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40 Pretty Hairstyles for 9 and 10 Year Old Girls [2024]

If your daughter has turned 9 or 10 years old, you’ve likely noticed that the hairstyles she once loved don’t suit her anymore, and she also gets bored with them.

It’s common for parents to seek new, suitable, and beautiful hairstyles for their little girls as they reach mid-childhood.

We have compiled a list of 40 different beautiful hairstyles for your little girl aged 9 or 10 years. These hairstyles are effortless to create and require minimal skills.

Suitable Hairstyles for Your 9 or 10-Year-Old Girl

Whether it is a family gathering, a first day back at school, or a birthday party, these adorable hairstyles are appropriate for her age and will make your little princess look cute.

1. One Sided Braid

side braid for 9 and 10 year old girls

This one-sided braid is a perfect hairstyle for 9 and 10 years old girls. It is simple to recreate, keeps the hair away from your daughter’s hair, and is also very cool. Gather the whole mane on one side and braid it. Secure the knit with a hair elastic.

2. Ballerina Bun

bun hair for 9 and 10 year old girls

If your daughter has Afro hair, you need a hairstyle that can hold. A ballerina bun is the best idea for school or moments spent at the playground. Gather all the hair up in a pony. Use a sponge donut and roll the hair on the donut. Tie the whole thing down again with an elastic made out of hair.

3. Two Ponytails

blonde pigtails for 9 and 10 year old girls

When having such thick, blonde gorgeous hair, any hairdo will look good, even if we’re talking about two simple ponytails. Everyone knows how to do those, so simply tease the hair if you want that messy touch.

4. Curly Braids

box braids for 9 and 10 year old girls

There are so many ways you can make fabulous box braids. Use jumbo hair extensions and blend them with your daughter’s natural hair. Roll them on a rod and dip them into hot water. Once you unwrap them, you will see that the braids will preserve the curl.

5. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

high loose ponytail for 9 and 10 year old girls

A half up half down hairstyle is so fashionable, and your little girl will love it. Pin the top in a ponytail and spare two strands from the corners of the forehead. Use a big scrunchie to tie the hair. Create waves with a wand for more volume and a romantic look.

6. Bob with Waves

hair highlights for 9 and 10 year old girls

A wavy bob hairstyle is so easy to achieve. If you don’t want to use heat on your daughter’s hair, you can braid the tresses for the night. When you unbraid the hair in the morning, the locks will remain wavy. You can also use non-toxic hair dye to create those blonde highlights for children.

7. Space Buns

space buns for 9 and 10 year old girls

If you want a voluminous hairstyle for 9 and 10 years old girls, you first need to crimp the hair with an iron. Part the mane in two sections and create two ponytails. Wrap them around the base, but don’t make them too tight.

8. Palm Pony For Afro Hair

hairstyle for 9 and 10 year old afro girls

Afro-American hair is quite sensitive because of its unique texture. It is rebellious and tends to create split ends. For this reason, it requires more attention than straight hair. To obtain a flawless palm pony, thoroughly comb the hair upwards and use some styling gel.

9. Curls with Headband

headband hair for 9 and 10 year old girls

If your daughter has impeccable long Rapunzel hair, you have a lot of styling options. Use a scarf or a headband and tie it on top of the head. Curl those long locks with a curling iron, and you will obtain gorgeous ringlets. She will feel like a true Disney princess.

10. Cornrows

cornrow bun for 9 and 10 year old girls

One of the most beloved hairstyles for 9 and 10 years old girls with Afro hair is the cornrows. They are a great option when you need a protective hairstyle that looks great and keeps the hair tamed. They are also great hairstyles for school.

11. Long Spiral Curls

9 year old girl with blonde hair

After parting hair off center, use a curling wand to shape these beautiful long spirals. Let your little girl pick her favorite hair clip to pin back the hair on one side.

12. Short Afro

short afro haircut for 10 year old girl

Another center part is all that is required for a 9 or 10 year old girl with thick natural black hair. No fancy braids required – this cute look will teach her to embrace her beautiful hair!

