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30 Hottest Actors With Long Hairstyles to Copy

Actors globally are embracing longer hairstyles. This choice, far from being merely aesthetic, offers them a vast palette of styling opportunities.

From the elegance of neatly tied buns to the free-spirited charm of loose braids, long hair opens up a world of versatility.

These actors aren’t just following a trend; they are redefining it, setting them apart in a world where individual style speaks volumes.

famous actors with long hair

Male actors usually have fewer options for styling their hair than female actors, but these 30 actors with long hairstyles are of the next level.

Most Popular Actors with Long Hair

Long hair looks ultimately stylish and fun and who can rock them better than the actors that everybody looks up to for style guidance. Here are the 30 actors with long hair that we like the most.

1. Keanu Reeves

Actor Keanu Reeves with Long Hair

Keanu Reeves’s iconic long-curtain haircut is known by all. The actor likes to grow out his hair to neck-length at times with a middle part and curtain bangs framing the face. Any guy with fine hair can pull this look easily.

2. Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise with Long Hair

The worldwide famous celebrity never fails to pull off a romantic hair look. This style consists of angled layers with long side-swept bangs accentuating the face.

Guys who wish for a shoulder-length shag can copy this long hairstyle from one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

3. Joe Manganiello

Actor Joe Manganiello with Long Hair

Joe Manganiello’s look is an inspiration for those with curly hair. The strands are grown out and cut stepwise at the ends.

The hair is brushed back and allowed to fall on the sides with a natural middle part. Pair this long-hair look with a rugged beard.

4. Shia LaBeouf

Actor Shia LaBeouf with Long Hair

This grunge look of the Even Stevens main character is ideal for those who want a carefree look. The long curls lying on the shoulders are swept over towards one side and worked with the fingers. Tuck the strands behind the ears and grow an unkept facial stubble to copy this style completely.

5. Adam Driver

Actor Adam Driver with Long Hair

Adam Driver’s black mop top is impossible to ignore. The actor has voluminous long hair that is intricately cut in textured layers. Men with a thick mane can go for this style which requires a lot of maintenance and hair care.

6. Emile Hirsch

Actor Emile Hirsch with Long Hair

Another bushy hair look for guys with naturally curly strands. Emile Hirsch achieved this shaggy style by growing out his hair and cutting most of it into layers. Sweep the strands towards one side tucking them behind the ears and leave the rest to the curls.

7. Jason Lee

Actor Jason Lee with Long Hair

The American actor Jason Lee likes to wear a long hairstyle in a simple manner. The hair is grown out to shoulder-length and trimmed evenly all over the head. With a middle part, pair this style up with a rough beard for a carefree appeal.

8. Dev Patel

Actor Dev Patel with Long Hair

The wavy medium-length hair of the Slumdog Millionaire hero cannot be overlooked but it is nothing more than a simple layered cut.

Take inspiration from this look and embrace each of your curls with pride. Use pomade and finger-style your hair with an invisible side part.

9. Thomas McDonell

Actor Thomas McDonell with Long Hair

Thomas McDonell is one of the hottest actors with a long hairstyle to copy this instant. The shoulder-length dark brown hair is layered subtly with a front fringe reaching the chin. Tousle the strands on one side with a deep side part and the look is ready.

10. Brock O’Hurn

Actor Brock O'Hurn with Long Hair

Brock O’Hurn’s luscious blonde locks paired with a thick beard are to die for. The light brown armpit-length strands are layered delicately with blonde babylights in between. Whether kept on the loose or tied up in a bun this style will make you stand out among others.

11. Hugh Jackman

male celeb with long hair

Our favorite Wolverine loves to have his hair wildly flying around when he is out and about. His perfectly layered hair looks wild yet is easy to tame down.

You do not need to cut your hair very frequently if you have the same style as him. Just comb your hair well and it will stay in its place unless you are in a windy place where the wind ruffles it.

12. Jared Leto

actor's long hairstyles

Jared Leto has had long hair for a long, long time. His name pops out whenever we thought of male actors with long hair.

This look has become an idiosyncrasy, but he had to cut his hair short for playing Joker. This look suits his persona well, particularly the highlights on the ends of his hair which enhance the overall look.

13. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's long hair

Our favorite Johnny Depp from “Pirates of the Caribbean” looks great with long hair – there’s no denying that!

Long hair suits him well and this easy and laidback style can be adopted by anyone out there who wants to have long hair.

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14. Brad Pitt

popular actors with long hair

Brad Pitt is a style king when it comes to actors having long hair. This particular look needs you to put more focus on having particular highlights and lowlights in your hair.

