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10 Examples of Bad Bangs and How to Fix

It is almost a rite of passage to end up with a haircut you will later regret. For some women, this hair phase kicks in when they first try to cut their own bangs. Bad bangs can dramatically alter your face because bangs frame the face.

If you relate to this, we will show you how to fix bad bangs and get back to feeling like yourself!

What Are Bad Bangs?

bad bangs
Bad Bangs

Bad bangs often happen when you get a hairstyle that does not flatter your face shape or hair length. Color matters too. If you try color-blocking your hair with hair dye, you will likely end up with bangs that most consider bad.

Though bad bangs are not a specific hairstyle, a few bang styles are not desirable. Short blunt-cut bangs, uneven or jagged bangs, and extremely short bangs are largely considered unattractive bang styles.

Tangled, frizzy, and unruly bangs are also not the most attractive styles.

Bad Bangs Examples

Have you ever experienced the dreaded “bad bangs” haircut? We’ve all been there at some point! Whether it’s a DIY snip gone wrong or a hairstylist who didn’t understand your requirement, a bad bangs hairstyle should frustrate you.

Let’s explore some infamous examples of bad bangs and discuss how you can fix the hairstyle.

1. Bad Blunt Bangs

bad blonde blunt bangs

Bluntly cut bangs can widen the face and often come across harsh. Fix these bad bangs by taking a pair of scissors and cutting your fringe vertically to make tiny cuts at an angle, which will make them look softer.

2. Terrible Color

bad colored bangs

Dyed bangs look stunning, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to color your hair. Adding it in odd-shaped areas of your hair is the bad way. If you want the color in just a small section, at least make the strip of color an even width so it doesn’t look so haphazard.

3. Very Short Bangs

bad short bangs

Micro bangs really only look good on women with a long or oval-shaped face. If you got micro bangs and don’t have the right face shape, you can make your bad bangs look better by either getting extensions for more length or by smoothing them to one side with a little gel or hairspray.

4. Badly Cropped 

bob cut with bad bangs

Badly cropped bangs often end up looking like you got in a fight with a lawn mower. Avoid looking like a hot mess by using a straightener to create side-swept bangs or creating a deep side part and smoothing them down.

5. Messy Bangs

bad red bangs

Using mousse or texturizing cream to make a purposefully messy hairdo is one thing, but when they look like the photo above, you risk your whole look being sloppy. We recommend using a flat iron to straighten them down or to the side. 

6. Poorly Styled Asymmetric Bangs

We’re all about rocking an angled bang, but these are an example of bad angled bangs that look like the hair stylist wasn’t paying attention. Fix them by parting hair off center, then restarting the angled trim.

7. Bad Bangs for Fine Hair

The last thing you want to do when you already have fine hair is make it look even finer. This haircut would be cuter if the bangs were side swept and cut at an angle. The hair should be trimmed shorter all around, as well, to make a long pixie.

8. Straight Hair + Uneven Bangs

bad bangs with long hair

Straight hair only emphasizes bad uneven bangs, making it look like you drunkenly cut your own fringe in a moment of weakness.

Unfortunately with uneven bangs, the only way to even up their length involves cutting them shorter. In the meantime, you can wear them to the side.

9. Thick Bad Bangs

thick bad bangs

For women with thick hair and a round face, these thick bangs only make the face look even rounder. You can thin them out and soften them up by using thinning scissors to cut at an upward motion and take away just a little at a time.


10. Bad Choppy Bangs

bad choppy bangs

Bad choppy bangs, when not done right, can often end up either looking sloppy or like a two-year-old cut your hair. Fix them by flat ironing them smooth, then wearing straight down, side swept, or parted in the middle.

Can You Fix Bad Bangs?

If you find yourself hating your bangs, the good news is there are ways to fix them while you wait on them to grow out!

Generally, it takes about three to four months for the bangs to grow out, depending on your hair type and its tendency to grow. It also depends on how short the bangs are. Lucky for you, we will go over the best ways to hide and fix your bad bangs hairstyle below!

How To Fix Bad Bangs

Take a look at some of the best ways to hide or fix your bad bangs.

Part Your Hair Differently

How To Fix Bad Bangs - Change Parting

One of the best and easiest ways to hide bad bangs is to try a new hair part. You can sweep the bangs to the side and tuck them behind your ear or create a sleek middle part where your hair is away from your face. This trick works best with longer bangs, at least three or four inches long.

