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10 Most Stylish Gareth Bale Haircuts to Copy

Soccer star Gareth Bale’s haircuts and hairstyles have been consistent, unlike some of his peers in football until recent years.

These days, Gareth Bale’s haircuts are no longer a feature, and instead, it is the length of his hair or lack of hair in some places that garners attention. Nonetheless, Gareth Bale’s consistency in style and unique ability to show versatility in a single cut is worth highlighting in this article.


Best Gareth Bale Hairstyles for Men

Below is our top list of Gareth Bale hairstyles you’ll love. You can also check the most popular soccer player haircuts.

1. Gareth Bale’s Medium-Short Cut Hairstyle

Best Gareth Bale Short Haircut

This classic, medium-short haircut screams nostalgia and is a nod to early 2010. There’s an adequate length for hair to be combed forward on the sides and up top; hair is combed forward and raised.


2. Gareth Bale Comb over Hairstyle

Gareth Bale with Comb Over Hairstyle

The Gareth Bale comb over style here demonstrates that one should always look for the versatility of a haircut.  While the style may not withstand the battle of the playing field, there is always an opportunity to make hair tidy, as seen with this comb over hairstyle.


3. Casual Hairstyle

 Casual Hairstyle Gareth Bale’s haircut

Gareth Bale’s casual hairstyle is easy to attain with the right product and time. Hair is short on the sides with a bit of length up top. It’s a great transition style for hair in between cuts or someone contemplating a hairstyle with more length on the sides and in the back.

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4. Gareth Bale’s Business Hairstyle

men Business Hairstyle

This Gareth Bale business haircut style is perfect for a formal event or for the businessman who wants to wear a trendy haircut. Fresh with a part on the side and a bit of purposeful lift on the top, this look is sleek and demonstrates a fashionable resolution.


5. Headband Hairstyle

Cool Gareth Bale’s Headband Hairstyle

Who said only women could wear a good hairband? It may take a bit of male confidence and ego to rock Gareth Bale’s headband; however, its purpose aligns with the Gareth Bale ponytail. The need to control medium-length hair in an active setting is generally of high importance. The headband is an alternative to the ponytail or even for those who do not have enough hair to wear a ponytail.


6. Gareth Bale’s Raised Top Hairstyle

Gareth Bale Heart Celebration Hairstyle

Gareth Bale’s semi-faux hawk style is yet another take on how to style hair that is short on the sides but length up top. A good faux hawk always gives a bit of edge to its customer.


7. Man Bun by Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale’s Man Bun hairstyle you like

Some might think twice about donning a man bun or even daring to wear long hair. However, Gareth Bale’s man bun is making a few of them take another look. Of course, the man bun might garner a few second glances, but for those men with a long haircut, a man bun is an edgy approach.

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8. Gareth Bale Ponytail

favorite Gareth Bale Ponytail hairstyle

For the active individual with a medium haircut style, this ponytail demonstrates there is more than one way for a man to wear hair that has a bit of length. You may apply some products to achieve this look and help keep it in need. This male ponytail is wearable for casual activities with friends or for the guy involved with laborious chores that will make having medium hair an unwanted accessory.


9. Gareth Bale Medium Haircut

Gareth Bale’s medium cut is wearable with a product for a neat appearance, but in this image, the addition of hair products allows for a sleeker, more professional look.


10. Gareth Bale’s Spikes

 Bale Spike Hairstyle you like

Gareth Bale’s spike hairstyle is a haphazard style of sorts, but once again, it offers an alternative way to style hair that has the length in the middle and up top but is short on the sides. Hair does not have to give rise to a pompadour or mini faux hawk.


These are just ten of Gareth Bale’s hairstyles. You can also try the Ronaldo, Messi, or Neymar haircuts to get inspiration.


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