12 Inspiring Angled Bobs with Bangs

Is it time for a new haircut and you aren’t quite sure what kind you want? Why not consider an angled bob with bangs?

These trendy hairstyles feature short hair in the back and long hair in the front that helps to frame your face. The sharp or soft angles are flattering for pretty much all face shapes and are fun to play with as you can create a variety of looks with the different hair lengths.


Stylish Angled Bobs with Bangs

These 12 angled bobs with bangs will show you how to make the transition so you can feel like a whole new level of gorgeous!

1. Long Angled Bob with Bangs

long angled bob with bangs

For straight hair, blunt bangs that meet the eyebrows, or come just a bit past pair with an angled bob for a chic hairstyle you can feel confident in wearing at the office.


2. Short Angled Bob with Bangs

short angled bob with bangs

A short angled bob that stops just an inch past the ears is very Parisian. Soft straight bangs aren’t too thick that you can’t arrange them in your own way, and the texture at back give a luscious body.


3. Medium Angled Bob

medium length angled bob with bangs

This medium bob with bangs features crimping at ends instead of the traditional all over waves. Straight bangs and a semi-choppy cut add to the detail.


4. Angled Bob with Side Bangs

 angled bob with side bangs

An angled bob takes on a new look with a side part and side-swept bangs. Avoid straightening hair all the way so you maintain that textured feel.


5. Stacked Angled Bob with Bangs

stacked angled bob with bangs

The stacked angled bob is fun to experiment with color on. Here, soft purple highlights on dark blonde make for a slightly edgy, slightly punk vibe.


6. Angled Blonde Bob with Bangs

Angled Blonde Bob with Bangs

If you’re always ready for summer, choose a honey blonde for your wavy angled bob and bangs. The color will also warm up your facial complexion.


7. Blunt Bangs for Angled Bob

Blunt Bangs for Angled Bob

Give piecey bangs a blunt cut for a modern angled bob hairstyle. Smooth pin-straight locks with anti-frizz hairspray and you’ll be guaranteed a good hair day every day!


8. Thin Angled Bob with Bangs

Thin Angled Bob with Bangs

No hair is missed at the back of this angled bob for thin hair. The precise cut combined with short piecey layers and several shades of blonde make for a gorgeous hairstyle full of volume.


9. Angled Thick Bob with Bangs

Angled Thick Bob with Bangs

For thick hair, the short layers of an angled bob will trim down on bulk and create a more manageable hairstyle for you. Be bold with contrasting colors for highlights.


10. Wavy Angled Bob with Bangs

 angled wavy bob with bangs

To update your long or short haircut, angled bob is your answer. The straight bangs and wavy body with blonde highlights are a beautiful pair – everyone will want to copy your look!


11. Layered Angled Bob with Bangs

layered angled bob with bangs

Not only do the layers of this angled bob give you major body and movement, but the rainbow colors guarantee you’ll get noticed everywhere you go – in a good way!


12. Angled Bob with Bangs for Round Face

 angled bob with bangs for round face

Do you have a round face? Angled bobs will give you the gift of framing your face perfectly so that it elongates it. Major body in back and a side-swept bang are the soft touches you need in your hairstyle.


So, there you have it. Why have just a boring short haircut when you can have an angled bob with bangs? On a round face, sharp angles add a kind of contouring while on square and heart-shaped faces, soft angles are less harsh. You’ll not only have layers for sexy body your friends will envy you for, but angles galore. And when it comes to color, the bolder the better.

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