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17 Famous Zayn Malik Beard Styles Through the Years

Zayn Malik has been in the public eye ever since he came to fame with One Direction. He is very popular with guys as a style icon because he always looks great. As well as fashion and hairstyles, Zayn Malik’s beard styles are also a really popular thing for guys to copy.

Evaluation of Zayn Malik’s Beard Over The Years

  • Zayn Malik starts with a clean-shaven face during his early days in One Direction.
  • Malik begins to sport a light stubble, adding some maturity to his boyband image.
  • The light stubble transitions into a more noticeable beard as Zayn ventures into his solo career.
  • Malik experiments with a goatee, giving a nod to his individuality and style.
  • The goatee evolves into a full beard, showcasing Zayn’s ever-changing facial hair journey.
  • Malik occasionally trims his beard short, maintaining a versatile and well-groomed appearance.
  • Zayn surprises fans by shaving off his beard and sporting a mustache for a brief period.
  • The mustache quickly transforms back into a full beard, solidifying his preference for the look.
  • Malik occasionally dyes his beard, adding a creative touch to his overall appearance.
  • Zayn grows his beard longer, pairing it with various hairstyles for a more rugged look.
  • Malik opts for a neatly trimmed beard, showcasing his refined and evolving style.
  • Zayn Malik ultimately settles on a well-groomed beard, complementing his signature fashion-forward image.

Zayn Malik’s Beard Styles

Add the below-listed Zayn Malik-inspired beard styles into your grooming routine to switch up your look while maintaining a well-groomed appearance. You can also try Zayn Malik’s haircuts to make you look closer to him.


zayn malik with clean shaven look

During his early One Direction days, Zayn sported a clean-shaven look. To achieve this, use a sharp razor and shaving cream, ensuring a smooth and even shave. Follow up with aftershave to soothe your skin.

Light Stubble

zayn malik with stubble beard

As Zayn matured, he grew a light stubble. To maintain this style, use a beard trimmer with a short guard to keep the stubble at an even length. Remember to trim regularly for a well-groomed appearance.

Noticeable Beard

zayn malik beard style

When venturing into his solo career, Zayn transitioned to a more noticeable beard. Use a longer guard on your beard trimmer and trim consistently to maintain the desired length.


zayn malik with goatee beard

Zayn experimented with a goatee, focusing on hair around the chin and mustache area. Shave the cheeks and neck clean while using a trimmer to shape the goatee, maintaining its distinct look.

Full Beard

zayn malik with full beard

Zayn later embraced a full beard. Allow your facial hair to grow evenly and use a beard trimmer with a longer guard to maintain the desired length. Remember to keep the beard well-groomed by trimming and shaping regularly.

Short Beard

zayn malik with short beard

Occasionally, Zayn opted for a shorter beard. To achieve this, use a shorter guard on your beard trimmer and trim the entire beard evenly. Maintain the length through regular trimming.


zayn malik with mustache

Briefly sporting a mustache, Zayn showcased another style. To recreate this look, shave your cheeks and chin clean while using a trimmer to maintain the mustache’s length and shape.

Dyed Beard

zayn malik with dyed blonde beard

Zayn added creativity by dyeing his beard occasionally. To achieve this, choose a beard dye in the desired color, carefully following the product’s instructions. Always conduct a patch test to avoid skin irritation.

Long Beard

zayn malik with long beard

Zayn grew his beard longer for a more rugged look. Allow your beard to grow out, using a beard brush or comb to maintain its appearance. Regularly trim and shape the beard to prevent it from looking unkempt.

Neatly Trimmed Beard

zayn malik with trimmed beard

Zayn ultimately preferred a neatly trimmed beard. To achieve this, use a beard trimmer with a medium-length guard, ensuring an even trim. Shape and maintain the beard with regular grooming and trimming.

Wispy Goatee

Zayn Malik with wispy goatee beard

A thin and wispy goatee does not take much effort to grow but looks really good when teamed up with a long hairstyle. You may need to shape the beard a little.

Long Stubble

Zayn's long stubble look

If you want a style which takes no effort at all, you should try Zayn’s long stubble look. All that you have to do is sit back and wait for your facial hair to grow. Use a beard trimmer occasionally to stop it growing into a full beard. If you don’t like the mustache, try these beard styles without the mustache.

Groomed Chinstrap Beard

Highlight your jawline with a groomed chinstrap beard. The facial hair should only run along the very apex of your jawline, to help to show off your strong bone structure.

Angular Line Up Cut

A line up cut is great for creating an angular masculine edge to your look. Make sure that the edges of your facial hair and head hair are kept clean and crisp for maximum impact.

Full Beard

full beard style of Zayn Malik

If you want a beard style which actually softens your facial features, choose Zayn Malik’s full rounded beard instead. The beard can be groomed to give a friendly and accessible look for men.

Short but Thick

Short but thick beard styles create a really intense look for guys. These styles are only intense for guys who have naturally dark beard color.

Simple Classic Beard

Zayn Malik's simple classic beardstyle

If none of Zayn Malik’s other beard styles appeal to you, then why not just try a simple classic beard. This look is easy and carefree, so you can concentrate on other things.

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Zayn is undeniably a fashion icon. His looks are emulated by thousands of guys around the world. Try out some Zayn Malik beard styles to find out which one suits you best.