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45 Incredible Party Hairstyles to Inspire You

When you are going to a club or private events, you certainly need a party hairstyle that will make everybody say WOW! Outfits are tremendously essential, but if you don’t pull off the best hairdo out of your mane, you can ruin the whole look.


Gorgeous Party Hairstyles

Parties are wild and people want to stand out, look fabulous, and make new friends. It’s a big unrecognized competition of who looks best, and you undoubtedly wish that person to be you, right?

A party is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with your hair and get hairstyles that you can’t pull off when you go to the office or a fancy restaurant. Get creative, use hair extensions, all types of irons, braids, sequins and glitter, feathers, it’s all permitted when you want to rock a party. Below are 35 glamorous party hairstyles to try in 2024.

1. Long Hair with Half Bun

party hairstyle for long hair

Impress everybody with a sequins outfit and a party hairstyle for long hair. Take the top strands and tie them into a bun and straighten the tips of your mane. It’s a simple hairdo, but it will complete your look.


2. Crimped Hair for Christmas Party

christmas party hairstyle

This Christmas party hairstyle is so fabulous! Use a crimping iron for the roots and style waves and curls for the rest of the mane. Take the top strands, twist, and tie them in the back. Keep a few loose strands on the forehead.


3. Club Party Hairstyle

party hairstyle for medium hair

A party hairstyle for medium hair will undoubtedly place you in the center of attention everywhere you go! Go for a caramel blonde ombre and use your bangs to create thin braids that you can pin on one side, covering the forehead.


4. Bun for Wedding Party

hairstyle for wedding party

Weddings are one of the most important moments in any women’s life and a hairdo that makes you look fabulous is mandatory. Build a bun and wrap a few hair strands at the base to obtain a gorgeous hairstyle for a wedding party.


5. Two Ponytails Party Hairstyle

party hairstyle for short hair

This party hairstyle for short hair is ideal for girls that want to give their hairdo a sexy childish note. Get two ponytails on each side of the head and opt for a floral headband. Go with blue eyeliner and a pink lipstick.


6. Retro Party Hairstyle

cocktail party hairstyle

When you are attending a themed party, you can’t opt for a regular hairdo. This retro cocktail party hairstyle keeps your mane in a bob haircut with waves and as decoration, you can use a headband with a feather that can be placed on the forehead.


7. Faux Ponytail

easy party hairstyle

This easy party hairstyle can be easily reproduced by extending your hair with a faux ponytail. Gather your mane on top and create a bun that will be used to attach the pony. Complete the look with flawless smokey eye makeup and long diamond-like earrings.


8. Curly Hairstyle for Birthday Party

hairstyle for birthday party

If you are searching for a hairstyle for a birthday party, this is the best option for you. Select strands from the front area and roll them into a big bun in the back. Before you pin it down, make sure to create curls that will provide a lot of dimension.


9. Braided Bun for Wedding Party

bridal party hairstyle

A bridal party hairstyle must be fierce, sexy, eye-catching, and should definitely suit your style and personality. Opt for a French braid that starts from the top and goes on one side, reaching the back. Style a gorgeous romantic messy bun, and you’ll look marvelous.


10. Afro Curls

curly hairstyle for party

A curly hairstyle for a party is totally breathtaking and we have the perfect tool for this: the Afro curling iron. The device is very thin, so the curls it creates are tight and bouncy. It will take you a lot of time to obtain this hairstyle, especially if you have long thick hair, but it will totally worth it.


11. Bright and Loud

college party hairstyle

Sport this vibrant and bright fuchsia pink hair color and you’ll surely be the life of the party. Add some braids and put on a colorful eye shadow for full effect. 


12. Goddess Braids with Afro Puff

party hairstyle for natural hair

Are you looking for a fancy updo that will make everyone go green with envy? This braid with afro puff will surely make you feel like a goddess. Not only that, it allows you to show off your beautiful curls while keeping it polished and stylish at the same time. 


13. High Curly Bun with Crown

updo hairstyle for party

Show off your inner princess with this high curly bun with a matching bejeweled crown.

