The 8 Cutest Platinum Blonde Bobs to Try

Want to go platinum blonde bob overnight and trying to get the ultimate results? Women who love elegant and shorter hairstyles will love this blonde bob variation.


How to Get Platinum Blonde Bob

platinum blonde bob

Step 1: In case you already have some hair dye on top you will need to have it stripped before you become a blonde bombshell. Many hair experts recommend using a hair color remover to remove any previously applied dye. Also, your hair shouldn’t be colored or bleached whatsoever in the last 6-month period if you are trying to get the best results.

Step 2: If your hair is currently dark brown or even black know that you will need to have a mind of steel, patience, and will need to redo the process over and over again. In case your hair is too dark, rather go to the salon and let them take care of you for your first platinum hair experience. However, if it is more on a lighter side, you will successfully do the process on your own with a box of dye.

Step 3: Grab a bottle of bleach and lighten your strands. Work in sections little by little with your proper tools. Also, watch out for your chosen hair-dyes undertone. If you prefer icy blondes make sure you purchase the right box. If you prefer ashy blondes read the description on your box of dye to know what color you can expect to get once you apply it onto your strands.

Step 4: Use a toner to eliminate any yellow or orange hues from your hair to end up with the ultimate platinum blonde hair color. After the entire process is over, some parts of your hair may be damaged, which is why you should cut them. This is where this bob cut comes in handy!

Step 5: Cut your hair to a mid-shoulder length and embrace a platinum blonde bob haircut. A bob cut can be messy and not as precise if you want to embrace its curly and frizzy texture, or you can cut it straight and enjoy a defined outcome.


Fabulous Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Women


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Platinum Bob Haircut


Latest Platinum Blonde Bob Hairstyles

The following are the topmost and sassiest platinum blonde bobs for women to explore.

1. Straight Bob 

women with platinum blonde bob

This platinum bob hairstyle is ideal for younger women. It is fun, playful, and an amazing go-to for your everyday situations.


2. Platinum One-length Bob

platinum blonde long bob

If you don’t love to wear a lot of makeup let your platinum lob speak for itself and wear it as your main accessory! This hairstyle can look great with just a bit of mascara, and some lip gloss.


3. Wavy Bob

wavy platinum blonde bob

Rita Ora is rocking this feminine & beautiful look for the Red Carpet, which means that you can wear it to your big events, such as proms or weddings. Simply pair this platinum blonde bob up with a bold red lip and you will look like a star!


4. Short and Messy Bob

women with messy platinum blonde bob

This messy shorter bob on platinum blonde hair is ideal for women who prefer simplicity and who are low-maintenance. Older women and workaholic women will definitely enjoy this look.


5. Short Curly Bob

platinum blonde bob for curly hair

If you have 10-15 minutes which you can spare each morning to get these curls, by all means, do it! You will be left with long-lasting short curls and a beautiful icy platinum blonde bob hairdo.


6. Side Part Bob

If you end up wearing your bob on the side you will emphasize your facial features. Women who want to make their eyes, lips & their nose pop will love this platinum bob look.


7. Chic Long Angled Bob

platinum blonde angled bob

If you prefer fluffy & wavy looks know that a platinum blonde bob will look chic on you. This one is ideal for younger women and those who love shorter hairstyles.


8. Blonde Bob with Bangs

platinum a-line bob with bangs

If you want to feel like an Instagram model. make sure you get a pair of bangs to round up your bob with platinum blonde hair look. This one is a bit more maintenance, but it looks great on those who don’t mind blow drying their bangs each morning.


Platinum blonde bob may not be something that every woman can achieve overnight, but it is manageable for most of the light colored or virgin hair types. If you fell in love with any of these hairstyles make sure you embrace one sometimes soon since it is so chic & flawless.