseball hairstyle that looks great on and outside the field? Simply keep your waves reaching the shoulder line and build some layers. This way, you will easily style your hair and make it fit under your baseball cap. 

14. 3C Coils

Baseball Player Juan Soto's Hairstyle

If you want to look stylish outside the field, a haircut that keeps your 3C curls tamed is one of your best options. So, go for temple or whole side fade and give your ringlets a nice rounded shape. Define the edges for a fashionable look.

15. Platinum Blonde Curls

baseball player's blonde mohawk

When you want both functionality and style from your baseball haircut, you have a lot of options. And one of them is certainly this gorgeous short trim with faded sides and a long curly top. 

16. Wavy and Textured Bangs

Baseball haircut for wavy hair

This baseball hairstyle is most suited for men with slightly wavy hair as the wave provides texture to the hair pattern when cutting in bangs. After styling, it looks like a type of side tuft of hair.

It shows to define the face cut and angle of the individual while also giving off a very chic and stylish vibe. It is easy to manage and often requires styling it only with the help of your fingers, right after the shower.

17. Upswept Top with Faded Sides

baseball haircut with faded sides

This type of hairstyle allows the main tuft of hair to be on the head while the sides are shaved. The top part of the hair can be left as it is, depending upon the type of hair like curly, wavy or textured.

The sides that are shaved can be used as a design template. Note that these designs can be done by a professional only. It is considered one of the baseball haircuts as it requires low upkeep.

18. Brushed Back with Partial Fade

Brushed Back with Partial Fade haircuts for baseball players

Brushed-back baseball hairdo for players is more of a maintenance hairstyle than something a professional hairstylist would do. In this hairstyle, the hair is brushed back from the forehead and is bunched up in a line at the top, like a Mohawk.

This type of baseball haircut requires constant managing by a comb or by your fingers. The sides of the head are partially shaved giving a faded vibe.

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19. The Classic Short

Baseball player haircut - Mike Trout

This type of haircut is also known as a partial bald haircut. It allows little to no hair on both the top and sides of the head. There is no particular design to it except that it is done on the basis of the individual’s head. The enticing part of this haircut is that it requires no maintenance at all.

20. Curly Mohawk

baseball haircut with curly mohawk

The curly Mohawk is perfect for men who have naturally curly hair. This baseball cut helps in defining the shape of the face as the sides are faded and the tuft of hair is on the top.

Since the hair is naturally curly, the hair at the top of the head will be formed into small curls itself. This type of haircut requires the individual to take care of the curls according to weather conditions as they are the main essence of the cut.

21. Spiky Top with Faded Sides

haircuts for baseball players with spiky top

This is a basic baseball player’s haircut with hair styled as spikes at the top of the head and faded sides.

22. Mohawk with Design

This type of haircut for a baseball player is the mainstream Mohawk that many people sport these days. It allows slightly less volume of hair in the Mohawk that lets people give their attention to the unique feature of this haircut.

It allows the professional artist to be creative with their designing on the sides of the head which are faded.

23. Thick Top with Shaped Sides

baseball haircuts for men

This baseball haircut is very basic and is suitable for the masses in the sense that it does not give off any peculiar vibes. To achieve this haircut, the individual has to grow their hair to a certain length so that the top of the head has thick, voluminous hair while the sides match the shape of the head.

The sides are not faded or shaved the volume of hair on the sides is very less.

24. Brushed Back Bangs with Fade

baseball haircut with bangs

This baseball player’s haircut enhances the look of a previously given haircut. Men who already have bangs will find this haircut to be appealing. The bangs are brushed back using a styling product while the sides are shaved in a faded type look.

25. Quiff with Fade

cool baseball haircut with quiff

In these basic baseball haircuts, the hair is styled in a triangle-type shape towards the front of the face. Many people consider it as spikes but that is different. A unique look is added to this quiff with the help of the worldwide famous faded sides.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about baseball haircuts.

Is wearing a baseball cap bad for my hair?

Baseball caps are generally not bad for your hair. A baseball cap will protect your hair and scalp from the sun. However, people with curly hair may want to prevent frizz and tangles by wearing caps lined with satin. 

Why do baseball players have long hair?

There are various reasons why baseball players have long hair. For the most part, it reflects a hairstyle trend that is popular with everyone. Some players may keep their hair long for good luck. Furthermore, some players claim that long hair can be a strategy to distract players on opposing teams. 

Why do baseball players shave their heads?

Baseball players shave their heads based on personal preference. Players may prefer it for convenience or to stay comfortable while playing under the hot sun. 

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