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60 Choppy Bangs Hairstyles to Steal The Limelight

Choppy bangs are a raging fashion this season since they are edgy and angular. The hairstyle is easy to get and even easier to manage since it needs minimum hair care products to keep it in its place.

The bangs add more style and character to your look, but choppy bangs take it to a whole new level.

There is nothing better than some sharp angular choppy bangs to uplift your style game this season since they make sure that you do not go unnoticed in a gathering. This reason is convincing enough to get some cool choppy bangs, isn’t it?

How to Cut Choppy Bangs

How to Cut Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs hairstyle is as cool as hair with bangs or fringes can get since they fall about in lovely and sharp angles.

If you want to cut your hair into choppy bangs then you are at the right place. We have a simple and easy method here.

  • Begin with dry hair and trim your hair in a way to cut all the loose ends and frizzy splits at the front. This will give your hair a gentle tamed look making you appear more polished and well put together overall.
  • After getting rid of all the splits and ends on your hair, apply some hair cream or oil on your hair to settle down the flyaway hair so that your hair is cut in equal length and portions on both sides. This will also enable you to keep your hair in the desired grip while you are cutting it later.
  • Now you need to separate your hair which you want to cut into bangs. For this, you need to side-part your hair from both sides and then hold the hair at the middle in one hand. Tie it with a clip and then pull the rest of your hair in a ponytail. This will enable you to get a clear idea of where to put your scissors to work while cutting the bangs. You may not need to follow this step if you already have bangs since they will guide you regarding the size of the bangs and will also enable you to separate the hair to be cut from the other one easily.
  • Now comb through the front piece of hair you took out that would be your bangs and cut them either to the length of your cheeks or the bridge of your nose. Always make sure never to cut above the fingers but below. (whichever you prefer for the length of your choppy bangs).
  • The fun part begins here! Take a strand of your cut hair from any random point and twist it. Make sure that the strand is not thicker than a pencil to give it a more angular and choppier look once the bangs are cut and styled.
  • Pick the strand from the middle of your hair if you want to keep track and system to the cutting of your bangs.
  • Now after having twisted your strand well, you need to pick up hairdressing scissors and place them at an angle of 45 degrees on the strand of hair that you have picked.
  • Keep the direction of the scissors downwards while you cut a little bit at a time so that there is a nice choppy texture to your hair when you get done with cutting the bangs.
  • Cut it till your eyebrows or somewhat longer, if you prefer so. Then untwist your bang and see if it has the desired choppy texture and length. If yes then proceed on to the next strand and repeat the same process of twisting, angling, and cutting.
  • Once you are done with chopping the bangs, you might need to ruffle the hair and style it to make sure you reach the desired choppy look.

Follow these steps and you will be able to get yourself some nice choppy bangs even if you have never had them before.

How to Style Choppy Bangs with A Weave

choppy bangs with a weave

Choppy bangs look great with almost any hairstyle, but weave hairstyles take them to a whole new level. The bangs are nice and bouncy, but after straightening them and putting on some shiny and smoothening hair products you can make them even more attractive and sleek.

This is the basic necessity that you need to meet for having a weave hairstyle on choppy bangs.

If you want a weave ponytail with choppy bangs then brush your hair and put it all in your hand then take a strand and wrap it around the ponytail. This way you can get a perfect weave ponytail with bangs to kill the sleek and modern look for the day.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Style Choppy Bangs with Weave

Amazing Choppy Bangs Hairstyles

Have you fallen in love with choppy bangs and want to try a new look comprising them? We have got you covered for here are the 60 loveliest choppy bangs hairstyles that you can try this season to look stunning and impressive.

1. Choppy Bangs on Long Hair

Waist-length hair gets an edgy makeover when you add some feminine choppy bangs. Wear them long enough to camouflage your forehead or short enough to show it off.

Either way, choppy bangs on long hair do a great job of framing your face and drawing attention to your smoky eyes.

2. Medium Hair with Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs on medium-length haircuts don’t have to be boring.  To maintain a conservative look, part your hair in the middle and leave a few short choppy bangs to accent your eyebrows.

For a more urban style, add brightly colored highlights to the ends while keeping the crown and bangs your natural hair color.

3. Short Choppy Bangs

Short choppy bangs can give a classic bob a more modern and fashion-forward appearance. The side sections angle sharply towards the chin while the choppy fringe curves around the shape of your eyebrows.

If you prefer a more casual, tomboyish bob, razor cut the bangs and sides and give it a tousle at the top.

4. Bob with Choppy Bangs

An extra-short cropped bob with extra-short chopped bangs makes for a lovely combination. Face-framing side pieces accent the cheekbones and show off the neckline. A little volume in the crown section balances out the short tips of the baby bangs.

5. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Embrace your tomboy side with a super-short pixie cut that’s tousled at the top for some additional height.

