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15 Incredible Textured Bangs Women Are Getting in 2024

With their polished look and lived-in vibe, textured bangs give you the best of both worlds.

While this type of bangs would require more maintenance and styling due to the number of layers that they have, it’s the best option if you want to enjoy face-framing benefits with a stylish twist.

If you want stylish bangs that will show off your personality, then check out the best ideas for textured bangs below.

Stunning Textured Bangs to Try

Imagine bangs that aren’t just flat against your forehead but have some waves, volume, and life to them. A bit like beachy waves, but with bangs. It’s super cute! Say hello to a more stylish you with these amazing textured bangs hairstyles.

1. Layered Hair + Choppy Wolf Bangs

textured wolf bangs

If you’re tired of styling your limp and boring fine hair, go for layered hair with wolf bangs. This winning combination is packed with lots of layers that create an illusion of thicker and voluminous hair.

As the crossover between shag and mullet, the wolf bangs will give you curtain bang’s lavishness with a rock and roll twist. 

2. Red High Bun + Messy Eye-brow Skimming Bangs

textured messy bangs

Spice up a plain old high bun with eyebrow-skimming bangs. Opting for messy bangs that graze past your eyebrows will soften your features and add a touch of mystery to your look. 

Add in a deep red shade, and you’ll certainly be the apple of everyone’s eyes. 

3. Brown Wavy Hair + Wavy Asymmetrical Bangs

textured side swept bangs

Among all the types of textured bangs in this list, these wavy asymmetrical bangs have the most fashion-forward look, and it’s certainly a risk work taking. With its uneven perimeter, the fringe gives off a bold vibe and is the perfect option for giving a simple hairstyle a modern update.  

4. Pixie Cut + Textured Sideswept Bangs

pixie cut with textured bangs

If you have a layered haircut, ditch the blunt bangs and opt for these full-textured bangs. With all its uneven layers, the bangs perfectly match the pixie’s movement and layers. Make sure to brush the bangs to the side so they will give off the same movement as your side parting.

5. Auburn Curly Hair + Rolled Full Bangs

wavy hair with textured bangs

Rolled bangs are your best choice if you want a fringe that can mirror both the shape and curves of your face and curly hair.

To get this look, ask your hairstylist to give you arched bangs. Place rollers at the root of your bangs and roll them in to create the volume you need. 

6. Brunette Layered Hair + Choppy Bangs

straight textured bangs

Choppy bangs are the only thing you need to transform your simple layered hair from drab to fab.  The bang’s jagged edges give off an edgy vibe to the classic layered hair. Make the bangs stand out even more by using a hairbrush to add a slight curve. 

7. Platinum Wavy Bob + Shaggy Bangs

shaggy textured bangs

Give your wavy lob a unique look by going for shaggy textured bangs. This is a feathery and piecey take on the usual arched, which blends well with your wavy hair and is perfect for softening your facial features. 

8. Space Buns + Arched Bangs

space buns with textured bangs

If you’re torn between a pigtail or a bun, go for the next best thing, which are space buns. These are a fun and playful take on the usual bun and definitely an elevated grown-woman version of the pigtails. 

Take the space buns to a whole new level by pairing them with arched bangs. This fringe has a half-moon shape that complements the buns’ rounded contour pretty well.  

9. Bob + Choppy Micro Bangs

bob with textured bangs

With micro bangs, you can turn your classic bob into an eye-catching one. On its own, these ultra-short bangs are already undeniably bold and daring. Add in a choppy texture, and your get a look that will certainly turn heads wherever you go. 

10. Brown Ponytail + French Girl Bangs

ponytail with textured bangs

Give your wavy and messy ponytail a chic update with French Girl bangs. Same with full bangs, these are thick and voluminous but are angled to match the wavy ponytail’s bounce and direction. They are also cropped just right above the eyebrows to give off that effortlessly chic vibe.

11. Sideswept Wavy Hair + Layered Bangs

textured bangs hairstyle

Here’s an undercut-free approach to styling side-swept hair. Gather the thinner side and simply and braid your hair to the back to achieve the look of an undercut. Go for layered bangs which is short at the middle so you can show off your eyes and longer at the sides so it can blend seamlessly into your wavy hair. 

12. Blonde Flipped Lob + Curtain Bangs

textured curtain bangs

When it comes to styling light-colored fine hair, layers, and bangs are your best friends. Since curtain bangs are styled in the same direction as the lob’s flipped ends, they pair well together. Not only that, but their slightly wavy texture also creates movement that makes fine hair look more voluminous. 

13. Messy Lob + Feathered Bangs

feathered textured bangs

Balance off your lob’s sporty and sporty look by pairing it with wispy feathered bangs. The fringe’s feathery texture and layers incorporate a romantic touch, feminine vibe, and better structure to the messy lob. 

14. Blonde Wavy Asymmetrical Bob + Pink Baby Bangs

textured baby bangs

Make your stray baby hairs your best asset by transforming them into micro asymmetrical bangs. The fringe’s uneven perimeter and unique length will certainly give your wavy hairstyle a bold and edgy update. 

As if it’s not eye-catching enough, you can make your bangs look more striking by dyeing them in a bright pink shade that matches your makeup. 

15. Bob + Violet Layered Bangs

layered textured bangs

Make your goth dreams come true with this straight bob and layered bangs. The layering gives the bob a better texture and frames the face in a stylish way.

Incorporate violet highlights into your bangs to give your bangs a splash of color that will instantly brighten your complexion

With their layers and endless styling possibilities, textured bangs are your best options if you want a hairstyle that suits not just your face shape and hair type but your personal style as well.