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35 Ideas to Wear Temple Fade Haircuts

Setting step into the world of fades? Try a temple fade haircut first. Why? Because it is subtle yet versatile and a low-risk option for men trying out a new look. Limited to the temples and sideburns only it leaves plenty of space for a variety of hairstyles while the nape may have a fade effect too.

Hence it is also known as Brooklyn fade. If you want a sharp and fashionable look next time keep on reading to explore the various ways to rock this modern yet minimalistic style.


Temp Fade Haircuts

Although temp fades are among the most popular hairstyles for men no two fades are created equal. Go through the following list to get a clear idea of what you want before going to the barber.

1. Periwinkle Pompadour

Pompadour with Temple Fade


Wear the classic pompadour hairstyle with a modern twist by dying it in a periwinkle blue hue. The long top is brushed back with the ends swooped up for a feathery appeal while the temple fade merges seamlessly into the neatly trimmed beard.


2. Mullet Fade

Faded Temple on Curly Mullet


A mullet haircut looks bold and never goes out of style. The top is short with the long back falling on the shoulders while the temples are faded to create a dashing contrast. Braid some of the strands leaving the remaining hair to curl in all directions.  


3. Textured Top

Express your hipster personality by opting for a textured haircut and adding a lot of choppy layers on the head with a short fringe at the front and jagged sides behind the ears while the temples are tapered. Finish off by creating edgy spikes on the top.


4. Curly Mess

Men's Temple Fade on Curly Hair


Flaunt those natural curls by chopping the top short with a longer back creating a mullet silhouette while the faded sides merge into the facial hair. A sharp line up along the forehead and beard sets off this punk look.


5. Side Tousled

Subtle Temple Fade for White Men with Side Swept Hair


Keep it subtle by going for a low temp fade along with the sideburns while the remaining hair is uniform in length all over the head and tousled on one side. Couple this look with facial stubble and mustaches allowing a few strands to fall over on the eyes.


6. Tapered Fade

Faded Temp with Tapered Back


Here is another fade haircut idea for men who want to keep it short and low maintenance. The faded temples with a neat arch behind the ears and a quick fade on the nape set this look apart from others. Top off the style with a goatee.


7. Caesar Haircut

Temple Fade for White Guys with Weave Hair


The Caesar haircut is timeless and many television stars have rocked it. The top, sides, and back are equal in length while the sideburns are buzzed for a sharp finish. Comb the hair forward and you are good to go.


8. Comb Over Fade

Platinum Hair with Temp Fade


This hairstyle surely gives off army vibes. The temples are faded with a longer top that is dyed in a platinum blonde shade and combed over for a gentleman’s appeal. A subtle lineup completes the look making it high maintenance requiring touch-ups every few weeks. 


9. Funky Fauxhawk

High Temp Fade for White Guys


Create a fauxhawk hairstyle by going for a high fade along the sides while adding layers on the top that are styled into spikes using pomade.  The sharp line up at the front and behind the ears gives this funky look a neat appeal. 


10. Long Wavy Fringe

Get noticed from a distance by growing the top long enough to fall forward as a fringe while the back is short with buzzed temples along the sides. Add layers and swoop up the ends while styling to create some drama.


11. French Crop

Those who want to spend minimal time styling their hair can consider this traditional French crop defined by ruffled layers on the top and a fringe cut straight across the forehead. The hair fading into the skin along the sides adds a chic touch to the overall look.  


12. Highlights + Shaved Slits

This stylish look is one of a kind. Ask the hairstylist for a pompadour with a touch of blonde at the front and shaved slits just above the faded sides. Handlebar mustaches and a disconnected beard with similar slits on both sides take this style to another level.


13. Brushed Back

Create a sleek appeal by opting for this short haircut that is slightly longer than a buzz cut and is ideal for lazy guys. The faded sides and trimmed back keep all the attention towards the top that is brushed back with a comb.


14. Spike It Up

Here is another temple fade haircut that you can consider as your next look. Add ruffled layers on the top with the strands at the front being the longest. Young dudes can use some hair styling product to pull up the fringe for a spiky finish.


15. Low Temp Fade

Faded Temp for White Men with Fringe


Asian guys can keep it low-key while refreshing their look by rocking a low fade along the sides and a comparatively longer top that is brushed forward to fall on the forehead. Hand-tousle the strands and the style is done.


16. Undone Look

In the case of natural curls, the messier they get the better they look. Buzz the temples with a long front shortening at the back. Add choppy layers and leave the rest to the curls falling in all directions with a well-kept beard completing this carefree look.


17. Fade with 360 Waves

Temp Fade with Waves for Men

The taper fade with waves is a great style that would look very clean and modern on any man. The texture of the waves and low fade is a combination that works perfectly. The 360 waves or deep waves as they are called create an amazing dynamic on the head. Pairing it with faded temple hair guarantees an absolute super fresh haircut.


18. Bantu Knots Fade

temp fade with bantu knots

Bantu Knots are cute, and we all adore them. Mixing Bantu knots with a fade haircut gives it a much sharper edge. This low temp fade and Bantu knots combination look good on young adults and teenage boys. The look manages to be soft and sharp at the same time.


