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Beach Waves for Short Hair: 30 Styles Unveiled

You’re probably thinking that beach waves for short hair don’t exist since short hair is, obviously, short. Stop thinking that way—it’s self-defeating, not to mention limiting.

Short bobs, shags, and lobs can all benefit from beautiful beach waves, and you can add them in any number of ways. From texturizing products to straight irons and curling wands, there are about a billion ways to make your cropped locks wavy.


How to Get Beach Waves On Short Hair

As we have already mentioned above, there are loads of techniques that can help you achieve loose, messy, cool-girl beach waves, and one of the most popular is probably using a quarter-inch curling iron.

Before you start doing the coiffure, prep the hair. When you come out of the water, you have a lot of salt stuck in your mane, it’s a little greasy, and you need to recreate that appearance by adding texturizing spray and dry shampoo. Take a strand and wrap it around the curler, and if the wave ends up too tight, break it through with your fingers, then repeat the process on your whole mane.  Your waves don’t need to be perfect, you want them to look messy so don’t struggle too hard.

The next technique is quite similar to the first one; only this time, you will roll the strand on the iron. You can also try this: bend the hair until it creates a small wave and use the straightening iron to heat the hair in that shape.

The result will be a mindblowing Hollywoodian beach wave, so different from the previous one. You can also take a piece of hair, section it in three and braid it. Run your straightening iron over it and the products you used for prepping your hair will maintain the waves.  So, if you love boho styles, you certainly need to consider these techniques.


Best Short Beach Waves Hairstyles

If you have the patience to braid your hair into several sections and let it dry, that’s a surefire way to create beach waves in short hair. You can use your straightener to flip the ends, or you can sculpt full-body waves with a curling iron, or a round brush and your blow dryer.

Take a look at the styles with which you can experiment, and the techniques you can use to perfect them.

1. Asian Beach Waves

Asian short hair with beach waves

As an Asian girl with short hair, beach waves will definitely fit your middle-parted bob haircut. To create them, get a triple styling iron and they’ll be ready in no time. 


2. Messy One-Sided Waves

beach waves for short thin hair

Beach waves are ideal for short thin hair because they provide more dimension and volume. If you have a bob haircut, flip your bangs on one side and use a conical iron to build the waves. Tousle the hair and make sure you lift up your roots. 


3. Waves and Bangs

short beach waves hairstyle with bangs

A short beach waves hairstyle with bangs like this one is certainly going to turn some heads. In this case, the waves are tighter, done with a slimmer curler, while the fringe is straight and slightly tossed on one side. You can also try these beach waves on your straight hair.


4. Boho Beach Waves

short beach waves hairstyle for wedding

Short beach waves hairstyles are pitch-perfect for weddings and boho or retro brides. First, get a blonde balayage and select thin strands of your hair. Curl them with a conical iron and create a side part. Place a thin simple wreath on the forehead if you want that astonishing bohemian look. 


5. Loose Waves

short hair with beach waves

For this bob hairstyle, the strands are chunkier and slightly waved. You can either use the triple curler or the straightening iron to achieve this look but make sure that in the end, you work a little bit on the tips, giving them some extra attention. 


6. Bouncy Waves

 Bouncy beach waves in short hairstyle

Bouncy beach waves for short hair create lift and volume. As you can see, the waves are almost curls—almost, but not quite. You don’t have to be nearly as precise with waves. Even if they fall, they still have some shape.

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7. Just a Hint

beautiful beach waves in short hairstyle

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or even a lot of wave to make you look as if you spent the entire day on the beach. All you need is a bit of texture and a slight wave, just like this. Saltwater will do it for you.


8. Chunky Waves

Chunky Waves in short hairstyle for women

See how the waves in this ‘do are clearly defined, matching the chunky highlights? Cover your fingertips with a light layer of gel, mousse, or wax and run your fingers through your hair from root to tip. You can spray your hair with a bit of salt water first—not enough to saturate it or even get it damp, but just enough to give your tresses a faint dusting of salt.


Watch the below tutorial on how to style a gorgeous beach wave hairstyle.


9. Layers and Layers

Layer beach waves in short hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to create beach waves in short hair is to incorporate layers. They help to take the weight off your hair, which allows your waves to stay in place. You also get more bounce for your buck.


10. Blunt Cut Waves

Blunt Cut beach waves in short hair

Of course, you could always take the opposite approach. A short haircut with blunt ends can appear boring and plain on its own. Create a few waves to add texture and shape.


11. Flat Iron Waves

Flat Iron waves in short hair

You don’t need a curling iron to put together a beachy ‘do. You don’t even need to braid your hair. Do you have a straightening iron? Girl, then you got this. A flat iron creates the perfect waves—never too wavy, always flawlessly sculpted.


