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23 Exotic Perm Hairstyles for Guys to Stand Out

Perms for guys has been a beloved 80’s trend that is seeing a crazy comeback over the past two years. Look at this trend with a view of the 80’s revival theme, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Latest Perms for Guys

Before you roll your eyes, understand that the term we are talking about has been made into something very natural looking. The curly locks don’t have to look made up at all. The hairstyles don’t look like it’s taken too long either. Let’s go through the 23 different perms for guys to show you and inspire you.

1. The Well-Groomed Perm

types of perm for guys

Its tight perms are short or mid-length and result in a well-kept, handsome hairstyle that pairs amazingly with a well-kept short beard.

Ideal for: This type of men’s perm is ideal for guys with mid-length hair who want to look sophisticated and constantly on the go. It doesn’t matter what age you’re at. All you need to pull off this hairstyle is a wild side that’s brave enough.

How to style: The best way to style these out of control looking locks is with a well-kept beard or at least a clean shaved face to avoid looking really wild.

2. The Cropped Perms

cropped perm for guys

The cropped perm for guys is basically short hair with a head full of curls. It’s a unique way of showing off your new textured hair without having longer unmanageable locks.

Ideal for: Men with shorter hair can opt for this look and rock it as well. It looks great on big faces and is a very casual look.

How to style: The cropped perms are a very casual look and should be styled like that as well. Shirts and trousers or jeans work exceptionally well with this texture.

3. The Highlighted Perm

highlighted perm hair men

The men’s highlighted perm is simply a perm with highlights. It’s a great look to go for if you’re looking for some color and texture to your hair.

Ideal for: Ideal for guys who are ready for that kind of maintenance. Between perming your hair and dying it with highlights, it’s understandable that this hair needs care.

How to style: Highlighted curls will be a little hard to pull off properly. Make sure to wear solid colors that don’t clash with your hair. Great hoodies and jackets work too. Make sure to have a clean shave at all times.

4. The Bushy Perm

bushy perm hair for men

These bushy perms look incredibly chic for a young guy. Sporting a military cut on the sides and perms on top is a good way to style it. It looks well put together and is not very difficult to do either.

Ideal for: This is ideal for men wanting an impactful change to their appearance. The bushy perm can literally change the overall look of your face and your angles too.

How to style: The best way to style this perm for guys is by rocking it with a clean shaved face and some chic and trendy clothing.

5. The Beach Waves Perm

men's perm hairstyle with beach waves

This is the kind of perm that makes you realize that not all curls are created equal. These loose wavy locks are perfect for guys to keep it cool and natural looking as they finish their university degrees.

Ideal for: This type of perm is ideal for guys who want curls but not a head of tightly coiled perms. If that isn’t how you imagine, we’re sure you’ll love the loose beach wave curls.

How to style: These loose curls look best with casual outfits and a person working in a field that requires that kind of dressing.

6. The Sober Perm

The sober perm is exactly what its name suggests. It has perms that are simple and sober in look. These are trendy and give an on-point look that doesn’t have to be too hard to do.

Ideal for: This sober perm is ideal for men who can’t afford to go too wild with their appearance. It looks great on faces that have a structured jaw.

How to style: This perm is easily the trendiest ways to pull all your locks off your face. The beauty of this style is that it goes with almost anything. Work clothes to casual outfits or even just surfer shorts.

7. Asian Spiral Perm

spiral perm hair for men

A spiral perm hair will look totally mind-blowing on Asian men, mainly thanks to their particular strand texture. Opt for a layered haircut and make sure you use nourishing products for those locks.

8. Curly Ginger Hair

curly perm for men

This curly perm is a bold choice for men who want to show off their stunning ginger hair color. Make your curls tight and get a medium haircut with bangs that you can use to cover the forehead. 

9. Permed Top with High Fade

For this perm hairstyle, you need a high fade that will highlight that curly top. Wear those bangs on one side, showing them off, and make sure you keep a clean shaved face. 

10. Asian Brown Permed Hair

This permed hair is suitable for Asian men who want to try something new. First, change your hair color into a gorgeous brown and get a permed hair that will provide texture and loads of volume. 

11. Permed Mohawk

Permed hair can be styled in so many fascinating and eccentric ways and mohawks are one of your styling options if you crave attention. You can also get a beard that will help you master that badass look. 

