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What Does a Diffuser Do To Straight Hair?

Everyone with long or straight hair knows that getting out of the shower and rubbing a towel on your hair to dry it is not enough. A hairdryer is necessary if you don’t want a frizzy, tangled mess later. 

Many people with wavy or curly hair use a diffuser attachment on their hair dryer to disperse the warm air more evenly. But what if you use a diffuser on straight hair?

While designed to help people with naturally curly hair, a diffuser can help bring new life to your straight hair.

What Is a Diffuser Used For?

hair dryer diffuser

A diffuser is a flat, round attachment for hair dryers. Its function is to do what its name implies. It diffuses the hot air to make it more gentle on your hair. It does this by dispersing the air over a wider area of your head, making it less likely to damage your hair and dry it more evenly.

Diffusers are included with most hair dryers, though you can buy some of higher quality separately. If you buy one, you should be sure it has a universal attachment to be sure you can use it with your hair dryer.

The hair dryer diffuser is for people with naturally curly or kinky hair. They like it because it is less likely to disrupt their natural curls. And it gives more body and bounces to it.

Can You Use a Diffuser on Straight Hair?

Most advertisements for diffusers targets people with curly hair. However, hairdressers will tell you that it is a fantastic tools for people with straight hair to avoid frizz.

Hair dryers are also known for causing heat damage because the direct blowout can provide intense heat to one area of your head. A diffuser spreads the hot air, making it less concentrated in one area.

What Does a Diffuser Do To Straight Hair?

Diffuser adds volume to your hair when used with the right products. It can give you curls and waves if you want to change up your look without making a hairstyle commitment. Using a diffuser on straight hair is an excellent way to try a new hairstyle for a night out.

Here are some benefits of using a diffuser attachment with a hair dryer for straight hair:

  • The diffuser attachment prevents the strong, direct air from blowing hair straight and flat. This allows more natural volume and texture.
  • Diffused air gently lifts and separates strands of hair while drying. This helps create more volume at the roots and along the length of the hair, instead of just blow-drying hair flat against the scalp.
  • Gently scrunching hair into a diffuser can help bring out natural waves.

So, a diffuser can give straight hair more body and movement, rather than just drying it pin-straight against the head.

How To Use a Diffuser on Straight Hair

What Does a Diffuser Do For Straight Hair?

If you are ready to try using a diffuser on your straight hair, there are a few steps to follow to maximize its benefits. Following these steps will make it less likely you will damage your hair.

Wash Your Hair

Whether you’re using the diffuser to create curls or volume, you always have to start by washing your hair. Using the dryer on your hair when it is dry could risk damaging it. Be sure to use conditioner as well.

After washing your hair, comb through it to remove all the tangles. Also, use a microfiber towel to dry it as you do this. When you use the hair dryer, you want your hair damp. But you can dry it with a towel enough so it is not dripping.

Steps for Adding Volume

How To Use a Diffuser on Straight Hair for Volume

If you want to add volume to your straight hair, check out the steps below.

Add Some Products

If you have not been adding a heat protectant product to your hair before using a hair dryer, this is a good time to start. Hair dryers blast your hair with hot air in a concentrated area leading to damage and split ends over time.

Putting an extra layer of protection between the hot air and you will reduce the opportunity for heat damage to occur. After you have done this, you may want to try adding a volumizer, a mousse, for example.

This type of product should be applied to the roots, and it’s easy to find at a supermarket or at your hairdresser.

Use Hair Clips to Create Volume

Put the clips near the roots. This will lift your hair and promote volume. You can now dry your hair with the diffuser or dry your hair naturally. See what works best for you.  


Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer. Place the dryer on its lowest setting. It will take longer to dry your hair, but doing it slowly will help dry it more evenly.

Start by drying the back of your head and then move to the sides and front. Always use the diffuser in circular motions. 

Steps for Making Hair Curly and Wavy

If you’re tired of your straight-hair look and want a temporary change, you can use the diffuser for that purpose.

Add Products 

You may want to try adding a curl-enhancer to your hair for a better effect. You can buy it at your local beauty supply store, which will help your hair curl as you style it. Apply it to your hair at the roots and work outward. You should also apply a heat protectant.

Using Diffuser

using diffuser on straight hair to create waves

Place the diffuser on the side of your head at the roots and begin moving in a circular motion. Do that until the area is dry, then move the diffuser up to another section of your head.

Start at the top of your head and work your way down toward the ends. Continue to do that until your hair is dry.

As you move the diffuser throughout the different sections of your head, lift the roots and push your hair toward the diffuser. 

This is a good opportunity to experiment with oils to help add shine to your hair. It will also help you keep your hair curly or wavy for most of the day. These products coat your hair and keep it from drying out too quickly.

It helps keep the style in place. Hair gels and lotions may help as well. Head over to your favorite beauty supply store and get a few to try out and find the ones that work best for you.

So, if you are looking for a way to add body, curls, or waves to your straight hair without an expensive visit to a stylist, using a diffuser could give you results. It will also protect your hair from intense blasts of heat.

However, those with stick-straight hair and who want a very smooth finish may not get much benefit from using a diffuser as it can disrupt extremely straight styles.


Can I use a diffuser on straight hair to make it curly?

Yes. Using a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer is a great way to add curls and waves to straight hair. It allows you to experiment with different hairstyles without committing, and it can also help add body, volume, and bounce to your hair.

Can a diffuser make my straight hair frizzy?

A diffuser’s primary purpose is to spread the hot air from a hair dryer more evenly across your hair. Because of that, reducing frizz is one of its intended uses. Using a diffuser should not make your hair frizzy when used correctly.

Can I use a diffuser on short straight hair?

A diffuser may not add curls to short hair. But if you want to add body and volume to your hair, a diffuser will help with that.