The curly high bun highlights your gorgeous swan-like neck while the hair strands in the front perfectly frame your face. On the other hand, the dazzling crown is the cherry on top of this beautiful hairdo. 


14. Simple Updo with Soft Ringlets

party hairstyle for asian girls

Turn your simple and effortless updo into a stylish and eye-catching one by draping down a few soft ringlets at the back. Style the top with a bouffant for a classy touch.

Pro Tip: Adding an elegant headband will take this hairstyle to a whole new level. 


15. High Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail for party

A simple high ponytail already looks edgy and sleek. Add in loose braids and you got yourself a fabulous-looking hairstyle that’s perfect for any type of party! Pair this with metallic lipstick and shoulder-baring top for a sexy and badass look. 


16. Braided Updo

braided updo for party

Are you tired of the usual updo? This reverse braided updo may just be what you need.

The braids at the back add an edgy touch to your usual bun while the high bun keeps thing classy and elegant– the best of both worlds!


17. Puffy Half Updo

half up party hairstyle

The half up half down hairstyle is the classic girl-next-door hairstyle. But with a few tweaks, it can be the perfect party hairstyle!

Our recommendations? Tease the top of your hair to achieve an edgy puffy effect and curl your gorgeous hair for a sexy look. 


18. Cornrows and Ponytail

braids with ponytail for party

Who would’ve thought cornrows can look this classy? You can achieve this look by keeping your cornrows sleek instead of chunky. Finish off the entire look with a ponytail that will show off your long gorgeous hair. 

For a pop of color, wear long gorgeous bright-colored chandelier earrings. 


19. Side Part Bob

party hairstyle with side part

Achieving a party-ready hairstyle need not be complicated! In fact, this simple hack will already do– go for a side part.

A side part can change your look in an instant as it can elongate the face, emphasize your cheekbones, and soften your jawline. 


20. Flower Braids

updo style for party

Party time means it’s time to get creative with your braids. The good news is making these flower braids are easier than it looks.

Secure the twin braids at the back of your head with hair pins. Afterward, divide the rest of your hair into thinner strands then use it to form a small rose with the strands layered one over the other. 


21. Metallic Highlights

mohawk braids for party

Voluminous braids are already eye-catching, but you can take them into a whole different ballgame if you’ll add metallic highlights to them. 

The metallic violet streaks will make you look like a rock star. Make sure to match your eye shadow with the color of your hair to complete your look. 


22. Long and Wavy

long balayage hair for party

Sometimes, less is more. Case in point: This long gorgeous wavy hair which looks as sexy as hell. 

Pro Tip: If you have a round or square face shape, pair your mermaid-like locks with long curtain bangs. 


23. Multiple Ponytails 

party hairstyle

Why settle with one ponytail when you can get more? If you want to keep your long hair in check in the most stylish way possible, this is the hairstyle for you.

The best part? Making this cool hairstyle is quite easy. All you need are a few elastic bands, comb, and your creativity!


24.  Voluminous Side Braid

party hairstyle to the side

With the hairstyle’s volume and color, you’ll certainly be the apple of everyone’s eye. 

The big side braid will make your hair fuller and will give you that sexy mermaid vibe. You can make it even more voluminous by using your fingers to loosen the braids.


25. Fishtails Pigtails

pigtail braids for party

Let’s add a chic and mature take on your favorite childhood hairstyle. These fishtail pigtails are good proof that you can look youthful and glamorous at the same time! 


26. Braids and Waves

long blonde hair for parties

Are you in love with braids and waves and can’t decide which style to choose? Well, why not get all?

This long party hairstyle incorporates fishtail braids, loose braids, and waves. All of which look amazing on their own but are a lot more fabulous and glamorous when worn all together. 


27. Short yet Wild

shoulder length hairstyle for party

If you have afro hair, you’ve got everything you need for a sexy party hairstyle. All that you need to do to achieve this hairstyle is to use a volumizing hair care system, air dry your curls, and pick your hair until you achieve the volume you want. 