13. Curly Hair Ponytail

curly hairstyle for 9 year old girl

What 9 or 10-year-old girl doesn’t like having her hair in a ponytail? For curly hair, let tendrils hang loose around the face for framing before securing the hair in a low ponytail.

14. Two Low Braids

two braids for 10 year old girl

Whether it’s picture day or an afternoon sports game, two low braids are always a classic style for little 9 or 10 year old girls. Secure hair ties several inches from the bottom of the hair.

15. Pigtails

Asian 9 year old girl hairstyle

Pigtails take only a minute to pull together and are adorable. Run a comb through your little girl’s hair first, then create a center part and make two ponytails at the sides of the head.

16. Half Up Pony

hairstyle for 10 year old girl with glasses

Does your 9 or 10 year old girl wear glasses and have long bangs? She can easily create this face-flattering ponytail with only the top half of the hair.

17. Bob with Bangs

bob with bangs for 9 year old girls

A bob is a very grown up hairstyle for young girls and keeps that childlike flair with bangs. But not only is it always in style, it’s great for little girls on the go who prefer hair off the neck.

18. Long Cornrows

Cornrows for 10 year old girls

After creating a side part, cornrows can be added to the natural hair of 9 and 10 year old girls for a fun playful style. She can choose colorful hair ties to express her personality or neutral-colored ones to match her hair color.

19. Wavy Side Ponytail

side ponytail for 9 year old girls

Teach your little girl about how fun the 80s were with a hairstyle to reflect the times. A side pony is another quick hairstyle, and gorgeous for little girls with wavy or curly hair.

20. Birthday Hair

birthday hairstyle for 10 year old girls

When your 9 or 10 year old little girl has a birthday, she’s going to want a special hairstyle! Add a braid at the hairline for a cute built-in headband on medium or long hair.

Short Hairstyles

If your daughter prefer short hairstyles here are some cute options for her:

21. Short and Sweet Pixie

pixie cut for little girls

Buns and delicate braids can be fun, but this badass style can only benefit a no-nonsense little girl. Short hairstyles for 10 year old girls can be coifed at the sides for a fresh, sophisticated flair. It works perfectly well for the 9 and 10 year olds and on-the-go-toddlers.

22. Short Cuts for Wavy Hair

wavy hairstyles for 9 & 10 years old girl

If your 9-year-old girl has thick wavy hair, try this short hairstyle with angles that incorporate a subtly longer length on one side. Include some bangs to make them look more lustrous.

23. A Modern Short Cut

9 and 10 years old girls haircuts

Smooth and straight, little girls short haircuts are in most cases inspired by an emo vibe shown off by big sister. This style utilizes intricate layering and blunt edges. The straight hair is pretty cute and effortless to maintain.

24. Vintage Bob Cut

bob cut for little girls

Most of us pulled off these 10 year old girl hairstyles when we were young, and they are still common with today’s little girls. It looks so cute with little girls. It has long locks on top and incorporates an undercut beneath.

25. Cool and Creative Updo

updo hairstyles for 10 years old girl

It is a fun hairstyle to create and wear. It makes the locks on your girl’s head appear longer than they are by utilizing embellishments and hair elastics to lift the hair up and make it fancy.

Long Hairstyles

Now if you prefer long hairstyles for your 9 or 10 year old daughter, check out the styles below:

26. Side Low Ponytail with Pouf

A chic yet straightforward hairstyle for a 10 year old girl. So comfortable to create and wear, this hairstyle gets more extra credit for being more hassle-free. It is a daily hairstyle that lets your little girl enjoy and free without bothering about messing it up.

27. Tousled Wavy Tresses with Headband

A modest and classy hairstyle for your little princess. This is a beautiful and graceful haircut which is suitable for most formal occasions. It works perfectly if your girl has long and thick hair that can be styled into elegant waves. You can accessorize it with a crystal headband for more extra allure.

