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9 Mesmerizing Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas With Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are tantalizing. Strawberry blonde hair is alluring. When combined, these two amazing features will make any women irresistible and mesmerizing. But did you know that they are actually only a few in a million? 

If you want to see how gorgeous this strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes combination looks, check out our photo guide below!


Is Having Strawberry Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Rare?

Oh yes, it is! If you have the gorgeous combination of blonde hair and blue eyes, you’re one of the chosen few. Here are some of the statistics that will show you how rare it actually is:

  • Only 8% of the people in the world have blue eyes.
  • Only 0.5% to 5% of the world’s population have strawberry blonde hair.

Not only that, but having both strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes is considered to be sort of like a recessive trait. This means that both parents need to have these two sets of recessive genes to pass them on, making it far less likely for an offspring to have both features. 


Most Beautiful Women with Blue Eyes and Strawberry Blonde Hair

Now that you know how amazingly unique these features are let’s check out the fine women who are blessed enough to have them. Here they are: 

1. Long Straight Hair with Wavy Ends 

strawberry blonde hair for girl with blue eyes

Your strawberry blonde hair will look extra amazing with darker roots, as the contrast can make your gorgeous hair color pop out.

For the ultimate face-framing hack, keep the ends of your hair wavy. Not only will this add a stylish touch to your beautiful hair, it will also boost its volume and body. 


2. Dark Brown Roots + Strawberry Blonde Curls

curly strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes

Here’s another proof that dark roots go oh so well with strawberry-blonde hair. Make your fabulous strawberry blonde curls extra sexier by going for a messy side part.

This will perfectly complement your alluring blue eyes and charming personality. 


3. Layered Lob 

strawberry blonde hair for square face and blue eyes

Keep things classy yet sexy with a stunning layered lob. Aside from your blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, the layers of your lob can soften your jawline and make your square face more rounded.

On the other hand, a soft middle part can highlight your facial features and make you look extra feminine. 


4. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

dark strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes

Are you aiming for a sexy, messy, and natural look? This wavy asymmetrical lob is the one for you.

This chin-length hairstyle looks oh so amazing with an oval face, while the dark strawberry blonde shade works well in making your blue eyes shine brighter. 


5. Strawberry Blonde Lob with Choppy Bangs 

strawberry blonde lob with bangs and blue eyes

If you want a hairstyle that’s fuss-free and simple (after all, your gorgeous blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair will already do the trick), choose from a simple long bob.

Not only is it easy to maintain, it’s also a classy on-the-go hairstyle as well. But, of course, you can always make this look extra stylish with the addition of choppy bangs. 


6. Strawberry Highlights

layered strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes


Boost the depth and texture of your fabulous strawberry-blonde hair by adding highlights. To keep it natural looking, you should go for colors that are only one to two shades darker (i.e. golden blonde and light brown).

Go for the stylish side-swept bangs if you want to make your face look slimmer or wish to conceal your large forehead. 


7. Strawberry Blonde, Pale Skin and Blue Eyes 

older woman with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes

If you’re a woman over 50 and your skin is pale, you’re quite lucky as your blue eyes and strawberry hair combination will make you look younger than your age.

But of course, you need to choose your hairstyle wisely. Our favorite hairstyle for you would be a chin-length bob with lots of layers that will soften your features. 


8. Rosy Strawberry Blonde Hair

short strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes


Can’t decide between a pixie and a bob? The stylish and edgy micro bob is the right haircut for you! You can add a feminine touch to it by adding soft waves all around your hair.

Additionally, incorporating a few golden blonde streaks can make your strawberry blonde hair look more beautiful. 


9. Long Blonde Hair with Light Blue Eyes

straight strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes


If you already have the most coveted blue eyes and strawberry hair combination, then you can keep things sweet and simple by going for long straight hair.

To keep your straight hair shiny and frizz-free, make sure to use a keratin-rich shampoo or go for a gloss treatment from time to time.


There’s no denying that blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair are an effortlessly gorgeous combination, but you can make it look extra special and even more beautiful with the right hairstyle.

We hope that you’ve found the best one for your face shape and hair texture in this photo guide.