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30 Cool Ways to Style Shaggy Hair for Boys with Ease

Shaggy hair boys are trending on Instagram! Whether you have long, short, or medium-length hair, a perfect hairstyle plays the most crucial role in defining your personality and if you are a guy, the way you style your hair says a lot about you.

Shaggy hairstyles for boys are not as complicated as women’s, but every man sure wants that unique and fresh look that only the best hairstyle can lend. Nowadays, boys are considered being fashion enthusiasts and have become more conscious about their looks and hairstyles.

It is quite difficult to maintain and style hair for boys due to limited hair care options. However, with a little effort, alterations, and knowledge, you get the freedom to try many different looks.

What is A Shag Cut?

shaggy hairstyles for boys

Shag cut is an attractive, manageable, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Shaggy Rogers from the Scooby Doo had this messy yet stylish hairstyle. Teenagers love it so much as it displays a confident persona.  Shaggy hairstyle has been a popular choice among men and women not because it looks glamorous and cool, but also for its low maintenance.

A shag cut was first created by a barber named, “Paul McGregor”. This hairstyle is achieved by layering the hair at 90-degree angles.

The shaggy hair look works best on boys with medium-length hair with medium to thick density and longer face shapes.

The width on the sides of this shaggy haircut will widen the sides of the face and minimize the length. If you have a wider face shape, it is best to keep the sides short and closer to the head.

Here are 30 shaggy hairstyles for boys to try out right now for a perfect messy yet refined look:

1. Messy Shaggy Hair 

messy shaggy haircut for boys

Do you have gorgeous curls and want to flaunt them? Go for this messy shaggy hair? To get this shape, boys will often put a hat on their heads when their hair is still damp. This shapes the hair so that it’s tamed up top and flips at the bottom.

Ideal For: Boys with thick and curly hair, with an oblong or narrow face shape.

2. Medium-Length Shaggy Hair

short shaggy haircut for boys

When you think about boys’ shaggy hair, you automatically think about an entire pile of hair covering your son’s face. Well, that shouldn’t always be the case. 

After all, you can always go for a medium-length shag which is cut shorter at the front for a cleaner look like this one. 

Ideal For: Boys with thin to medium, and wavy to curly hair with just about any face shape.

3.  Shag with Side Bangs

blonde shaggy haircut for boys

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a long shag (bouncy curls and volume) but don’t want its con (hair getting in your son’s face), opt for side bangs.

With this option, he can still have that adorable boyish look without any hair getting on his face. 

Ideal For: This look works for boys with thick and wavy to curly hair with a long face shape or a wide forehead

4. Long Curly Shaggy Hair 

curly shaggy hair for boys

Shaggy hair is popular among boys with long curls as this hairstyle can leave their curls bouncy and loose, allowing them to move freely and easily while looking cute and stylish at the same time. 

Ideal For: Boys with thick and curly hair with a longer face.

5. Shaggy Hair with Angular Fringe

shaggy hair with bangs for boys

Choppy and eye-catching, angular fringe is designed to perfectly frame your face and make heads turn.

The best thing about this is the bangs are kept at the right length– not too short or too long. Plus the flicks and layers on the side make up a look that’s both cute and edgy. 

Ideal For: Thin to medium hair with a slight wave and an oval, oblong, or heart face shape.

6. Shaggy Haircut for Thin Hair

shaggy haircut for little boys
Instagram / arcanumhair

For those with thin hair, go for a scruffy shaggy haircut with strands that seem to fly in almost every direction. All the layers and textures can make hair look thicker and more voluminous. 

Ideal For: Thin, wavy hair with an oval, round, or oblong face shape.

7. Short Shaggy Hair 

For a classic and casual look, go for a short shaggy haircut that works well on all types of hair– wavy, curly, straight, and many more. The short length makes it easy to maintain while the shag design is quite stylish and versatile, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Ideal For: All hair types and face shapes.

8. Textured Shag

shaggy haircuts for boys
Instagram / fembothair_nyc

If your son is cool and loves rock and roll, the perfect shag hairstyle for him would be the one from the 70s– a choppy, piece-y, and messy textured shag.

The best part? This hairstyle goes well with all types of fringe– side-swept, choppy, or blunt– so the sky is the limit for your little rock star. 

Ideal For: This look would work for those with fine and straight to wavy hair with most face shapes.

9. Straight Shaggy Hair

straight shaggy hair for boys

Many boys believe that a shag haircut cannot be achieved on sleek and straight hair, but this is not true. Boy’s shaggy hairstyle complements any hair type and length.

If you have straight hair, you can get the hairstyle by cutting your hair in layers to different lengths.

Ideal For: This cut will work best for oval and long face shapes.

10. Shag for Long Curly Hair

shaggy hairstyles for boys with long hair

A shaggy haircut for boys with long curly hair is a blessing in disguise as styling curly hair can be exhausting and intimidating at times. This hairstyle looks extremely handsome and charming.

Ideal For: This will work well for teenage boys with round, oval, and triangle face shapes and beard.

11. Curly Haircut

curly shaggy hairstyles for boys

If you are graced with thick, curly hair, then a shaggy hairstyle is your best friend. The charm of a shaggy-haired boy’s look becomes more glaring with thick and curly hair.