28. Side French Braid with Low Ponytail

Side French Braid with Low Ponytail

Incredibly stylish and trendy, this 9 year old girls hairstyle is adorable. The side braid ends in a low ponytail giving the style a no-fuss look. It works perfectly if your kid has long thick hair.

29. Cascading Curly Layers

This is a trendy curly hairstyle for 9 year old girls getting its inspiration from a chic boho fashion. It is a gorgeous hairdo to give your little girl a diva look. Besides you can utilize add-ons for her hair as a decorative bow clip to take the style to the next level.

30. Elegant Layers with Pearly Headband

This is an ideal hairdo for your 10 year old girl if you are dressing her up for a more formal occasion such as a wedding. It is a certain style to bring out that little lady in her in a fun and stylish manner. It is a hot pick for long hairstyles for little girls.

Suitable Hairstyles for School

Your little daughter can choose any hairstyle for going to school from the section below. These hairstyles are beautiful and also allowed by most the school for 4-5th grader students:

31. Two Top Twists

two top twists for 9 & 10 years old girls

This ridiculously cute hairstyle for girls aged between 9 and 10 years is perfect for long or short hair. It is styled with ribbons, and the clips keep it relaxed with elastics. To achieve it, part the mane in the middle, twist it and hold each section by pins.

32. Top Knot

To create this look, start creating a ponytail and secure it using an elastic. Hold the top knot with a ribbon. What hairstyle for school can you ask from your stylist apart from this? It is gorgeous and fun.

33. Pigtails Without A Part

The tweak of this beautiful pigtail makes it loved by many young girls. It looks somewhat fancy, and it takes only 5 minutes to create. It is the perfect school hairstyle for 9 year old girls. The hair is divided into two portions and the lower pieces tied with elastic.

34. Ponytails with A Twist

ponytails with a twist for 9 & 10 years old girl

This hairstyles for little girls of 9 years old give a subtle change to the humble ponytail. They are ideal if you need some variety, but you don’t have enough time. Coming up with a ponytail is an excellent way to make a thin hair voluminous while adding a more touch to the ponytail.

35. Easy Twisted Pullback

This is an ideal hairstyle for those young girls who love to have their hair out but at the same time need to maintain it neat for school. Its styling is simple and takes just takes little of your time.

Cute Hairstyles for 9 & 10 Year Old Black Girls

36. Ponytails and Braids for Young Girls

Sleek, smooth ponytails and some braids are so beautiful on little black girls aged 9 and 10 years. Let the hair stay natural or curl it for a more finished look. If your little princess has a weave, ponytails and braids are also very simple to wear and stay cute all day long.

37. Fancy Mohawk For Black Hair

Fancy Mohawk For Black Hair

Mohawk can be so formal as illustrated by this 10 years old girl hairstyle. Rock with this black hair featuring a full-bodied pile of classic braids. This elaborate take of a standard mohawk is fun to wear and eye-appealing.

38. Straight African American Hair

9 & 10 year black girl hairstyles

Things don’t have to be intricate to come out beautiful. They can be kept simple and give the best results. A chopped cut featuring a deep side part frames the face well and leaves room for an eye error. This straight lob is casual, fresh and suitable for any vacation, school, and even church.

39. Fancy Black Kids Hairstyle

Fancy Black Kids Hairstyle

Silky and straight hair can be achieved on girls of 9 or 10 years old. Opting for a more formal look is a unique treat.  It is ideal for dance, school or recital.

40. Little Black Girls Hairstyles for Short Hair

9 & 10 year old black girl hairstyles

Your little girl’s natural hair doesn’t have to be extended or highlighted with flowers to look astonishing. A short haircut time to time gives your little princesses’ head a break! Natural hair is usually so delightful and hustle-free. It can make you abandon your rigid haircuts forever.

So, this is the classic list of our top 40 hairstyles for 9 and 10 year old girls. Hope you have discovered new and exciting hairdos for your little princess! So, you can renew her looks and give her a total facelift with any of these hairstyles. Some can be styled at home, and those which need advanced skill, you can make an appointment with an experienced stylist.

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