Short choppy bangs can be worn combed straight down or swept slightly to the side. Shave the nape and sideburn area for a subtle masculine vibe.

6. Choppy Bangs with Bun

Dress up an ordinary top-knot with a set of choppy bangs. You can wear long and spiky choppy bangs that cover the eyes and touch the bridge of your nose, or shorter, fuller choppy bangs that are cut straight across the forehead, barely touching the eyebrows.

The twisted bun has loose pieces sticking out, and several stray tendrils accent the jawline and neck area.

7. Choppy Bangs for Round Face

Long, choppy bangs that are tapered on the sides of a round-shaped face can slim it down. The bangs are slightly shorter toward the center and subtly graduate into longer side pieces.

8. Choppy Layered Bangs

Frame your face with a set of thick, choppy layered bangs, and use a razor to create light and wispy textures at the ends. Graduated side pieces point inwards toward the cheeks and jawline to create a slimmer facial appearance.

9. Choppy Side Bangs

Choppy side bangs can be long and wispy or short and cropped. Either way, they do a great job of framing the face.

If you’re feeling courageous, cut them at an asymmetrical angle, allowing the long side to touch one of your eyebrows. Side-swept choppy bangs work great on women with short pixie cuts or longer shattered bobs.

10. Choppy Baby Bangs

Choppy baby bangs are fabulous for women with straight or curly shoulder-length hair. At just about one inch long, these itty-bitty accents show off a lot of forehead space, giving the wearer a youthful countenance.

11. Choppy Straight Bangs

Fine-textured hair looks thicker and healthier with a forehead full of choppy straight bangs. Brush them straight downwards or sweep them slightly towards the sides in smaller, chunky sections.

12. Choppy Korean Bangs

Girls with naturally super-straight hair can wear long or short choppy bangs and style them so a little bit of forehead shows through.

Blunt cut these “Korean bangs” to create a youthful sexy vibe or let them grow a little longer for a sporty and athletic appearance. For an extra twist, add bright white highlights to the ends.

13. Choppy Blunt Bangs

Create an eye-catching style for blonde women with straight hair by adding a full set of choppy blunt bangs.

Short, jaw-length bobs or longer collar-length shags look spectacular with tousled crown sections and piece-y textured bangs that are three or four shades lighter than the eyebrows.

14. Thick Choppy Bangs

Treat your thick and luxurious hairstyle to a healthy dose of choppy bangs. If you have enough volume to completely cover the forehead section, then let your choppy bangs take the center stage. Balance the smooth textures with a bit of a tousle at the top.

15. Choppy Thin Bangs

Ladies with fine-textured straight or curly hair can cut choppy thin bangs into wispy sections that camouflage the forehead.

Let your bangs grow long enough to touch or cover the eyebrows while still allowing a bit of skin to show through.

16. Asymmetrical Choppy Bangs

When you were a little girl, asymmetrical bangs were a result of your mommy’s scissor accident. Now that you’re grown-up, asymmetrical choppy bangs are a purposeful fashion statement!

Uneven and angled downwards to one side, the jagged, slanted pieces of these choppy bangs add extra character to your facial features, giving independent creative women an even more individualistic appearance.

17. Curly Choppy Bangs

Who says that girls with lots of curls can’t handle a set of straight choppy bangs? The key to successful styling is making sure the bangs are snipped across the center of the curls, so they’ll lay flat against the forehead.  Long and piece-y or short and baby-like, as long as you leave a lot of curly volume on the sides, your choppy bangs will stand out from your natural hair textures.

18. Choppy Colored Bangs

If you want to make sure that everyone is looking at your choppy bangs, then dye all your hair a vibrant color that stands out from the rest.

Textured pieces allow just a hint of the forehead skin to peek through, and the wavy side sections draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes.

19. Choppy Emo Bangs

The bold and dramatic color palette of these choppy emo bangs helps draw attention to your upper facial features, especially the eyebrows.

You have a choice here: you can go for a classic look where one end of the choppy emo fringe is micro-short and the other end is long enough to touch an eyebrow, or you can go with lots of wispy emo bangs that extend down as far as the earlobes.

20. Choppy Bangs for Black Hair

An exotic Cleopatra bob with super-sleek choppy bangs is a beautiful hairstyle option for black women with straight hair.

The jet black fringe is bluntly cut across the forehead and has smooth, textured bangs that are long enough to cover the eyebrows completely.

21. Side Choppy Bangs with Purple Pixie

Side Choppy Bangs with Pixie

Have a short pixie and want to add more character to it? You can do that easily with the help of some flirty choppy bangs. They will look even better if you sweep them to a side and brush your hair gently.

22. Messy Medium Hair with Bangs

women with medium hair and choppy bangs

Feel too young and free-spirited to be sporting a very formal hairstyle? Worry no more since you can now try this lovely messy and casual hairstyle with short choppy bangs.