Style Your Bangs Using Product

Create a hairstyle with pomade, or create a stylish wet look and comb the hair back. This look is perfect for a night on the town or an event since it is chicer than everyday wear. Pomades help to keep the flyaways at bay and help hold the hair in place.

Wear a Hat

How To Fix Bad Bangs - Wear Hat

Next to trying a different part, using hats is the easiest way to hide an unwanted hairstyle. Use different styles to match your outfit, like a baseball hat, a beanie, a wide-brimmed hat, or others, depending on the weather and your preferences. Get creative with your hats!

Try an Eccentric Style or Color

If you already have bangs that you hate, are into trying a new style, or want to do something wild like shaving your head, now is the time! You can also try to use a new color to change how the bangs look against your skin tone.

Use Braids

How To Fix Bad Bangs - Try Braids

If you know how to braid, braiding your bangs into various styles is a great way to make it look like you do not even have bangs at all! Use hairspray, gel, or pomade to help keep them from falling out of the braid throughout the day. Try a braided crown or a braid up into a half pony!

Add Bobby Pins to Your Look

There are a few bobby pins that you can add to your look that will enhance the overall hairstyle and keep your bangs back. Brands sell bobby pins in a variety of sizes and colors, and some are embellished for extra pizazz!

Wear a Headband or Head Scarf

How To Fix Bad Bangs - Use Scarf

Similar to a hat, use a headband or head scarf to conceal your bangs and create a fashion statement. Use them to pull the bangs back and go about your day!

Visit a Stylist for Professional Styling Help

If you have exhausted all efforts, visit your stylist to chat with them about what they recommend. They can also cut longer bangs which will help them blend more seamlessly into your hairstyle and flatter your facial structure. Going back to the drawing board never hurt anyone!

Dos and Don’ts While Fixing Bad Bangs


  • Cut or color bangs yourself. The most important thing to remember when fixing bad bangs is to avoid further cutting. If you think a new length or color will help you feel better about the bangs, visit a stylist!
  • Panic about the hairstyle. Just try to hide it with a braid or a headband until it grows out. You likely are the only one who notices.


  • Try to fix them without cutting or coloring them first.
  • Embrace the bangs for what they are! In a few months, they will grow out and become a part of your hairstyle.

Bad Bangs Vs. Good Bangs

Bad Bangs Vs Good Bangs
Good Bangs Vs Bad Bangs

The main difference between bad and good bangs is if they fit the wearer’s facial structure. The cut and color of the bangs are a close second.

Bluntly-cut bangs do not flatter everyone. Colored bangs that are too dark or too light for the person’s skin tone are also not the best idea. If you avoid these two things, you’ll likely have good bangs!

So, now that you know how to fix and hide bad bangs, you should be able to coexist with your bangs in peace! The best thing to do if you hate your bangs is to use a technique to hide them until they grow out and then never go back to that style. Which method will you try?


  • Bad bangs often result from a hairstyle that doesn’t suit your face shape, hair length, or color.
  • It usually takes 3-4 months for bangs to grow out.
  • Ways to fix or hide bad bangs: part your hair differently, style using hair products, wear a hat, try eccentric styles or colors, use braids, add bobby pins, wear a headband or head scarf, or visit a stylist for professional help.
  • Do’s and don’ts for fixing bad bangs: don’t cut or color them yourself, don’t panic; do try to fix without cutting or coloring, and embrace the bangs while they grow out.
  • Good bangs vs bad bangs: the main difference is how well they fit the wearer’s facial structure, cut, and color.


Can you fix bad bangs without cutting them?

You can fix bad bangs without cutting them. Waiting until they grow out is the best choice. Hide bangs using a hat, a headband, or a braided hairstyle in the meantime.

Can you get rid of bad bangs?

Getting rid of bad bangs is tough. You are better off waiting until they grow enough for a new hairstyle. Visit your stylist for tips on how to style your bangs until they grow out.

For which face shape bangs are a bad idea?

Bangs can work on anyone, but you must get the appropriate bang style for your face shape. For example, blunt bangs are not the best idea for round faces, and curtain bangs work well on most face shapes.

Should you use extensions to hide bad bangs?

Though it can be pricey, using extensions to hide bad bangs is possible. If you are doing an updo, you can use clip-ins easily. If not, you will need to request a technique called micro-keratin tips from your stylist to lengthen the hair.

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