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7 Lionel Messi Beard Styles That Drive People Crazy

Lionel Messi beards are one of the trend center beard styles amongst the current generation. He is not just known for his extraordinary soccer skills but also cherished by his followers because of his ravishing fashion sense including versatile hairstyles as well as promising beards.

He looks superbly handsome in all of his various beard avatars. Whether it is a light stubble or full thick beard, he always carries his beards like a pro. He has never disappointed his admirers from his looks as well as from his talent.


Popular Beard Styles of Lionel Messi

Here, we have handpicked the most complimentary Messi beard styles to inspire your thought for next beard adaptation ideas that you will surely love.

1. Red Beard with Blond Hairstyle

lionel messi's ginger beard+blonde hair

It is one of the most conspicuous and admired Messi beard. He has chosen the hairstyle smartly. Combed over platinum blonde hairstyle along with ginger beard makes the whole look of Lionel Messi ravishing. To achieve the beard, grow a full thick beard and dye your beard with ginger color. Curve cut the cheeks lines and trim the neckline area.


2. Light Stubble

lionel messi's bearded look

Lionel Messi looks ultra-decent in slight stubble beard. It is easy to maintain and slightly visible but gives a manly look. The side part or bangs hairstyle fits perfect on this beard style of Messi. To achieve this particular beard, shave your beard and wait for the light stubble to grow up.


3. Tapered Beard

long stubble beard of messi

It is well-groomed beard style that looks tough, rocky and formal at the same time. Brown beard along with black glossy side part hairstyle looks mesmerizing.

To achieve this Messi beard let your beard follicles grow into dense, long stubble. If you have naturally brown hair, it would be a plus point. If you have a black beard, turn it into brown for an exact bearded look as Lionel Messi.


4. Full Beard with Spikes

lionel messi full beard

This particular Lionel Messi beard is limelight for the majority of his followers. Let your beard grow unobstructedly, till you get the desired length. Do not trim your cheeks as well as neckline area. The untamed look is the specialty of the given beard. Spikey taper fade balanced the virile beard look.


5. Shadow Beard

Lionel Messi's Beard style

It is probably the favorite Messi’s beard look amongst young boys. It might look rough in appearance but gives a rocky and mannish look as well. Messi has adapted this look for many years. It is 3-days grown beard which is unkempt but possesses attractive features.


6. Beard and Tapered Undercut

beard styles of Messi

Here is another impressive beard style of Lionel Messi. Keep your beard longer and trim the mustache a bit thicker than the pencil mustache. Trim the cheeks line area and neckline hair for a polished look. Taper fade with brushed up Lionel Messi hairstyle gives an alluring look with this particular beard.


7. Dense Beard with Mustache

Lionel messi dense beard style

What an incredible transformation of Messi from a young looking guy to a virile and strong looking man, after growing the dense beard. You can trim the lower lip area to achieve a soul patch for a distinctive Lionel Messi beard look. Do not trim the mustache too thin, keep it relatively thick instead.


All these abovementioned Messi beard styles are the combination of trendy, modern, sophisticated, and stylish beard and hairstyles. If you want the exact dense beard like Messi, skin caring is a primary step for this purpose, as unhealthy skin will not let you grow the desired length and thickness of beard.