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25 Flattering Blonde Hairstyles for Tan Skin in 2024

Contrary to what most people might think, blonde hair looks great on tan skin since it actually helps enhance the color of your tan, bringing more light into your own skin. In this article, we list 25 stunning blonde hairstyles perfect for tan skin that you need to try in 2024. Trust us, you won’t want to go back to any other hair color after trying these. Let’s begin.

Ideal Blonde Hairstyles for Tan Skin

Here we have the most ravishing blonde hair color and hairstyle ideas for tan girls to rock.

1. Beachy Waves

blonde beachy waves for tan skin

Embrace the summer spirit with loose, carefree beachy waves. This style looks stunning on tan skin, creating an effortlessly chic vibe. To achieve this look, use a large-barrel curling iron or a flat iron to create soft, tousled waves.

For added texture, spritz some sea salt spray onto your hair. This versatile style suits most hair lengths and can be worn with a center or side part. It’s perfect for those seeking a laid-back, trendy look.

2. Honey Blonde Balayage

honey blonde balayage curls for tan skin

Add depth and dimension to your blonde locks with a honey blonde balayage. This sun-kissed color melts seamlessly into tan skin, brightening your face without being too overpowering.

Balayage is a low-maintenance option, as it grows out naturally, creating a soft, blended look. This technique works well on various hair lengths and textures, making it ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their natural beauty.

3. Platinum Pixie Cut

platinum pixie cut for tan skin

For the bold and daring, opt for a platinum pixie cut. This edgy, icy blonde shade creates a striking contrast against tan skin and makes a strong style statement.

The pixie cut can be worn in several ways, from a textured, piece-y look to a sleek, smooth style. This head-turning haircut is perfect for those with strong facial features and who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd.

4. Dark Golden Blonde Lob

dark golden blonde balayage lob

A long bob, or lob, in a warm golden blonde balayage shade looks absolutely stunning on tan skin. This versatile, low-maintenance style flatters most face shapes and can be worn straight, wavy, or curly.

For added interest, try incorporating face-framing layers or a deep side part. The golden blonde lob is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting a chic, timeless look that’s easy to maintain.

5. Sunkissed Highlights

blonde sunkissed highlights for tan skin

Enhance your tan with strategically placed sunkissed highlights. They’ll frame your face and add a touch of brightness that complements your skin tone perfectly.

These highlights work best on medium to long hair and can be placed throughout your hair or concentrated around the face for a more dramatic effect. Ideal for those looking to add some dimension and lightness to their hair without a full color change.

6. Strawberry Blonde Curls

strawberry blonde curls for tan skin

Channel your inner bombshell with strawberry blonde curls. This warm shade has just the right amount of red to make your tan skin pop, and the curls add volume and movement.

This style can be achieved with a curling iron or rollers and is stunning on medium to long hair. Strawberry blonde curls are perfect for those wanting to make a playful statement while embracing their natural curls or waves.

7. Dirty Blonde Updo

dirty blonde updo for tan skin

Opt for a classy, elegant dirty blonde updo to showcase your tan skin. Whether it’s a sleek chignon, a braided crown, or a messy bun, this versatile shade adds sophistication to any updo.

This style is perfect for special occasions or when you want to keep your hair off your face while looking polished. It’s an excellent option for those with medium to long hair who enjoy experimenting with different updo styles.

8. Champagne Blonde Bob

champagne blodne wavy bob for tan skin

Turn heads with a champagne blonde bob. This cool, creamy shade harmonizes beautifully with tan skin, giving you a polished, chic look.

The bob can be worn at various lengths, from chin-length to just above the shoulders, and can be styled with waves, curls, or straightened. This style is great for those with fine to medium hair and who want a low-maintenance, fashionable cut.

9. Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair for tan skin

Can’t decide on a single shade? Try a blonde ombre, which transitions from darker roots to lighter ends. This gradient effect adds depth and interest to your hairstyle and pairs beautifully with tan skin.

The ombre technique works well on various hair lengths, from lobs to long locks, and can be worn with straight, wavy, or curly hair. For an edgier look, try a reverse ombre with darker ends. This style is perfect for those who want a versatile, low-maintenance color that still makes a statement.

10. Ash Blonde Waves

ash blonde hair color for tan skin

Ash blonde is a cool, modern shade that looks incredible on tan skin. Pair it with soft, cascading waves for a head-turning style that’s both fashionable and flattering.

To achieve this look, use a curling iron or rollers, and consider adding some subtle lowlights for added dimension. Ash blonde waves work well on medium to long hair and are a great choice for those with cool undertones seeking a trendy, sophisticated style.

11. High Ponytail

tan girl with blonde hair

Before you put your hair into a ponytail, you will have to ask your hairstylist to give you blonde highlights that blend together into your hair and go lighter as you reach the very tips of it.