19. Blonde Curly Hair with Taper Fade

temp fade for blond curly hair

Going blonde with Afro Hair is great. But the only way to make it look even remotely good and sharp you must go for a temple fade. A blonde with faded hair is a great way to keep it fun and sharp at the same time. Here a low cut fade is used to enhance the definition of the face and not make it too flashy.


20. Temp Fade with Braids

Temp Fade with Braids

The bald temp fade is truly a versatile hairstyle that goes well with all types of hair. This four-man box braids and faded hair on temple combo is a great one for keeping the face looking super fresh. The mid fade provides lots of definition to the face even though the braids grab a lot of attention.


21. Short Curls with Temp Fade

Short Curls with Temp Fade

You don’t need a full Afro to rock a fade haircut. The well-trimmed Afro is even more appealing on young faces. Add into the mix a lovely low skin fade, and you have a sharp-looking haircut.


22. Curly Man Bun

Have long hair but still want a fade cut? Take inspiration from the above picture. This low temp fade for man bun has a slight skin fade effect which is perfect for hair like this. A clean-cut beard evens out the face much more.


23. Messy Top Knot

This topknot combo is great for curly hair. Mainly because the high fade gives it a very unique look. It lets your hair look appealing. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing your hair don, or they are pulled up in a slick back bun. The high temp also makes the curly undercut more pronounced.


24. Braided Flat Top Hair

temp fade haircut for men

Braids often look really amazing with fade. It’s an edgy yet modern look that lets you keep your flat top fade hairstyle but also gives you a cleaner cut. If you’re not sure about braids go for cornrow braids. You can never go wrong with that!


25. Slick Back Fade

Did you think that straight, shiny and slicked back hair tone go with a fade hairstyle? This photo here proves the claim that it does. The guy had also managed to pull the look off with long straight hair.


26. Slick Back Bun

The blue highlight and the long hair in the middle are great hairstyles for young boys who want to try something fun and different. This high temple fade is perfect for creating an illusion of a long fohawk too. It also manages to keep the hairstyle from getting too flashy by keeping the face defined.


27. Groovy Sideline

temp fade with side line

This one is for men with straight but thick hair. Instead of trying to chop it all off, you can take inspiration from this hairstyle. The sideline is a very classy touch, and the temp fade haircut adds much edginess to the whole look.


28. Curly High Top Fade

A little color at the end tips of your hair is a nice way to bring some color without going all the way. The high bald fade style also manages to compliment these highlighted weaves perfectly.


29. Fade for Kinky Hair

This perfectly rounded temp fade haircut is great for a tight kinky Afro like this. If your hair is naturally this tightly coiled into an Afro, this rounded cut is a great way to give it shape.

This size is suitable for the low cut temp fade that has been incorporated into this hairstyle. The fade is almost non-existent with only the hairline giving any clues about it. It’s perfect for people who don’t want a major fade.


30. Twisted Curls with Goatee

Do you want a clean lineup and a perfect fade on temple hair but don’t want to touch the rest of your hair? Done. This great haircut is perfect for when you want to keep your twisted curls with a cleaner hairline. These kinky curls are lovely and suit almost all ages.


31. Dutch Cornrows

temp fade with cornrows

Dutch man braids cornrows are braids that are pulled upwards for a puffed-up effect. With Dutch cornrows and a temple fade, you can never go wrong. They are a great way to pair edginess with class.

Men opting to try out this temp fade haircut can go for the one in the picture or a higher temp fade. Both would look super classy and fresh on a face with a clean or maintained beard.


32. Long Kinky Curls

Kinky curls look great with some dipped highlights. This combination could go out of hand and all over your face if there wasn’t the perfect temp low fade with beard.

The long curls and the temple are contrasting but when paired together bring out an amazing sharpness to the face. A nicely shaved beard would be a great added touch.


33. Taper Fade Blowout

This simple blowout like a fade haircut is perfect for this type of hair. The hair is considerably straight and long in the middle. The temple fade haircut is high but without being too prominent. It’s a great choice if you want the hairline generally associated with the temp cut but not very short hair.


34. Short Afro Hair

temp fade for short hair

The fade-in black men’s hairstyle is a mid type, and the hair is kept to a regular short length. The single clean line indicates a part that gives it a really cool look. It’s a sharp and edgy look for young professionals. Keep a well-maintained black beard, and you’re good to go!


35. Intricate Shaved Design

temp fade with design

Designs on high bald temp fades have always been super popular. It is cool to show off these designs, and an added fade just manages to enhance the elegance of this hairstyle.

The high & tight fade allows plenty of space to create a design of your choice. It’s a suitable temp fade haircut for young adults and boys. It’s also fun to be creative and come up with your own design.


There you have it! Different versions of temple fade haircuts are paired with various hair lengths and textures. Whether you want a more classic look or a contemporary appeal without committing to the full fade, we are sure you will find the haircut suiting you the best in this list. Just give it a go!