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25 Ways to Style Long Pixie Cuts for Thin Hair

Finding the perfect short haircut for thin hair can certainly be a struggle. Many women worry about going too short for fear of not having enough hair to create a texture that makes hair look fuller.

Luckily, there are many ways to style a long pixie on thin hair. Even better, you don’t need a particular face shape to rock a long pixie since it can be adapted to fit your face.

So before you decide a short haircut isn’t in the cards for you and your thin mane, look at our favorite ways to style a long pixie.

Long Pixie Cuts for Thin Hair

Are you looking for a short haircut that works with your thin hair? We have 25 stylish long pixie cuts for thin-haired ladies to make you forget about your hair woes.

1. Side-Parted

long blonde pixie for thin hair

If you have a long or oval face shape, a pixie with a soft side part will look great. Part your hair off center and smooth it neatly so it lies flat along your forehead to split up the face dimension.

2. Pixie for Older Women

long pixie cut for older women with thin hair

Older women who like short haircuts will appreciate the newfound shape from a long pixie cut. This style with bangs is great for women with thin or fine hair since you can enhance texture with a little mousse or hairspray.

3. Long Pixie with Undercut

long thin pixie with undercut

Looking for an edgy short haircut? Give your pixie an undercut or fade. Not only does it put a fresh twist on a short hair look, but it also cuts down on the maintenance of your locks.

4. Thin Pixie Bob

long pixie for women over 60 with thin hair

If you’re a thin-haired woman over 60, it doesn’t need to be a style struggle. An ear-length long pixie with just a soft side part is just fine for thin, straight hair. To dress it up, try pinning back a small section of hair near the face.

5. Black Pixie Cut

long pixie for black women with thin hair

For women with black hair and a wide forehead, a pixie cut with bangs will help you out. Ask your stylist for long piecey bangs that work with thin hair, and face-framing layers.

6. Long-Tousled Pixie

long pixie for asian women with thin hair

To get a breezy, casual look, use a curling wand to create a few waves or curls close to your face. This long pixie features hair parted off-center, and a wavy side bang that softens the look.

7. Short Layers

long pixie cut for women over 50 with thin hair

To give your thin-haired pixie a bit more volume, you can always opt for short layers. When they’re emphasized at the top of your head, it gives the illusion of thicker hair. With or without a bang, this look is a winner.

8. Long Pixie with Choppy Bangs

long pixie for thin hair

If you have straight hair and opt for a long pixie with bangs, consider a choppy or diagonally cut bang that gives your fringe a bit more shape. This type of cut will also give your haircut a bit of an edgy vibe.

9. Long Blonde Pixie

long blonde pixie for thin hair

Do blondes have more fun with short hair too? Find out by transforming your thin mane into this chic side-swept pixie! Take it one step further and warm it up a bit by adding highlights in a lighter shade of blonde.

10. Long Curly Pixie

long curly pixie for thin hair

Besides adding layers, another way to get more body in your mane is with curls. Whether you get a perm or spend a morning curling your hair, these gorgeous coils will really give your hairstyle some bounce.

11. Rainbow Pixie

long colored pixie for thin hair
Instagram / hairmakesupbee

If you’re always one to play with funky hair colors, then this long rainbow pixie cut was made for you! Make the colors pop by lightening the rest of your hair first. Then enhance your thin hair with big curls.

12. Platinum Pixie

low maintenance long pixie for thin hair

If blonde isn’t enough for you, go platinum blonde! A long pixie in this bright shade will make you the shining star of any room. This style is very low maintenance since it is all mostly one length – just run your fingers through and be done.

13. Messy Long Pixie

messy long pixie for thin hair
Instagram / chopitoff

Another secret to getting an enviable mane? Using plenty of texturizing spray to enhance and shape naturally curly hair into messy tendrils. Whether you have highlights or not, your curls will love the extra bounce they get from a bit of hair product.

14. Red Finger Waves

long retro pixie for thin hair

Finger waves and bold red color will give you this fierce red pixie. Not even you will notice your thin locks when they’re all spiffed up like this. It’s an elegant, retro look for women who appreciate unique hairstyles.

15. Wavy Long Pixie

long wavy pixie for thin hair
Instagram / nataliesrosie

The best thing about having a pixie cut is that it only takes a few wavy sections of hair to dress it up before you head out somewhere fancy. Part your hair off center for a lift before adding in these soft waves.

16. Asymmetrical Pixie

dyed long pixie for thin hair
Instagram / parloursaloninc

For women who have light or pale skin tones, a cool light blue is the perfect color for both complementing your skin tone and brightening up a pixie cut. The layered cut and teased crown make for a statement style any lady will love.

17. Fine Gray Pixie

long fine grey pixie

Dealing with both fine and gray hair in your older age? Kill two birds with one stone and transform your locks into a lively long pixie with layers and thin bangs. Add a cute head scarf for a pop of color.

18. Wedding Look

long thin pixie for wedding

For that special day, whether it’s a wedding or prom, all you have to do to fix up your pixie hair is add some waves or curls, then tuck in either a bedazzled tiara or a headband of some sort. Keep the hair loose, not slick, for a soft, romantic look.

19. Long Pixie with Side Braids

long thin pixie with braids

We can all agree that braids are one of the best details for any hairstyle. Braids even work on thin hair, so add two or three to the side of your pixie and tease the other side of your hair for sexy volume.

20. Pixie with Headband

long thin pixie with headband

This straightened long asymmetrical pixie is a triple threat with its great cut, vibrant hair color, and polka-dotted headband. If you’d like, add a fade or shape up the hairline above your forehead.

21. Long Bangs

long pixie bob for thin hair
Instagram / justindillaha_hair

With a wide forehead and thin hair, you can pull off these extra long bangs easily. This low-maintenance pixie haircut just requires a finger comb to be ready for the day. When summer comes around, add in some blonde highlights to be sunshine-ready!

22. Thin Pixie with Undercut

long thin pixie with undercut
Instagram / genejuarez

One great way to distract from thin dark hair is to put a lot of different details into your look. Try a fade or undercut and fill the other half of your hair with teased curls or waves. Leave it your natural color or throw in some bright highlights.

23. Middle Parted Pixie

middle parted long pixie for thin hair
Instagram / keekthehairgeek

Parting hair in the middle is easy and low-maintenance styling, but it’ll look like you spent more time on it if you highlight where you part your hair. The style above flaunts subtle pink highlighting on blonde hair.

24. Stacked Long Pixie

long thin pixie with side part
Instagram / latesthair

Many women choose a stacked haircut to give their thin locks a volume boost. A stacked pixie is a very tasteful choice, especially when it’s parted off-center and hair is straightened for a sleek finish.

25. Red Pixie with Bangs

long pixie with bangs for thin hair
Instagram / aimeewaitehair

Calling all redheads: embrace that ginger color by making it shine in a shapely long pixie. We love these long thin bangs that draw all the attention to the eyes. Straighten your mane to make a chic style.

With so many gorgeous ways to style a long pixie in thin hair, we’d understand if you have trouble deciding which is your favorite. For easy styling, we’d recommend looking for the pixie that is most similar to your hair type. Then you can personalize it with braids, side bangs, a head wrap, or hair color to make a new look you love.