The trick is to flaunt your natural hair in a messy manner which shows that you are too energetic to be boring.

23. Blonde Wavy Hair with Choppy Bangs

Wavy Hair with Choppy Bangs

This natural and wavy sandy blonde hairstyle sports some casual and easy to manage layers which need casual brushing every day.

The chopped bangs add some fashion and character to it so that the hairstyle does not look too ordinary or boring. You can sweep the bangs to a side too.

24. Classic Updo with Bangs

updo with choppy bangs

This is the perfect way of flaunting your choppy bangs on formal occasions where you need to glam up a little and put your hair up.

25. Choppy Bangs with Lob

Choppy Bangs with Lob

Lobs have made it big on the hairstyle fashion board this season, so go all in with a lovely lob and some cool choppy bangs. This hairstyle is pretty simple and modest with the natural hair falling down in a way which makes you look youthful.

26. French-Inspired Bangs

Why go for a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle when you can look like a happy and young French girl with these lovely choppy bangs?

The idea is to keep the hair in a frame around the face with short bangs which bring more attention to eyes than to any other facial feature.

27. Easy and Natural

Are you done with spending a long time in front of the mirror every day just to do your hair? It is time you started saving all those extra minutes for more important things.

Go for this natural choppy bangs hairstyle which just needs casual brushing and saves you a lot of time.

28. Straight Bangs with A Shag

This slightly long shag is all that you need to let your hair down and be free when you are tired of all the boring hairstyles which need too much of your time.

The choppy bangs are straight and sleek which complement the shag in such a way that it does not look messy at all.

29. Full Curved Fringe

If you have been looking for a cute bangs hairstyle that does not look too childish then this curved full fringe is perfect for you.

This covers your forehead gently and gives you a very naïve and kind look which helps you be more amiable to people.

30. Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Pixie with Choppy Bangs

This fun and lively pixie haircut come with some real sharp choppy bangs which are worth having and flaunting around.

You can have your hair dyed in your favorite shades for this too since dyes will accentuate the details of these lovely bangs more.

31. Choppy Bangs with A Textured Lob

This choppy bangs on textured lob is a must try this season for it has so many lovely waves framing your face and making your hair seem more voluminous.

This style is particularly good for blondes since wavy lobs look exquisite on their sunny hair.

32. Brow Brushing Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs can be as long or as short as you want them to be. These brow-skimming choppy bangs are, however, the right midway and balanced length that you can try for beginners if you do not have prior experience of having bangs.

33. Elegant Black Lob

This vibrant and cool lob is worth everything that one can ever do for hairstyling, isn’t it? So, be more confident and fashionable with this modern and energetic choppy bangs hairstyle.

34. Choppy Baby Bangs

This cool and youthful hairstyle is for the ladies who want to look way younger than they actually are.

The baby bangs keep most of your forehead uncovered giving your face a very young and adorable look. You can rock these choppy style bangs with any hairstyle that you love.

35. Bold Red Choppy Bangs

choppy bangs for red hair

Why have some old lady-like hairstyle when you can go for this fun and bold one? The hair is dyed in an attractive shade of red and has lovely layers down the sides and the back of your head.

The highlights add more appeal and detail to this lovely hairstyle which makes it even more impressive.

36. Hip and Colorful

women with colorful choppy bangs

This sexy and highly attractive lime green hairstyle comprises of a basic mullet which has more texture and details to it due to the dyes that have been used on it.

The choppy style bangs are cut in a unique fashion making it look sleeker and pretty around the front.

37. Vibrant and Energetic

This attractive and highly impressive hairstyle comes with a bang, naturally. The chopped bangs are highlighted to make them more prominent while the rest of the hair is dyed in several shades of red and orange.

You can have the hair cropped as short as you like without having to worry about how the overall look will turn out to be.

38. Side Swept Choppy Bangs

The choppy bangs in this chic and modern hairstyle are swept to a side which adds more character and sexiness to it. The hair has very angular edges at different lengths which are also combed to a side and make blunt and sharp angles.

39. Fresh and Contrasting

This lovely bob has a funky and easygoing feel about it which makes you look fresh and energetic even on one of your down days.

There are layers which add more texture to your hair and the choppy Korean style bangs are heavy and well straightened.

40. Long Auburn Hair

choppy bangs on long auburn hair

This is for the ever-lively and energetic ladies who have an electric soul which settles for nothing mediocre.

The hair is heavily dyed in different shades of red which makes it even more attractive and attention grasping. The hair is kept short to keep it on the intense side.

41. Gorgeous Lively Bangs

This chic and beautiful hairstyle literally has just a hint of color at the ends which add a dramatic and sexy touch to this otherwise simple hairstyle. The hair is kept simple and natural while the choppy bangs make it chicer.

