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30 Sexiest Angled Bob Hairstyles You Need to Try

The angled bob lives up to its name: with short layers in the back and long hair in the front, it’s all about the shape and movement for this style. These are two features of a haircut a woman loves. Plus, from round to oval, there’s no face shape that can’t wear this look!

Angled Bob Hairstyles

To see how much variety there is with angled bobs and why you should consider making the change, check out these 30 beautiful looks below:

1. Long Angled Bob

long angled bob

Straight and centered may seem simple, but it’s a classic way to keep your low maintenance routine if you hate spending a lot of time in front of the mirror in the morning.

2. Short Angled Bob

short angled bob

If you’re looking to add body to fine or thin hair, short angled bob is full of layers that create movement and a fuller look. Purple highlights make for a fun touch of extra style.

3. Medium Length Angled Bob

medium angled bob

For summer vibes all year round, a beach wave medium length angled bob with beautiful blonde color should be at the top of your list.

4. Angled Bob with Bangs

angled bob with bangs

Straight bangs that come past the eyebrows are a chic choice for fringe. Curling wands help to shape perfect waves and a chestnut brown is a flattering hair color for most skin types.

5. Layered Angled Bob

layered angled bob

For women with round faces, angled bobs that fall below the jaw line will help elongate the face while layers will give shape as opposed to having one even cut all around.

6. Shaggy Angled Bob

Shaggy Angled Bob

Shaggy hair means sexy volume and you can have it on an angled bob. Choose light brown or blonde highlights on dark brown or chestnut colored hair for the best color combination.

7. Stacked Bob

Stacked Angled Bob

This brunette stacked bob has a rounded back. Get it by teasing the short layers in back and emphasize the longer face-framing pieces by straightening them.

8. Choppy Angled Bob

Choppy Angled Bob

Here, a choppy angled bob meets the shoulders for a flirty look you’ll fall in love with. Light blonde flatters green and blue eyes the best. Waves and more waves on stacked layers make this hairstyle a winner.

9. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Angled Bob

Short on one side and long on the other is how this asymmetrical bob flows. For moms with busy home lives, this is the perfect hairstyle as it’s super low maintenance.

10. Inverted Bob

inverted angled bob

Swooped side bangs that are pushed forward are full of body while the entire cut on this inverted bob is layered with blonde highlights.

11. A-Line Bob

A-Line Angled Bob

Scared of transitioning to a short haircut? An A-Line bob isn’t too much different and you’ll keep the familiarity of your long hair with the long pieces in front.

12. Angled Razor Cut Bob

Angled Razor Cut Bob

One easy way to add cool style to a straight bob is by asking your stylist to cut ends with a razor. This combined with the many layers means you won’t have much styling to do.

13. Angled Wedge Bob

Angled Wedge Bob

Caramel highlights on a dark base are beautiful complements to each other on a wedge cut bob. If you have a long face, you’ll want to consider this flattering wedge hairstyle.

14. Curly Angled Bob

Curly Angled Bob

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your curly hair, give it some shape with an angled bob. A side part will also add lift for extra sexy body.

15. Wavy Angled Bob

wavy angled bob

When you want both low maintenance and a look that says you put a lot of effort into your hairstyle, try a wavy angled bob. Once you’ve added the waves, you’re good to go!

16. Straight Angled Bob

Straight Angled Bob

Straight-angled bobs say chic as heck. The longer ends curl-in which really draws all eyes toward not just the angles of the hair, but the angles of your gorgeous face.

17. Angled Bob for Thin Hair

Angled Bob for Fine Hair

Not even you will notice your fine hair if you shape it into a straight angled bob. Give it a beautiful glow of all over blonde and you’ll feel the summer vibe.

18. Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Thick Angled Bob

Rose hair color is in and it looks absolutely beautiful on thick hair as a wavy angled bob. Since the color and waves are already there, a center part is all you need.

19. Angled Bob for Round Face

angled bob for round face

For a round face, a wavy bob with swooped bangs that fall across the forehead will disguise your face shape if that’s your intention.

20. Angled Bob for Square Face

angled bob for square face

Square-shaped faces get better angles with a blunt cut blonde bob and bangs. The angled bangs are layered and somewhat feathered for a soft look.

21. Angled Bob with Side Bangs

Angled Bob with Side Bangs

Side bangs are a must-try on a wavy angled bob. Not only do they round out the hairstyle but they’re easily pinned back when you want a completely different look.

22. Angled Bob with Undercut

Angled Bob with Undercut

To make your bob hairstyle edgier, an undercut and a fade can be added. Make sure the sideburn is cut bluntly or shave it into a point for detail.

23. Blonde Angled Bob

Blonde Angled Bob

Prefer more feminine hairstyles? Platinum blonde and straight hair creates a hairstyle everyone will want to run their fingers through while soft side bangs let your eyes make flirtatious glances.

24. Brunette Angled Bob

Brunette Angled Bob

Part the hair midway and center on a straight brunette angled bob for teased texture. Finish it off with a spritz of hairspray for a great hair day. You can try these short brunette hairstyles too.

25. Ombre Angled Bob

ombre angled bob

To accentuate your big eyes, comb down straight bangs to graze eyelashes and cover an angled bob with an ombre in a bold feminine color, like this baby pink.

26. RedRed Angled Bob

Round-faced women with a little more plumpness in the neck area, this dark red hairstyle will look stunning.

27. Wavy Angled Bob with Blonde Highlights

Angled Bob with Highlights

Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle you can feel confident in wearing at work or out on the weekends with friends, this summary short hair blonde highlights will be there for you.

28. Balayage

Balayage Angled Bob

Relaxed and carefree is how an angled bob with balayage will make you feel. Whether you prefer a center part, bangs, or a side part for extra body, they’ll all have you looking great.

29. Angled Bob with Updo

updo for angled bob

For a super cute weekend look, pull up the top half of your angled bob into a top knot. Don’t worry about making it too perfect – loose pieces and a few bumps make it messy-sexy.

30. Middle Part

middle part angled bob

If a short straight hairstyle is all you want, a simple angled bob doesn’t require much upkeep. Random caramel highlights will add beautiful lightness to brunette hair.


Angled bob hairstyles come in all shapes, colors, cuts, and updos. And with a gorgeous option for each face shape and hair type, you don’t even have to struggle to decide.

  • Rounder face shapes should make sure that the longer parts of the angled bob fall way below the jawline to give an oval-type face shape.
  • Color can give your angled bob a whole new look and give more life to a dull style.
  • Adding layers to thin hair will give it the appearance of a fuller head of hair.