12. Curly Block Cut

Two block cuts don’t necessarily need to be straight hairstyles. Nail a glorious look with a permed top and style curtain bangs that elongate you face, making those curly strands gorgeously fall on both sides of your forehead. 

13. Curls with Undercut

Undercuts are compulsory cuts when you need to highlight something, especially your ringlets. Perm your top and give those strands definition by creating a wet look. 

14. Curly Afro Hair

black man with perm

When you are a black man with Afro hair, you can also style a perm . Combine these textures by keeping your 3C curls and building loose ringlets. You will obtain a striking look that is so remarkable. 

15. Permed Curls with Highlights

Build contrast for your permed curls with a bald shave on the sides and back. Define each ringlet with foam and create blonde highlights for your tips. Tousle your top and get ready to shine. 

16. Sleek Wavy Hair

Get a temple fade and a layered medium cut. Perm your hair and use hair gel to obtain that sleek effect. Your waves will get movement and you can jazz up your look with a goatee and a small mustache.

17. Permed Top Hair

Who said that as a man, you can’t use perming techniques? Opt for a short cut for the back and sides, and if you want permanently curled hair, don’t be afraid to style some ringlets. 

18. The Long and Tight Perm

men's perm hair

For guys with longer hair, we’re sure you’ll love this long-haired, tight small curled perm hairstyle. It’s not the easiest to maintain, but it’s a great way of wearing your curls, small and defined.

Ideal for: These are ideal men’s perms who are brave and confident enough to actually pull this off. A fuller face would look best with these kinds of perm. Moreover, it’s a perfect tortured artist look for guys wanting to go with that.

How to style: The long tight perm goes well with full smiling faces otherwise the mane becomes too intimidating. Wear suspenders and pants to have a full effect on these perms.

19. The Overgrown Perm

This type of perm for men is the best way of sporting natural looking curls on your head. It features messy hair with tight coils in the bottom.

Ideal for: This is ideal for men who don’t actually want to experiment a lot with their curly hair. If you’re into the all-natural look, you should definitely try this out.

How to style: The best way to style this men’s perm is to get into your biker soul and get that leather jacket out. A pair of jeans boots and leather jacket is all you need to make this look pop!

20. The Front Perms

guys hairstyle with front perms

When opting for perms for guys, you don’t have to go all in. You can only opt to have your front hair permed with a single section falling on the face.

Ideal for: This beautiful perm style is ideal for men with short hair. As long as you have some longer locks in the front of your head, you can try this out. A square face works best for this kind of look.

How to style: To style these front curls is very easy. When it comes to clothing anything casual works. It’s a very boyish hairstyle so one must keep that in mind too.

21. Close- trimmed Perms

closely trimmed perms for guys

The close-trimmed perms are exceptional in the way that they make extremely short hair curls work together very well. It’s a cool haircut that guys can actually rock very easily.

Ideal for: The close-trimmed perm is great for guys who have bangs or a chili bowl cut. It’s a great look to bring both of the hairstyles together. Baby faces with full cheeks can definitely opt for this look.

How to style: To style this men’s perm look make sure that you’ve gotten your jackets out. It’s the best for guys that have a very casual and boyish wardrobe. Denim and tees work best for this hair.

22. Blonde Beach Perms

blonde beach perms for men

The blonde beach perm is perfect for guys with mid length hair. It’s the best way to lighten up your curls easily and make it look effortlessly cool.

Ideal for: This is an ideal hairstyle for surfer guys. Although anyone can actually make it work it’s best suited for an atmosphere around the sea.

How to style: Sleeveless t-shirts and vests are the best to go with these locks. In fact, Hawaiian t-shirts with shorts are basically all you need to look like you’ve just walked out of a beach catalog.

23. Brushed Back Loose Perms

loose perm hairstyle for guys

The brushed back perms are an effortless hairstyle for guys that want something low maintenance and but also on trend. These perms for guys are loose and kind of brushed back to avoid hair on the face.

Ideal for: Its best suited for men who don’t want to hide their faces with curls but don’t have long enough hair to make it into a man bun.

How to style: The best way to style this beautiful men’s perm hairstyle is with flannels and shirts and maybe a guitar case. Nothing says artists like a good set of curled hair.