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12-Year-Old Black Girl Hairstyles: Top 10 Ideas

Becoming a teen and finding the right hairstyle for 12-year-olds can be equally challenging for both you and your daughter. Young black girls are embracing unique hairstyles in a modern fashion more now than ever.

With the internet giving everyone more access to new fashion, styling, and hair care ideas, classic black girl hairstyles are being modernized, and new techniques are being tested for all to see.

To navigate the constantly changing landscape of hairstyles, we have put together a guide for you to keep your young 12-year-old black princess looking cute and stylish for every day of school!

Lovely Hairstyles for 12-Year-Old Black Girls

Read on for our choices of 12-year-old black girl hairstyles that she’s sure to love.

1. Thin Cornrows

12 year old black girl with cornrow braids hairstyle

One of the best 12-year-old black girl hairstyles, cornrows come in a variety of different styles and allow everyone to put their own personal touch on them with a variety of available patterns.

They are incredibly sporty and will allow her to be active without worrying about hair flopping into her eyes or face. They are also relatively easy to maintain. However, you will need occasional restyling to keep them tight and clean.

2. Long Curly Hair

12 year old black girl with curly hair

This traditional long black girl hairstyle is a classic for a reason. It’s classy and allows young black girls to show off their beautiful and lush long curls. However, you may need various hair products to keep that lushness and prevent the curls from getting dried out.

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3. Long Box Braids

12 year old black girl with long braids

This braided style is better for teenage girls when they begin getting a bit older. They are incredibly convenient and comfortable – especially if you get them professionally done. One thing to remember is to ensure that braids are not too tight because if so, it can cause breakage in the hairline.

4. Silky and Straight

12 year old black girl with straight hair

This straight hairstyle may not work for every young African-American girl. Some have curlier hair than others, and the amount of time to straighten the hair daily may not only be time-consuming but possibly damaging for hair.

That makes this tough to be an everyday option. However, it is a great option to switch it up occasionally to keep your black princess looking fresh.

5. Short Braids

12 year old black girl with thin braids

This look provides a classic shoulder-length shape with a protective style. Who isn’t a sucker for a nice, braided bob? It contrasts nicely with the beauty of brown skin and is an excellent option for any occasion.

6. Front Braids with Beads

braids hairstyle with beads for 12 year old black girl

The perfect school hairstyle for African American girls, you won’t spend hours styling your angel’s hair. Simply brush it out, separate it into two front ponytails, and then add two braids on each side, leaving the rest of the hair down.

7. High Updo

updo hairstyle for 12 year old black girl

Updos are casual and great for everyday comfort. It is perfect for sports and is especially easy to maintain and get ready in the morning. Sometimes braids or straightening hair can be a bit of a hassle during a busy morning, which is what this hairstyle is perfect for.

8. Short Afro With a Headband

headband hairstyle for 12 year old black girl

Teen black girls can use this short hairstyle for occasions where they can wear a headband. Comb the hair of your little black princess to keep it puffy and even.

However, this is much easier than preparing and maintaining some other hairstyles. It is ideal for sports but also contains the versatility to be used daily for classroom and playdate settings.

9. Short, Curly, and Sweet

short curly hairstyle for 12 year old black girl

If you need a quick hairstyle for your 12-year-old black princess, these short curls do the trick. Simply wet her hair, add styling gel or curl cream, and voila! Your little girl will have cute short curls that will last all day.

10. Space Buns

space buns hairstyle for 12 year old black girl

Space buns are trendy, especially if you’re a black kid. It will allow your little girl to practice creating ponytail variations and increase her creativity when it comes to developing her own sense of style.

There are so many options for your young 12-year-old black girl’s repertoire of hairstyles. Whether it is the versatility of ponytails, the effective use of a headband, or the beautiful and practical use of braids and beads, there is a hairstyle for every occasion.

So be prepared to keep your little black girl looking like the princess she is every day of the week!

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