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12 Unique Short Emo Hairstyles for Guys (2024)

If you think that emo hairstyles are only suitable for the girls, you are wrong. Short emo hair for guys are also in trending now. It’s attractive and gives a totally different vibe.

For a more cool look, boys are dying their hair with different colors. So, if you want to adopt an emo look keep reading the article to know how to style boys short emo hair in diverse ways!


Short Emo Hairstyles for Men

Below we’ve collected the most creative and boldest short emo hair boy look to inspire you. Try these styles to stand out from the crowd!

1. Short Emo Hair with Yellow Fringe

short emo hair with yellow bangs for boys

Short emo hairstyle for boys is most about the non-conformist attitude and choosing the unconventional quirky combinations. In this context, this is one that fit the bill perfectly. It is all about bringing out the eccentric charm of your personality.


2. Short Undercut

short emo hairstyles for boys

The spikes along with the tattoo make the short emo hair for guys stand out. It is a non-conformist styling without breaking convention. In fact, it is primarily about combining the cool with the convenience that brings out the most compelling styles. Talk of subtle styling, and this is one of the best and most striking examples of the same.


3. Cropped Blonde Highlights

boys with two tone short emo hairstyles

The dual tone emo hair makes this the ultimate short hairstyle of your choice. The contrast between the black and the white makes for a mesmerizing and unique styling alternative. It is all about confirming to quirks and a big no to conventions.


4. Short & Long Layered Hair

short layered emo hair for boys

This guy’s short emo hairstyle is an intelligent use of length and layer. There is nothing too complicated about this style. All that is done is combining long layers with short ones to create a messy, layered look with pointy bangs. These bangs go a long way in creating the intense emo look.


5. Highlighted Side Part Undercut

highlighted short emo hair for boys

This short emo haircut for guys combines bangs with an undercut. The result is a stunning contrast that is further accentuated by highlighting the bangs in a striking unnatural shade of green.


6. Emo Style on Side Part Hair

The charm of this short emo hair is all about getting the right combination in place. The unconventional emo bangs are combined with a taper cut to create a stunning and surprisingly new hairstyle. The dark hair color complements the combination in a positive way.


7. Short Emo Hairstyle with Highlights

This emo hairstyle with short hair is another play on the intelligent use of color. The burgundy, amber combination highlights the pointy emo bangs even further, and that is what goes on to create a style statement that is hard to ignore. It is quirky, eccentric and absolutely non-conformist. That is what gives it the perfect emo twist.


8. Colorful Hair

This boy’s short emo hairdo is perfect for thin hair. The bright shocking electric blue compensates for the lack of adequate hair to make stunning bangs. The bangs are rather a limo, but the color keeps that fact out of focus and introduces an eccentric charm about it.


9. Short Red Curtain Hair

If you thought emo hairstyles were only for girls, this is the hairstyle that will make you think again. Primarily, it is all about intelligent application of a range of factors that go on to make a stunning impact.


10. Spiky Shaggy Hair with Soul Patch

short spiky emo hairstyles for boys

If you have thick, voluminous hair like this, it goes without saying that any short haired emo style will look good. This style also highlights when the hair quality is good, basic black also looks stunning.


11. Soft Emo Curls

short emo hair with soft curls for guys

Whether you have curls or waves, it does not matter. An experienced stylist is what you need for the perfectly executed emo hairstyle for guys with short hair. Effortless, stylish and absolutely quirky, it will always set you apart.


12. Platinum Blonde Hair

short platinum emo hairstyles for boys

This platinum color short emo hair for guys gives a brand new interpretation. With this short of emo style, you can take your hairstyle to the next level.