This needs some effort for proper styling too, but once you get the hang of it, you will look stylish and camera ready all the time.

15. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston's Long Hairstyle

All of us love Loki for his long hair, don’t we? Tom Hiddleston looks exquisite with long hair falling down in layers. His hairstyle is easy to manage and goes a long way in impressing people around him.

16. Christian Bale

christian bale with long black hair

Christian Bale has been seen in many hair transformations in the past few years, but the one which really suited him was with long hair. He looked so cool with bangs that he often goes for the same look.

17. Kit Harrington

The GOT  famed actor has had long hair for such a long time that it has now become his signature look. He looks heartbreaking in this look and many people probably admire him for just his curly perm hair.

18. Daniel Radcliffe

male celebrity with long haircuts

Daniel Radcliffe has been in the league of male actors with long hair on and off through the years. This time, he went for simple long bangs with sideburns, which do not only look cool on him but also give him a more intense and grown-up look, which is something we had a hard time getting used to on our Harry Potter.

19. Jason Momoa

The “Games of Thrones” star, Jason Momoa, has been popular for his long easy bangs for quite a long time.

This hairstyle might make you look too intimidating or intense, so you can play the same trick that Jason did here.

Add a few blonde streaks and it will neutralize things by a long shot. Try out this look and see how people start falling for you and appreciating you.

20. Emil Hirsche

Emil Hirsche is the perfect example of guys who have long hair and still manage to look naive, young and carefree.

His hair is not too long to actually border on being wild or untamed. So, you can add this subtle yet stylish length to your hair to look amazing and have fun with your hair just like these actors with long hair.

21. Sam Elliot

 Sam Elliot's Long Wavy Hair

This stylish old actor has been seen with long hair for as long a time as anyone can remember. His long hair became so famous and well-appreciated that he hasn’t parted from this look even after all these years.

You can go for a style similar to him even if you do not have his customary silver hair. Just remember to condition your hair and comb it well to look as sophisticated as Sam Elliot does here.

22. Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus has managed to pull off his look from “The Walking Dead” and he looks so cool doing this. His long shiny hair looks sleek and stylish while managing to give off the perfect laidback and ill at ease look at the same time.

His shiny and stringy hair has enabled him to distinguish himself from other actors with long hair. This look can be perfect for those who want to have long hair but do not want to give off a very messy appearance.

23. Craig Horner

Craig Horner has amazing hair length as it is neither short nor too long. His hair falls into the medium length category of long and this is why it is easier to maintain. This is a great hairstyle as it goes well with all kinds of clothing and dress codes.

You can also have your hair brushed lightly beneath your collar and become the center of attention in all gatherings just like Craig Horner does!

24. Chris Hemsworth

famous actors long hairdo

This amazing actor from Australia has owned hairstyles with long hair for such a long time that we have a hard time imagining him with short hair. The Thor star, Chris Hemsworth, keeps trying different forms and styles, but always with long hair.

The length also varies from time to time as sometimes the hair falls to the base of his neck while other times they cascade down to his shoulder blades.

25. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a famous stand-up comedian, actor and singer from England who has rocked long hair, unlike any other male celebrity who has long hair. He has a complex hairstyle which takes practice and time to make.

A razor is used to cut the top part while the sides and back are cut in a way that they have layers in them. He must require a lot of paste or gel to keep his hair in place every day as it is quite hard to maintain this style.

26. Charlie Hunnam

famous actors with long hair

Charlie Hunnam, who is Jax Teller from “Sons of Anarchy” to many of us, has kept his hair long since the series.

He looks like such a perfect blend of a bad boy and supermodel with his hair long that it is hard to resist having a hairstyle just like his.

What makes his look even more attractive is the fact that it can be worn to the office and to official gatherings, just the way it is and nobody would question your fashion sense.

27. Ashton Kutcher

ashton kutchers long hairstyles

Ashton Kutcher has nailed many looks with long hair like other male actors. He has an easy-to-maintain and even easier-to-put-together hairstyle.

You just need to give your hair a little straightening or simply put some gel into it. This way your hair will look as cool as you are and you will not have to spend extra money at the barbers.

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28. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin’s long hair from “I’m Not There” was an absolute stunner. He looked amazing in that look and we would love to see him sporting the same hairstyle again.

29. Austin Butler

Austin Butler's Long Blonde Hair

Austin has also gone for longer hair and surprised everyone with his laidback and easy persona. This hairstyle surely suits him and enhances his personality.

30. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom's Long Wavy Hair

If there is a competition among actors having long hair, Orlando Bloom can give everyone a tough time with his amazing look.