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Can I Grow Long Hair With A Receding Hairline?

Your body’s ability to produce full, shiny, healthy hair diminishes and starts to show receding hairline as you age. This biological change often causes distress even to men with short hair because healthy hair is associated with youth, vitality, and beauty.

So you may wonder, “Can I grow long hair with a receding hairline?” In short, yes, you can

A receding hairline changes how others see you. However, this change in perception isn’t bad. People with receding hairlines are perceived as mature and wise, beneficial traits for people in professional trades.

Still, losing your hair can affect your self-confidence. But don’t worry. There are plenty of ways long hair can reduce the appearance of a receding hairline and help you feel more confident.

Can You Grow Long Hair with a Receding Hairline?

Yes, you can grow long hair with a receding hairline. Hair loss from certain follicles on the scalp does not affect the ability of healthy follicles to grow hair.

The social stigma of increasing hair length with a receding hairline is the primary obstacle that stops people from growing their hair out.

However, longer hair is the most effective hairstyle to mitigate the appearance of mild hair loss, particularly at the temples.

It may sound counterintuitive to grow your hair out with a receding hairline but look at all the male celebrities with receding hairlines sporting longer hairstyles.

What Does a Receding Hairline Look Like?

men's receding hairline

A receding hairline expresses itself according to your genetics. Most receding hairlines look like a large “M”. Hair recession accelerates at the temples, leaving a patch of hair in the center of your head, also called a widow’s peak.

Hair recession may also manifest in less dramatic shapes, with hair thinning from the temple to the crown uniformly. Uniform hair recession is difficult to identify but is commonly associated with a perceived increase in forehead size.

Alternatively, you may experience thinning on the crown of your head before the temples. Luckily, thinning of hair on the crown can be disguised with longer hairstyles.

Tips to Grow Long Hair for Men with Receding Hairline

Tips to Grow Long Hair for Men with Receding Hairline

There are a few things to keep in mind when growing out your hair with a receding hairline.

Be Patient

Generally, people with receding hairlines are older. As we age, hair growth slows down. This process is natural, but it can mean that growing your hair takes time.

Wait at least an extra month before going in for your normal trim. If you can stand it, wait two to three months before cutting your hair to open up your styling possibilities.

Be Prepared for Comments

Don’t be surprised when people comment on the length of your hair. Some comments may seem mean-spirited, but they’re meant in jest. Also, remember that you’re growing your hair out for yourself, not for other people.

Wear a Hat

If you feel embarrassed, consider wearing a hat to hide your hair as it grows. Just remember that wearing a hat too often can accelerate hair loss.

Maintain Your Hair

Long hair requires more maintenance than short hair. Expect to spend more time post-shower styling your hair. You will also spend more on hair care products like conditioners.

Long Hairstyle Ideas for Men with Receding Hairline

There are no limitations on how you style your long hair, but here are some classic examples to guide your decision-making process.

The Combover

Long Hairstyle for Men with Receding Hairline - Combover

A combover features increased hair length on the edges of the crown that are styled across the scalp to minimize the appearance of a receding hairline. Pop culture mocks the combover, but the hairstyle has real potential for men with mildly receding hairlines.

The Slickback

Long Hairstyle for Men with Receding Hairline - Slick Back

Favorite of mobsters and well-dressed executives, the slick back is a classic hairstyle that flatteringly frames the face.

The slick back is a medium to medium-long hairstyle where the hair is kept at a uniform length and combed backward. Men with dense hair may need a styling product like pomade to pull off this look.

High Fade, Long on Top

Long Hairstyle for Men with Receding Hairline - High Fade with Long on Top

High fades are most effective when taken up to where the hair naturally parts. By buzzing the areas of hair most affected by your receding hairline, you create the illusion of a full head of hair.

Growing out the top of your hair also draws attention away from your problem areas and highlights the hair you have left.

The Pompadour

Long Hairstyle for Men with Receding Hairline - Pompadour

The pompadour features a long quaff of hair at the front of the scalp curled back onto itself to increase hair volume. Many people visualize Elvis Presely’s overstated hairdo when they hear “pompadour”, but the actual hairstyle is far more subdued.

Pompadours are quite becoming for men with receding hairlines, provided you don’t wear them comically tall like the king of rock and roll.

Au Naturale

Long Hairstyle for Men with Receding Hairline - Au naturale

The American poet Charles Bukowski sported long hair with a receding hairline for most of his mature years. Long hair paired with a natural hairline exudes masculine confidence: “Yes, my hairline is receding, so what?”

Of course, you will want to visit a barber every month to make sure your hair looks presentable, but that’s it, no need for extra styling or products.


Some questions people with receding hairlines often ask are:

Which long hairstyle is best for receding hairline?

The slick back is the most versatile long hairstyle for men with receding hairlines.

Can long hair cause receding hairline?

Wearing your hair long does not cause it to recede. Long hair may change the appearance of your hairline, but genetics are responsible for hair recession.

You can definitely grow long hair with a receding hairline. People with receding hairlines can often reduce the appearance of their thin spots by letting their mane grow out. Also, know that a receding hairline is a mature, attractive trait in most cultures, so be proud of who you are.