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Fade with Waves: Top 7 Styling Ideas for Men

Fade haircut with waves has been a classic hairstyle for black men for years now, and today, we are here to show you our top 7 faded waves style we have put together just for you. Let’s begin.


Coolest Fade Haircuts with Waves

These 7 ideas are best ways to style waves haircut with differen fade styles for modern guys.

1. Caesar Haircut with Waves

short fade haircut with waves

This is probably one of the most common type of fades on waves hairstyles ever, and the reason so many people get it, it’s because it’s very easy to do and to maintain.

That being said, if you want this hairstyle, make sure to ask your barber or hairdresser to leave the very top part of your head with more hair than the rest, making sure the sides and the back are properly shaved and faded enough that the difference between the two sides is noticeable.


2. Big Waves + Temp Fade

big waves with short fade

Not all fade haircuts have to be extreme, you can still get this 360 waves hairstyle with a low skin fade, and we are going to show you to achieve this look.

First off, the top, sides, and part of the back part of your hair should all be the same length so you can get the waves on. Then, you should ask your barber for a very subtle fade that starts almost at the very bottom of your head, just to give your haircut some more texture and definition.


3. Curly Taper Fade

side fade haircut with waves

If you are looking for a more subtle taper fade with waves, then this is it. This time, your natural curls should still be visible even with the waves, instead of being so straightened down.

Once that’s tone, your barber should fade away the sides of your head, creating a separation between the long, wavy part of your hair, and the bottom, shorter part.


4. Classic Fade Haircut with Waves

fade with waves for men

This one is pretty similar to the style above, however, this time, the waves should only be done on the very front part of your hair instead of all around it, leaving the back untouched.

It is very important that just the sides are faded and cut down shorter than the rest, keep in mind the fade should start on the front part of your hair and stop right next to the ear.


5. Low Fade

fade haircut with waves

To get this particular wave hairstyle with low fade, you will have to get very marked waves all over your head, including not only the top front part, but the back as well to really get the full effect.

It is very important that your barber gives you a short subtle fade on the sides and the lower back of your head, but not to take it too far up, otherwise it would be a totally different style.


6. Bald Fade Haircut with Waves

high fade haircut with waves

If you want your bald fade haircut to be more noticeable, you will have to ask your barber to shave down front your hairline down, including both the sides and the back part of your hair. Remember to leave the top part a little bit longer so you can get the waves as in the picture.


7. Undercut Fade

fade hairstyles with waves for men

We are going to finish off this list with another classic. To get this fade with waves hairstyle, the top part should be longer than the rest, but not too long for your natural curls to show off. Also, it’s very important for you to ask your barber for high fade all over the sides and back part of your head as well.