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15 Best Low-Maintenance Mom Haircuts to Try In 2024

No one ever said Mom-life is going to be easy! Amongst all that chaos of feeding your kids, sending them to school, doing household chores, and fulfilling the duties of an employee or businesswoman, the thing that is neglected the most is, without a doubt, your hair.

Whether you are a mother of a newborn or are past that time and have elder kids at home, it is better to get a simple, low-maintenance mom haircut rather than turning your tresses into a messy heap.

An easy-to-maintain hairstyle does not necessarily mean boring and dull. Don’t believe it? Well, wait until you go through the following list!

low maintenance haircut for mom


Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Busy Moms

Decided to get a ‘Mom Haircut’? Try one of the following low-maintenance hairstyles, and we guarantee you will look stylish and sophisticated more than ever before!

1. Blonde Locks + Dark Roots

low maintenance blonde hairstyle for mom

Dark roots have become quite a trend these days. Ladies who don’t want to chop off their long tresses can dye them in any shade of blonde without fretting about the emerging natural roots for a refreshing two-toned look. Finish off the style with soft layers.


2. Low Ponytail

low maintenance bangs hairstyle for mom

Ponytails come in handy when you don’t have much time for hairstyling. Whether the tresses are long, medium or short, pull them back and secure them in an elastic band. Those who wear ponytails often can pair them with appropriate face-framing bangs for a chic appeal.


3. Soft Round Bob

low maintenance bob haircut for mom

Bobs never go out of style and are an ideal low-maintenance short haircut for busy moms. Cut the hair at chin length in a straight line for the strands to bend naturally around the face. A bit of layering near the ends is suitable to avoid a blunt look.


4. Minimal Layers

low maintenance long haircut for mom

Layers can be used to lighten thick hair or, conversely, add volume to thin tresses, making them perfect for working mothers. Ask the hairdresser for minimal layering and long bangs, as heavy layers can be time-consuming to style. Finger-brush your mane, and off you go! 


5. Natural Beauty

low maintenance afro hairstyle for mom

Not able to take care of your natural kinky curls anymore? Breathe some life into them by layering the coils with the shorter ones falling over the longer ones creating layers around the face. Take a step ahead and dye the tips in a vibrant color for a funky appeal.


6. Chic Lob

low maintenance medium length haircut for mom

Lobs have taken over all haircuts by storm, and it is not difficult to understand why. They are cool, chic, and sexy all at the same time. Clip the strands at equal length all across the back to fall on the shoulders or experiment with an angled cut instead.


7. Highlighted Curls

low maintenance curly hairstyle for mom

Women with a head full of curls are truly blessed as the messier the hair gets, the sexier it looks. Give that gorgeous fluff a nice trim and subtle layers and set the style on fire with blonde highlights. A hand-tousle and done!


8. Ballerina Bun

low maintenance bun hairstyle for mom

How about a low-maintenance hairstyle instead of a haircut? Moms can start their day by slicking back their tresses in a high ponytail. Whirl around the pony in a ballerina bun and secure it with pins. Top off the style with a spritz of hairspray.


9. Pretty Pixie

low maintenance pixie cut for mom

Busy ones can boost their confidence with a groovy pixie haircut. Opt for choppy layers that shorten gradually towards the sides and back. Although pixies are a perfect low-maintenance haircut for moms, frequent washing is required as the short strands become greasy comparatively quickly.


10. Wavy Perm

low maintenance wavy hairstyle for mom

A wavy perm can prove to be a true time saver for moms with minimal upkeep. A good one can last up to three to six months without much care. Go for loose waves or tight curls, depending on your choice and create a new messy hairstyle each day. You can also spice up the look further with highlights.


11. Salt and Pepper Hair 

low maintenance layered haircut for mom

Grey hairs are not something to be ashamed of. Flaunt them with utmost pride with shoulder-length layers. Accentuate the look with silvery grey roots, delicate highlights, luxurious money pieces, or a trendy balayage. The only limit here is your creativity!


12. Claw Clip Updo

low maintenance updo hairstyle for mom

During lazy times even grooming a fresh haircut can become bit of a hassle. This is when a claw clip saves the day. Detangle the strands and bend them near the base of the head towards the sky. Fix in place with the clip and pull some strands loose for a carefree appeal.


13. Subtle Money Pieces

low maintenance haircut for mom with fine hair

Glamorous and inexpensive, that’s what money pieces are. Both dark and light-haired ladies can save a visit to their salon by bleaching and dying the front chunks in an icy platinum blonde hue at home. The strands fall around both sides of the face adding a soft glow to it.


14. Pixie-Bob

low maintenance short hairstyle for mom

The pixie-bob is a trendy, versatile, and low-maintenance haircut for all the moms out there, especially those over 50. It is short like a pixie but possesses the roundness of a bob. Cut the strands at varying lengths to fall just below the earlobes with layered bangs swooped on one side. Voila!


15. Flipped-Out

low maintenance feathered haircut for mom

Those who are more into vintage hairstyles can consider this edgy look. Add feathery layers to a chin-length bob with side-swept bangs. The key lies in flipping out the ends while styling the mane using a round brush and hairdryer.


There you have it mommies! 15 different ways to get low-maintenance haircuts without looking frumpy at all. Although motherhood is the best time to rock short tresses if you love your long mane opt for easy maintenance hairstyles and hair shades instead. Just choose a look and give it a whirl!