12. Wispy Waves

beach Wispy waves in short hairstyle

Adding beach waves to short hair is beneficial if your hair is also a bit thin. The waves add fullness and volume, yet the fine texture of your hair will make them wispy and feminine. Take a cue from this coif and allow some of your curls to frame your face.


13. Sexy Spirals

beach waves in short hair

How about these spirals? I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you can even use your flat iron to create fuller, curlier waves such as these. Start out with those spirals and you can go a few days without washing your hair. By the second or third day, you’ll have casual, relaxed waves.

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14. Flirty Flip

beach waves in short hair

A bit of wax, gel, or even hair spray on the tips of your fingers is the only thing you need to flip the ends of your ‘do. That way, your waves will still have movement and your hair will retain flexibility—it won’t look sticky, tacky, or immobile.


15. Boho Braided

 Boho Braided Waves in Short Hairstyle

Weave a few braids into your hair, leave them overnight, and unplait them in the morning for glorious beach waves in your short hair. Afterward, create another braid—like the one here—and splash out with a beautiful Boho aesthetic.


16. Edged Out

beach waves in short hair

Taking a razor to the ends of your hair is the perfect way to get jagged edges and stylishly uneven layers. Just make sure you get a professional stylist to do the job for you unless you know how to work a stretch edge yourself.


17. Wavy Bob

Bob waves in short haircut for women

A wavy, curly bob is an ageless, timeless coiffure. It transcends both trends and the age of the woman wearing it. Whether you’re 16 or 60, a bouncy bob will lend a youthful vibe and a laid back aesthetic to your look.

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18. Sun-Streaked

beach waves in short hair

There’s no rule saying that beach waves for short hair have to be blonde, but the image of the beach is almost always accompanied by visions of tousled, messy hair bleached blonde by the sun. Even if you layer bright highlights over a base of dark hair, why not go all out with the carefree beach aesthetic?


19. Sweet Shag

 Shag beach waves in short hairstyle

A shag cut with multiple layers cut in at different lengths is interesting and unmistakable. The addition of full-body waves will keep the cut from looking a little too Carol Brady. Nobody wants that—except maybe Carol Brady herself.


20. Almost Straight

beach waves in short hair

Waves don’t have to be all out there to look phenomenal. Add just a bit of texture with salt spray and a lightweight gel, mousse, or wax. By doing that, your hair will have a hint of a wave, but nothing too extreme.


21. Bedhead with Body

beach waves in short hair

Styling beachy waves in short hair are effortless. Sometimes, it takes nothing more than running your fingers through your hair to create an irresistible bedhead coif.


22. Curly Crop

Curly wave in short hairstyle

Tame your waves with the right product. You can get even more definition by letting your curls air dry instead of using the blow dryer. By cutting your hair short, there’s nothing to weigh down the curls. You’ll end up with a pretty profusion.


23. Faint Waves

beach waves in short hair

Just because your waves aren’t outrageous, that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish or beautiful. Use a flat iron to flip just the ends of your hair, and don’t go crazy with it. A faint curl is all you need.


24. Nearly Stick Straight

beach waves in short hair

Believe it or not, you can combine beach waves with short hair while still keeping some of your tresses stick straight. Again, when you add waves, just incorporate them at the ends of your hair. Because your part is sleek, they’ll stand out even more.


25. Short and Sassy

beach waves and short Sassy haircut

Eager for a seriously short crop? Add waves with a product that adds texture, such as salt spray, or loosely braid your hair the night before. You might need to sleep on a dozen small braids overnight, but the results are worth it.

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26. Natural Brown

light brown beach waves for short hair

You don’t always have to make efforts to look good! Beach waves for short hair will give you a simple yet elegant look. Let the light brown loose waves fall beside your face naturally. The side partition gives an appearance of side bangs falling on one side.


27. Classic Bottom Wave

Keep your black hair almost straight for the entire length. At the ends of the hair, add a little twisty wave to perfect the look. Dark ombre highlights on the hair edges look lovely too!


28. The Salt and Pepper Wave

short platinum hair with beach waves

Who doesn’t simply love the salt and pepper look for the hair? Go for the look, crop your hair short and add mild waves to complete the above look. And, you are all set to create a statement with your short cropped, slightly wavy hair.


29. The Magic of Violet

short hair with violet beach waves

Go for a bob or lob cut as your short hairstyle. Color your hair the perfect violet and do simple, moderately loose beach waves for the hair. Start at the top and loosen the waves towards the bottom. This look is very charming with a hint of purple and naturally wavy at the same time.


30. The Blue and Blonde Chic Look

short hair with beach waves and bangs

Go for moderately loose beach waves for the short hair couples with bangs in the front. For a unique touch, add a hint of dark blue color to your golden or blonde hair. A streak of dark grey adds a little more perfection to the hairstyle.


Far too many people believe that beach waves for short hair are impossible because they don’t think you can do anything with a cropped cut. Isn’t that silly?