5 Edgy Ombre Bobs that Fade to Fabulous

Women who love low-maintenance looks will benefit from having an ombre bob hairstyle. Ombre celebrates the roots. You don’t have to get them bleached and colored every two months or less because they fade into the rest of the color. There’s supposed to be a disconnect, a delineation between the color of the roots and the rest of your hair. Cutting your hair into a bob combines an edgy cut with an edgy coloring technique. Obviously, that’s a whole lotta edge.


The Ombre Bob Is the Hairstyle of the Season

Think you’re ready to embrace an ombre bob? As with any new haircut, do your due diligence first—or, rather, let me do it for you. The bob is a versatile style. There are few rules regarding length, layering, and shape. From sleek caps to tousled bedhead bobs, you can take bits and pieces to create a hairstyle that flatters your features and the ombre combination you love best.


#1: Brunette to Blonde

blonde Ombre with Bob hairstyle

Dark roots fading down to blonde is one of the most popular ombre bob combinations. I can’t say with any authority that the ombre trend was specifically designed to hide dark roots, but I can say that it’s an excellent way to cut down on upkeep and maintenance. You don’t have to worry about visible roots when they’re part of your hairstyle. A tousled, layered cut further hides your roots.

Rock These Ombre hairstyles This Season


#2: Precious in Pink

Ombre Bob pink hair for black girl

I’m dying over this glowing, luminous shade of pink. Not only is it gorgeous on its own, but it’s stunning against the model’s skin, lips, and eyes—and those curls, my goodness. The secret to choosing a flattering ombre style is to pick out a color that pops against dark brown or black roots.


#3: Dirty Blonde

short Ombre Bob hairstyle

It’s possible to achieve an ombre ‘do that appears more natural, as well. Your stylist might opt for balayage or a different painting technique, but it amounts to the same thing. Notice how the roots are streaky with slashes of blonde—looks like natural highlights, right?

Ombre & Balayage A Dream Team Combination


#4: Cherry Bomb

If you’re getting an ombre bob hairstyle, you might as well go next-level from the jump. A vivid cherry red that transitions down from an inky black hue is eye-catching as all get out. Scope that shine, too—you’ve gotta love it when your hair is healthy and colorful.


#5: Pearly Gray

Gray Ombre Bob hairstyle you like

Gray hair is no longer something to hide. Once your roots start to go gray, get your stylist to create a tailor-made ombre that incorporates your new silvery strands. The hue is phenomenal with sleek, wavy, or rumpled locks, but I’m partial to the chic bob.

Fun & Fab- Bangs Hairstyle With Ombre


I don’t think ombre bob hairstyles are going out of trend anytime soon. The coiffure has paid its dues, and it’s now a classic. What color do you want your ombre to fade to, do you think?