10 Most Useful Curly Hair Tutorials on YouTube

If you aren’t sure how to properly care for your curls or if you need help styling them, there’s a bevy of helpful curly hair tutorials on YouTube. Women with curly, coily, and kinky hair from all over the world are ready to help you style your curls like the goddess you are. Put down the straightening iron and pick up your blow dryer, curling iron, and favorite products. You’re gonna need ’em.


Curly Hair Tutorials on YouTube

Curls are a blessing, but styling them isn’t always simple or easy. Fortunately, YouTube is full of curly-headed hair magicians who can show you how to create shape, texture, definition, and shape. Long, short, or in between, wavy or curly, find out how to achieve the spirals of your dreams.


#1: Volume for Days

Bri Hall shows you how to achieve big, bouncy, beautiful curls even if you’re dealing with week-old hair. This is unquestionably one of the most helpful curly hair tutorials on YouTube not just because it teaches you how to salvage your struggle-curls, but also because it’s a genius cheat. It’s a must-watch for lovelies with natural curls, but you can adapt it for any hair texture.

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#2: Big, Bold Curls

Let Leyla Rose show you how to achieve big, full, wild curls in no time flat. This is the perfect tutorial for girls who have borderline or stubborn curls, i.e., curls that refuse to hold their shape or that can’t decide whether they want to wave or spiral.


#3: The Ultimate Routine

Hair care is essential for curly girls. Regardless of the texture of your curls, you need a routine that keeps them moisturized and manageable. Regular maintenance on natural curls results in silky, bouncy, beautiful curls with the kind of volume that inspires envy.


#4: Eight Styles in One

The best curly hair tutorials on YouTube offer more than one tip, hairstyle, or technique. Because every curly-haired woman loves to have options and a variety of versatile hairdos at her fingertips, Kiara Consuelo’s video provides you with eight possibilities, each one more stunning than the last. It’s got you covered whether you want an updo, a side part, or a braid.


#5: Curls Made EZ

Can you imagine getting your curls to behave in just four steps? You don’t have to imagine it. Taylor shows you how to do it. Considering that step one is to wash your hair, and step two involves towel drying it, you can guess how quickly and easily you can create your curly coif.


#6: Crazy Afro Curls

Full, thick,  crazy curls are fierce, girl. They are so on fire that your neighbors will call the fire department when you walk out of the house after following the tutorial. 

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#7: No Heat Curls

Whether you have straight hair or natural curls, there’s a curly hair tutorial for you—probably dozens, if not hundreds. The Curly Bella’s is one of the best videos on YouTube, however, because she shows you how to get bouncy, bountiful curls without a single degree of heat. Granted, at first, you end up with grandma’s hair, but keep watching—it’s worth it.


#8: All that Texture

Dying for some texture? Want to take waves to the next level? Allow Marianna Hewitt to show you the way. With her help, you can achieve to-die-for curls even if your hair is stick straight. Just be advised that you need a blow dryer and a curling iron.


#9: Short Curls

Is your hair curly but on the shorter side? Stop straightening it all the time! Follow this fab wet-to-dry tutorial from Sazan Hendrix—whose curls are gorgeous even when they’re sopping wet, by the way. Make sure that your hairdryer has a diffuser before you get started—that makes all the difference.


#10: Touchable Curls

It’s hard to make your curls keep their shape and texture without using a ton of products that leave them crispy and sticky. With natural curls, the texture might feel rough or coarse after heat styling.

Thanks to The Beuty giant Sephora, one of my favorite curly hair tutorials on YouTube, your curls will always feel touchable and soft.This curl is well known as DevaCurl or The Romantic curl.

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What are your favorite tutorials for curly hair on YouTube? Who are your favorite beauty gurus? Curly-haired girls have to stick together, so share your tips!

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