For this look, you’ll keep the sides and back a little shorter than some of the other looks throughout this article.

Ideal For: All face shapes.

12. Shaggy Cut for Thin Hair

shaggy hairstyles for thin hair

A shaggy hairstyle is ideal for boys with thin and fine hair as shag cut makes your mane appear fuller and thicker.

Ideal For: Oval, round, and square face shapes.

13. Thick Wavy Haircut

shoulder length shaggy haircuts

Stay casual and dusty, but well-structured in this medium-length shag cut for boys. It might take a little while for your hair to grow, but the results are worth the wait!

Ideal For: Medium to thick, wavy hair.

14. Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle

Take your hairstyle game to the next level with a blonde highlight hairstyle for boys. With blonde shaggy and messy hair, skinny suit, and necktie, it’s like a muffled GLAM rock meets the 1970s.

Ideal For: This look will be achievable for those with medium density, wavy hair, and heart, triangle, or oval face shapes.

15. Shaggy Haircut with Bangs

Bangs give shaggy hair boys an unkempt, messy yet sexy look. You can sport your bangs with the shags even if you have thin hair, as bangs add definition and volume to hair.

Ideal For: Boys with straight to wavy, medium density hair and most face shapes.

16. Long Hair with Short Beard

If you are a teenage boy with good facial hair growth, always go for shaggy hair with a beard to spice up your look because shaggy hair with a short, well-trimmed beard is considered the suavest combo for boys.

Ideal For: Teenager boys with good facial hair growth.

17. Shaggy Hair with Highlights

The shaggy hairstyle for boys with curly hair and highlights looks explicitly the best on men. If you want to add a little drama and spark to your shag. Dye them blonde or any color you like.

Ideal For: Boys who has fine and curly hair and a long face.

18. Shaggy Hockey Flow Hairstyle

Shaggy Hockey Hairstyles for boys

Hockey hairstyle looks provocative and rebellious and extremely appealing to the eyes when combined with a shaggy hairstyle.

Ideal For: Wavy hair with oval or long face shape.

19. Slicked Back Style

If you’re tired of your hair all over the face. You can use a blow dryer and product to slick it back for a sleek and stylish twist on your curly, boys shag haircut.

Ideal For: This look is achievable with wavy to curly, thick hair and a square or oval face shape

20. Side Part Hair

There was once an era of emo hairstyles and no doubt, it looked relaxed, playful, and casual. This hairstyles for boys give a touch of opulence. The flips in this hairstyle were done with a flat iron.

Ideal For: Oval, heart, or triangle face shape.

21. Tapered Crew Cut

The beauty of shaggy hair is its versatility and adaptability. Though, the shaggy hairstyle comes as a package with long hair and long bangs. However, it looks equally enticing with short hair and short bangs.

22. Spiky Shags

The most intense and blazing haircut is the spiky, shaggy haircut for boys. This hairstyle is a combination of two haircuts; the base haircut that achieves the messy look and the spiky haircut that leaves your hairstyle a bit edgy.

This look works for someone with straight hair, as it would be very difficult to achieve with curly hair.

23. Two Block Hair

shaggy hair with long bangs for boys

Boy’s shag cut with long bangs is classical and looks sublime and superior. It can be annoying with all the mane on your face, but the hairstyle looks regal.

24. Side Swept Undercut

Long fringes, close-clipped beard, and shaved sides serve as a style statement with great panache. This hairstyle for boys with shaggy hair can be worn anywhere.

25. Thick Hair with Full Beard

If there is any hairstyle that complements thick hair like anything is a shaggy hairstyle. Thick hair looks extra voluminous and defined in a shaggy haircut.

If you have a thick mane on your head and you hate going to the barber now and then, fancy this shaggy hair boy’s look for it requires low maintenance and care.

26. Side-Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs with shag cut is the ultimate carefree yet cool long hairstyle for boys to try, as the bangs with shags help bring your dull, boring hair back to life.

27. Zayn Malik’s Haircut

Volume has a great influence on your hairstyle. Some men enjoy natural voluminous hair while others find a hard time getting it. Nevertheless, you can achieve thick voluminous shaggy hair with backcombing it and chopping it into layers.

28. Long Curly Hair

long afro shags for boys

There are unlimited hairstyles for long hair, but afro-textured hair is troublesome, challenging and demands extra effort. No hairstyle other than boy’s shaggy haircut can comprehend afro-textured long hair.

29. Asian Hairstyle

colorful shag for boys

The combination of a shag with rainbow colors is the trendiest and savage hairstyle one can ever get. If you love playing with colors and are bold enough to pull off the rainbow dyes, then you should definitely settle for this eye-popping option of shaggy hair look for boys.

30. Shaggy Widows Peak

shaggy hairstyles for boys

Caesar cut is the classic, timeless, and exquisite dapper hairstyle and it is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time for textured hair that never goes out of style.

You can add layers to your Caesar cut to get the shaggy version of this contemporary hairstyle by keeping the layers messy. This is an ideal hairstyle for those who want to achieve a sophisticated yet voguish look.

The shaggy hairstyles are rock-n-roll, casual, and visually appealing hairstyles for boys. So, choose a hairstyle from this list based on your hair type you will surely get a haircut that will work for you.