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17 Modern Brown Bob Haircuts for 2024

A brown bob is a chic, versatile haircut ranging from short to medium length with the hair sitting just below your chin or above your shoulder.

Bob hairstyles can instantly make you feel a lot lighter and younger. Add in the versatile brown hair color and you get a classy yet trendy hairstyle that fits a busy woman who always wants to stay in style.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our ideas for the best brown bob haircuts if you want to add a youthful glow and trendy spin to your classic hair color.

On-Trend Brown Bob Haircuts

There’s no other trend that is classier and more stylish than the brown bob brigade. So if you want to adopt a brunette bob look, check out the below ideas.

1. Curly Golden Bronze Bob

curly brown bob

For those who have naturally curly or wavy brunette hair, cutting it into a bob is your best option. It allows you to showcase your hair while maintaining a length that’s manageable and easy to style.

If you want a sunkissed look, go for the golden bronze hair shade instead of the classy brown color.

2. Straight Lob + Ombre

brown ombre bob for Asian women

Now, here’s an ultra-trendy hairstyle that you’d certainly want to get your hands on. It combines two sought-after hair trends- blonde ombre and long bob (aka lob).

As a unique coloring technique, the ombre makes the hair look longer which draws the eyes downwards and gives your face a more elongated and slimmer look.

3. Wavy Pixie Bob

pixie brown bob

Giving you the best of both worlds is this wavy and pixie bob. This eye-catching look features the edginess of a short bob cut while also enjoying the soft and loose waves’ feminine touch.

Add in a light brown shade that works well with cool skin tones giving your skin a brighter and warmer complexion.

4. Lob + Side-Swept Bangs

long brown bob

Contrary to popular belief, bob haircuts need not be high maintenance. If you want a bob but without the flyaways, go for one that’s a bit longer than shoulder-length, like this one.

It’s also paired with side-swept bangs that can frame your face, add softness to your face, and make your overall hairstyle look edgier and trendier.

5. Angled Bob

angled brown bob

Angled bob has shorter layers at the back and longer layers at the front. It’s one of the best brown bob cuts for women with fine hair because the layers and the varying lengths instantly give the hair the illusion of thickness and volume it needs.

6. Straight Brown Bob + Choppy Bangs

celebrity inspired brown bob with bangs

For bold and daring women, this is the unique haircut to try. Pair your straight brown chin-length bob with extremely short bangs that are cut above your eyebrows (a.k.a. the micro bangs).

Aside from adding an edgy touch, these bangs also draw attention to your forehead and accentuate all your best facial features.

7. Brown Lob with Waves and Braids

wavy brown bob

This wavy and braided bob proves that you don’t have to grow your hair long just to have that bridal glow.

With its feminine soft waves and elegant braided crown, this long bob is the perfect hairstyle for a beautiful bride. Just add a few hair accessories to make your look extra whimsical.

8. French Bob + Full Bangs

French brown bob with bangs

If you’re going to join the brown bob haircut movement, you might as well do it the chicest way possible– the french bob. As compared to a regular bob, this one has a shorter chin length and has a fashion-forward vibe care of the blunt bangs.

Pro Tip: Keep it straight and simple if you want a more suave look.

9. Brown Balayage Bob

brown balayage bob for fine hair

Give your bob hairstyle the right balance between sophistication and playfulness with a brown balayage hair color.

This perfectly blended hair color features layers of different brown shades like a creamy blonde and rich chocolate brown, meticulously designed to exude that cool and chic vibe.

10. Brown Wedding Bob

wedding brunette bob

Unconventional brides love going for the fun and flirty shorter updos over the long traditional ones, and this hairstyle is one of the best examples.

The bouncy curls give the hairstyle extra texture and added touch of playfulness, while the pulled-back style with matching beaded headband adds an elegant twist that’s fitting for a bride.

11. Messy Choppy Bob

choppy brunette bob

Messy hair, don’t care! If you’re one of the badass women who don’t care what other people say, this is the brown bob hairstyle for you. The choppy layers spiked in different directions give it that badass look that can certainly have heads turning.

12. One-sided Lob + Retro Body Waves

celebrity inspired brunette bob

Copy Mila Kuni’s Old Hollywood glam hairstyle by pulling your hair on one side, and giving it some retro body waves that are reminiscent of the good old days. This sleek and elegant hairstyle frames your face with sophistication and elegance you can’t get from any other hairstyle.

13. Braided Bob + Turquoise Highlights

short Asian brunette bob with bangs

Do you want to inject your own personality into your brown bob hairstyle? We know just what you need– braids, bangs, and a pop of color.

Add a few turquoise strands to your hair and let the sun make it shine. Now, this is a bold and fun hairstyle that can certainly make jaws drop.

14. Tousled Lob

medium dark brown bob

Add a few tousled waves here and there to create that old-school look. You no longer have to make your bob neat and tidy. With waves as beautiful as yours, the best way to style them is to let them run wild.

15. Vintage Curly Bob

short vintage brunette bob

Bring back the old-school glam with this vintage curly bob. This timelessly charming brown hairstyle features bouncy curls and a cheeky length that frames your face in all the right places.

16. A-line Brunette Bob

A line brunette bob

If you’re tired of your limp, dull, and boring hair, you may want to try the A-line bob. With its layers perfectly arranged to create an angular shape, this brunette haircut can make your hair appear fuller.

The angular shape will also add bounce and movement to your hair- two things you won’t get from other hairstyles.

17. Stacked Bob with Undercut

brown bob with undercut

The bob haircut already looks too cool for school, but if you want to make it look extra edgier, go for a micro bob with a nape undercut! This is the subtlest form of undercut, so it’s a perfect choice if you want to test the waters first.

Just because it is short and brown, it doesn’t mean that brown bob hairstyles are boring. When styled right, this hairstyle can flatter your face shape and skin tone in ways no long hairstyles can do.