Top 10 Adam Levine Haircuts Worth Copying

Adam Levine has been a huge name for nearly 15 years and during that time he has sported a number of different haircuts. Adam Levine haircuts are the popular source of inspiration for many young guys because he chooses simple styles which still look cool. You will be able to see some of the best Adam Levine haircuts and hairstyles in our list below.


Adam Levine Haircuts

One of the best things about Adam’s haircuts is that they can easily be changed to suit your own style. These cuts can be worn, whichever color of hair that you have. They are so simple that they suit a wide range of different face shapes.

#1: Neat and Brushed-Up

Neat and Brushed-Up hairstyle by Adam Levine

In this look, Adam Levine has used a comb to style his hair into stiff upwards spikes. He keeps things looking neat by ensuring that all the spikes are brushed up in the same direction.


#2: Messy Thick Spikes

Adam Levine Messy Thick Spikes hairstyle

For messy thick spikes, you need to pull your hair up with your hands instead of a comb. Put a little gel on your hands to help to give a very loose hold to your hairstyle for this classic Adam Levine look.


#3: Sideways Spikes


For a slightly off-kilter look like this Adam Levine haircut, try sweeping your spikes slightly to one side with your hand. The style is great for people who don’t want to conform to a regular look.


#4: Close Shave

Close Shave cool Adam Levine hairstyle

A close shave or buzzcut style is ideal for people who want a no-fuss Adam Levine haircut. Trim your beard to the same length to create a perfectly uniform style that can be worn anywhere.

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#5: Adam Levine Sweep-Over Style

adam's spike hairstyle 2017

A side-swept Adam Levine style is a great choice for your next smart-casual hairstyle. Start by creating a strong part at one side and then comb your hair up into side-swept spikes.


#6: Messy Tresses

Messy Tresses hairstyle for Adam Levine

Adam Levine’s “messy tresses” hairstyle is a very rocky look which is perfect for a band guy. All you need to do is run your fingers through long hair to give it a messed-up look.

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#7: Voluminous Hair with Light Stubble


To give a hairstyle the impression of more volume, try teaming it up with light stubble facial hair. The shorter hair on your face will make the hair on your head look thicker.


#8: Emo Style

 Adam Levine Emo Style haircut

Try out one of Adam Levine’s emo hairstyles by growing your hair a little bit longer and then straightening sections of it. Comb your hair forwards and use a little gel to give the hairstyle a little bit of stiffness.


#9: Bleached Blond


Try layering bleached blond hair with dark-colored facial hair for a strikingly different look. This look was a signature Adam Levine hairstyle while he was a judge on the music show The Voice.


#10: Rolled Pompadour

Rolled Pompadour hairstyle for men

The pompadour is a popular hairstyle for celebrity men and women. Adam Levine’s this cool guy hairstyle is a lightly rolled pompadour which has been styled to give softer curved edges to the look.


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