42. Choppy Bangs with Long Angled Bob

This angled bob is an intense and modern hairstyle for the confident and bold women of the twenty-first century. The choppy layered bangs add more sharp edges and angles to it making the details of the haircut stand out more prominently.

43. Cute Boyish Bangs

Who said that such lovely short hair was for young boys only? You can rock them too with short sides and crown while longer hair at the top. The choppy bangs are a nice addition to it which makes this hairstyle somewhat girly too.

44. Long Blonde Hair

These long wavy blond layers are a true Hollywood diva inspired hairstyle which is hard to overlook in a gathering.

The waves are kept natural and loose which makes it easy to make and easier to manage hairstyle. The choppy bangs are parted from middle to give a more polished and trendy feel.

45. Updo with Side Bangs

side choppy bangs with updo

This lovely chic updo was sported by January Jones in Emmy Awards all those years ago, but it still has a lasting influence on hairstyle ideas.

The choppy bangs make this updo more casual giving off a very charming and endearing feel to your overall appearance.

46. Emo Hair with Choppy Bangs

This chic choppy banged hairstyle is all that you need this season to make new and impressive fashion statements. The hair is dyed in several soft and cool shades which you can choose out of your own liking, but just keep them light.

47. Sleek Bob with Bangs

This super cool bob looks fun and stylish at the same time when you add some cool choppy hair bangs to it.

48. Messy Pixie Hairstyle

This cute pixie hairstyle with lovely choppy bangs is a great way of rocking your natural black hair.

49. Lovely Angular Choppy Bangs

Angular Choppy Bangs

This blonde bold angular bob looks great with some really sharp edges and short choppy bangs.

50. Bob with Choppy Bangs

Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs

This lovely midnight blue colored hairstyle is a cool way of showing off your choppy bangs as it has a very sleek and trendy feel about it.

51. Yellow Blonde Hair with Bangs

best choppy bangs styles for women

This choppy layered hair is a funky and cute way of rocking some lovely short choppy bangs, isn’t it?

52. Thick Choppy Bangs

thick choppy bangs

For your thick hair, add equally thick choppy bangs. This medium length hairstyle is worn straight and the bangs are bluntly cut.

53. High Twist Bun

choppy bangs with bun

Short choppy bangs look gorgeous with a high twisty bun. Leave the side pieces a bit longer to softly frame your face.

54. Short Choppy Bangs

For the edgiest low maintenance haircut, go with a pixie with short layers and choppy bangs. The layers will create texture you can enhance with product.

55. Choppy Bangs for Black Hair

If your a Black women, try out this dramatic high sleek and straight ponytail with choppy straight bangs. Pair with extra long eyelashes for extra glam.

56. Choppy Short Bangs with Color

A medium length haircut with pink ends and soft waves is chic with a choppy short bang. Concentrate the layers on the top half of your head to increase volume.

57. Edgy Choppy Bangs

Combine the style of a pixie with a short haircut and a hidden fade to get this edgy look with choppy bangs. Lots of layers create a piecey look.

58. Green Choppy Bangs

If you have long thin hair, try adding in a choppy bang to give it some texture. Fill the body of the hair with soft waves and maybe even add an unusual pop of green.

59. Half Updo with Choppy Bangs

choppy bangs hair

Draw the attention to your short choppy bangs with a half updo. Wear the top half of your hair in a bun or ponytail, leaving the rest straight.

60. Super Short Choppy Bangs

The front half of this medium hairstyle is tinged with light red while the wavy body is black. Add a choppy bang in a super short length and your look is complete!

FAQs on Choppy Bangs

Which face shape best suits choppy bangs?

Choppy bangs are pretty much for all face shapes, but they complement oval-shaped faces the most since they are long and are not that angular.

However, the choppy bangs add angles and texture to the hair making it look even cooler and prettier.

Choppy and blunt bangs are they same?

Choppy and blunt bangs are not the same as they have some major distinguishing features to each of them.

Choppy bangs have angled and chopped off bangs which do not have the same length all over the bangs.

The blunt bangs, on the other hand, have the same length throughout the bangs width and they do not have any angles like the choppy bangs do.

Can I try choppy bangs with thin hair?

Yes, you can try choppy bangs with thin hair too. In fact, they will help your hair look thicker as they add more angles to the front.

Choppy bangs also make your hair look voluminous s they bring about more texture and thickness, so they go very well with thin hair too.

Key Things to Remember:

  • When cutting your own bangs it is important to make sure you do not cut above your fingers. Always cut your bangs a little longer than your desired length and then go back and take off a little bit at a time until you reach your desired length.
  • Be careful when chopping upwards into the hair not to cut your fingers.
  • Make sure you comb through the bangs before cutting again.
  • If you are unsure if you should cut more, style them first and then decide if you need to cut more.