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Grey Curly Hair – 15 Beautiful Styles to Rock On

Everyone is opting to go with a grey curly hairstyle. Grey is one of those colors that goes well with all skin tones, and you could rock it if you have dark, olive, light or skin color that is anywhere in between as well.

The color is different but at the same time is not a color that’s out there. It has a certain magic that no other color has. Plus, it is a perfect way to hide grey hair. Especially as having grey hair is something even the younger generations suffer with.

What Causes Grey Hair?

causes of grey hair

Sometimes people experience premature graying problems while others experience going grey with age. Premature graying is mostly genetics, and your hair produced something known as melanin which gives you pigment in your skin and hair.

When your body stops producing melanin, hair starts to change its color to grey, white or silver. Grey hair is inevitable at some point or the other in each of our lives. Instead of fighting it, it’s time to embrace it and make it our strength. Here are some ways you could style your grey curly hair or your straight grey hair.

Why Is Your Hair Turning White and How to Stop It

Hair Care for Grey Curly Hair

Hair Care for Grey Curly Hair

Handling gray hair requires a little more effort than usual. And, when the grey hair is curly, the care routine becomes a little more specific.

  • Grey hair has relatively less elasticity and strength. Hence, do not over-style them or heat them too often.
  • Gray curly hair is also dryer. Therefore, it is essential to keep them well moisturized at all times.
  • When it is about grey curly hair, avoid using hair products having too much of mineral oil. Moisturizing becomes even more difficult in such cases.
  • Vitamin E is the best nutrient for curly grey hair. It brings a shine and smoothness to the hair.

Follow these basic guidelines to keep your grey curly hair shiny and rich-looking at all times! Check out the best hairstyles for curly gray hair here:

1. Side Parted Curly Hair

women with grey curly hair

Changing up the way you part your hair is as good as changing up your haircut. To achieve this side part grey curly hair-do all you have to do is let your curls dry naturally or blow-dry it with the help of a diffuser.

This helps the curls look a little more like ringlets. Part your hair towards one side, you can either tuck your hair behind your ear or leave it as it is. This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday look.

2. Perfect Curly Up-Do

updo for grey curly hair

On some days on some occasions, you just prefer to have all your hair out of your face. But sometimes you might want to do so by changing it up a bit. Because the usual pony or messy bun isn’t cutting it. You could opt for this hairstyle where you have to roll all your hair inwards and pin it together.

You could leave a few loose strands here and there to frame your face. The best thing about this gray curly hairstyle is that you could have short or long hair and still do it. You could also wear this anywhere, to a fancy date, to an office meeting or to a party.

3. Grey Ombre

grey curly ombre hair for women

Curly short grey hair is always a good idea. If you have ringlets like curls and you want to switch it up a bit but are still indecisive about how grey would look on you. You could just opt for the grey ombre, stick with dark roots and then slowly fade it into grey.

You could style it with a side part. It’s the perfect look, and you could wear it anywhere. You won’t have to be worried about the color not suiting you because you could still stick to your natural roots.

4. Curly Short Pixie

pixie haircut for grey curly hair

If you aren’t worried about people’s opinions and you have the confidence to carry anything this is the perfect look for you. You won’t have to take a lot to maintain it because your hair is short.

Plus this pixie haircut has a very ruby rose vibe to it. It head-on, sexy and edgy. The color looks amazing and it’s the perfect curly grey haircut to wear whenever and where ever.

5. Long Hair Don’t Care

women with long curly grey hair

Long hair can be challenging to work with, but if it’s grey it’s worth it. To get this look all you have to do is use a curling iron with a relatively large diameter, probably a 2 inch or 3 inches.

Curl your hair and then run your fingers through it, part the curls in the middle and you are ready to go. This look is something you can truly wear anywhere so you can never ever go wrong with this gray curly hairstyle.

6. Grey Hairdo For Women Over 60

curly grey hair for over 60

Any woman over 60 will love this short curly grey hairstyle. It keeps your hair in its natural color, and your curls will be tightened and with more bounce. You can also go for bangs and wear them on the forehead. 

7. Gray Bangs and Top

Go for a layered medium length curly grey hairstyle and use foam to give those ringlets better definition. Wear those long bangs on one side and also give the roots a boost.

8. Grey Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

This grey curly hair with bangs is so modern and perfect for those who pick out nonconformist outfits every time they go out. Give it a pale purple tint if you want the hairstyle to become eye-popping. 

9. Grey Balayage

grey balayage curly hair

Grey balayage on curly hair looks like a real fairytale.  Use a curling iron to build those impressive ringlets and wear your mane on your back. You can use purple shampoo to maintain this amazing shade for a longer period of time.

10. Grey Bob Hairstyle

These grey highlights look impressive on curly hair, especially if you pick the proper haircut. Go for an inverted bob hairstyle that creates a lot of layers in the back. You will have all the volume you wanted!

11. Grey Mohawk Bun

When you style a mohawk, you can create some mindblowing hairstyles and the one presented above is one of the best options. Shave the sides and dye the hair in a grey-purple color. Pin it all in a big bun on top of the head. 

12. Salt and Pepper Hair

When you have naturally curly hair, a short bob is a perfect haircut for you. Toss the top on one side and don’t even bother dyeing your hair because those grey threads will beautifully blend.  Roll your ringlets to make them look tighter. 

13. Grey Ponytail for Wedding

If you have long wavy hair, cut it into a V shape and create some wide white and grey highlights. Gather all the mane in the back into a ponytail and place a gorgeous floral accessory on your head for your wedding day. 

14. Short Curly Grey Bob

Short hair gives better definition to your curls and leaving your grey hair to grow will create a salt and pepper effect on your strands. Why bother to cover it when you have such a wonderful color mix that is also natural?

15. Grey Pink Tinted Hair

Give the texture of your gorgeous curls by mixing two popular colors like grey and pastel pink shades. Your ringlets will shine like never before and if you keep your hair short, you will notice a lot of bounce in the curls department. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about grey curly hairstyles.

Will grey hair lose its curls?

Yes, grey hair can have a different texture or curl pattern than your other curls. Grey hair commonly grows wirier, thinner, or dryer than younger hair. The change of consistency, however it may present, often results in a loss or change of curls.

Does grey hair come in curly?

While some people may experience straighter grey hair, other people have grey hair that’s curlier than the rest of their hair. This is related to the changes in your hair’s chemical composition that happen with age.

Why do grey curls become dry and frizzy?

Dry hair is a normal part of aging. Grey curls are dry and frizzy because your scalp produces less oil than before. Curly hair is already prone to dryness, so aging curly hair can feel especially dry. You can address this by using gentle, moisturizing conditioners and hair products. 

Does hair become curlier as we get older?

Yes, hair can change texture, including becoming curlier, as you get older. The chemical composition of your aging hair will change, and this will impact the structures that determine your hair texture and curl pattern. 

You have to put in time and effort into your hair, irrespective of its natural texture. But here are 15 fun ways to style your grey curly hair. They are easy, quick and versatile. You can play around with each hairstyle and make it your own. But no matter which one you choose to go for, you are going to slay it either way.