Once that’s done, you will have to comb your hair back and upwards in a very high ponytail, but, instead of tying up with just a headband, tie your hair around it to cover the hair tie and you’re done.

12. Middle Parted Bob

short blonde hair for tan skin tone

This is a classic blonde bob haircut that tan-skinned girls need to try. To get it, you’ll have to bleach your hair so it can be lighter than before.

Also, cut it down right above your shoulders and part it down the middle! If your hair is naturally straight, you can slightly curly it with a flat iron to give it some texture as well.

13. Balayage Ombre Hair

Tan Skin Women with Icy Blonde Hair

To get this hairstyle, make sure to ask your hairdresser to give bleach and color your hair with a very icy blonde hair dye. After that, simply part it down the middle and curl it with a curling iron to get these big, classic waves as in the picture.

14. Half Up Half Down Ponytail + Scrunchie

Blonde Hairdo for Women with Tan Skin Tone

You can show off your tan skin with this blonde hairstyle! Getting it is very easy, all you have to do is parting your hair in half, and then putting the top part in a ponytail, tying it up with a scrunchie to give it a little 90’s touch as you see on the picture.

15. Blonde Middle Parted Hair

Blonde Middle Parted Hair for Tanned Women

This is another classic dirty blonde hair color for you to try. This is one of the best hair colors for tan skin. Remember, you will have to get lighter highlights to blend with your blonde tone before you actually start to style it.

That being said, then all you gotta do is part it in half and curl it with a big curling iron so you can get the wavy hairstyle you see on the picture.

16. Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

blonde hair on tan skin

Blonde hair on tan skin looks great even if it’s a darker tone like this one! To get it, you definitely should dye it a darker tone and then get a very light blonde on top to get the highlights. Last, but not least, remember to straight down your hair and mess it up a little bit to achieve the same style.

17. Blonde Balayage

This is yet another classic take on a great hairstyle that looks amazing on tan skin. Just remember to make sure the blonde is very light and takes more of your hair than your natural color. Last, but not least, don’t forget to style to one side to give it more of a messy vibe.

18. Bouffant Hair

tanned women with blonde hair

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s really going to show off your blonde hair and complement your tan skin, this is it! First, remember to ask your hairdresser for subtle highlights on your blonde hair.

Once that’s done, you will have to part your hair in half and tease the top part until it reaches the shape you want. Then simply tie it all up in a ponytail. Also, don’t forget to leave two pieces of loose hair on the front part to really mimic the hairstyle.

19. Blonde Straight Ombre Hair

tanned girl with blonde hair

If you’re not ready to go fully blonde, try this one! To make sure it’s done right, the color of the base of your hair should definitely be between a dark blonde and a light brown and then getting the lighter blonde ombre on the tips of your hair.

20. Long Blonde Hair + Bandana

Long Blonde Hairstyle for Tan Girl

This is one of those hairstyle that makes it look that your hair has been naturally kissed by the sun.

To mimic this bandana hairstyle, you will need to bleach it on a very light blonde hair color and then making sure to add lighter highlights just on the front to make it seem as the sun and sea naturally lighten your hair.

21. Pigtails

You can show off your tan skin with this hairstyle as well if you already have a balayage! To get it, part your hair down the middle and then put each half very high on a ponytail on each side. You can curl th very ends to get a little bit more volume and you’re done.

22. Very High Half Up Hairstyle

blonde tan girl

This blonde hair is similar to the previous one, however, this time the blonde should go higher on your head. Also, you will have to part it in half, putting the top part very high on a ponytail and letting it fall down on the bottom part. Don’t forget to curl it with a curling iron to get the same waves.

23. Full Highlights

blonde with tan skin

If you really want to show off your tanned skin, this is the perfect blonde shade for you. To get it, you’ll have to first curl it using curling rolls and letting them sit for long enough and then styling it to the side as you see in the picture.

24. Low Ponytail

blonde hair for tan skin tones

You can still show off your blonde hair and bring attention to your tan skin by putting your hair in a low ponytail. To achieve this sandy blonde hairstyle you will have to part your hair down the middle.

After that, simply slick it back with the help of a comb and some hair gel. Lastly, tie your hair around with a hair tie and secure everything with a little bit of hair spray.

25. Face-framing Highlights

Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights for Tan Skin

Last, but not least, this classic balyage highlights hairstyle. This is pretty much a regular very blonde balayage, but styled with big curls and one side tucked behind your ear, pinned with a 90’s chunky hairpin to keep it all in place.

It’s very important that your natural hair color is still visible at your roots so the blonde can actually attract attention to your face and bring natural light into it!

And that’s it! You have now seen 25 gorgeous blonde hairstyles that you can try out in 2024. Your tanned skin is going to look amazing with these blonde hair colors.