28. Upside Down French Braid with Side Curls 

thin hairstyle for party

Curls and braids are extremely feminine hairstyles, but add in a few tweaks and you got yourself a badass and cool hairstyle. To achieve this look, we highly recommend going for an upside-down french braid and sweeping the rest of your curly hair to the side. 


29. Undercut Ponytail

party hairstyle with shaved sides

Blunt bangs, high ponytail, and undercut make up the perfect edgy goth hairstyle. Pair this unique hairstyle with dark eye makeup and black clothing for the ultimate dark and mysterious look. 


30. A Floral Touch

party hairstyle for little girls

If you already have gorgeous natural wavy hair, your hair is already perfect for partying, You don’t have to exert too much effort trying to make it look good. 

You just need to add a beautiful floral hair decor and pair it with beaded earrings to achieve a chic bohemian look. 


31. Bow Party Hairstyle

holiday party hairstyle

A holiday party hairstyle should inspire happiness and make you forget about your daily problems. Opt for a big bow on top of your head and a pair of beautiful yellow glasses.


32. Wavy + Twisted Party Hairstyle

pool party hairstyle

A pool party hairstyle needs to look relaxed, without a big fuss. Go for simple light waves and a discrete makeup with a pinch – the red lipstick. Get this look only if you are planning to stay out of the swimming pool, otherwise, you will ruin the whole thing.


33. Indian Bun Hairstyle for Special Events

indian party hairstyle

An Indian party hairstyle must look glorious and you can make one by decorating your hair with flowers. Use a donut to style your bun and roses to create a crown around it. For the middle part, opt for a piece of sophisticated Indian jewelry that comes from the top of your head and lands on the forehead.


34. Updo With Curls for Party

tea party hairstyle

A retro tea party hairstyle can make you look gorgeous, especially if you build a low pony with a curl and Victory rolls. Complete the look with an eyeliner and a red lipstick.


35. Pink Braided Party Hairstyle

braided party hairstyle

Get an inverted bob haircut with bangs and go for a pale pink ombre color. If you need to attend an event, this braided party hairstyle will make you look breathtaking. Spare two strands from the temples and build a knit that you can secure in the back.


36. Long Curly Hairdo

freshers party hairstyle

A freshers party hairstyle should make you look outstanding, whether you are a senior or a fresher. Get a dark ashy blonde color and style blonde highlights to obtain that fantastic color. Spare the long bangs and let them fall on the forehead while you secure the top in the back and create a half pony.


37. Curly Mohawk

hairstyle for night party

If you want a hairstyle for a night party that will make you rock, this hairdo is just the thing for you. Pin your whole head up and style big bouncy curls. Create an eye-popping makeup using electric colors like fuchsia and a pale blue eye shadow.


38. Great Gatsby Party Hairstyle

hairstyle for gatsby party

To recreate this hairstyle for gatsby party, you need a wide headband with an application and an iron to create curls and waves for your hair. Tuck some of them under the headbands and wear loads of beads on your neck.


39. Fishtail Crown

garden party hairstyle

A garden party hairstyle can be messy and romantic at the same time. Take a thick strand from each side and build two fishtail braids which you will use to create a braided crown. Use the rest for your hair to build a big roll.


40. Space Bun

party hairstyle for girls

Whenever you need a party hairstyle for girls that make you look ravishing, style two messy space buns on each side and spare your bangs to create a beautiful face frame.


41. Vintage Party Hairstyle

vintage party hairstyle

To obtain a vintage party hairstyle like this, build a big roll of hair on top of the head using a wide rod. In the back, make an elegant bun and opt for small shiny diamond earrings.


42. Long Straight Hairstyle for Parties

pajama party hairstyle

A pajama party hairstyle needs to be simple, easy to do and you can build it just by layering and straightening your hair. As for the makeup, a nude lipstick will do the trick. So raise up your glasses and don’t forget about the pillow fight!


43. Low Ponytail

jazz party hairstyle

A jazz party hairstyle should make you look glamorous and elegant and a simple low ponytail will be just what you need. Create a middle part and make that top look sleek and beautiful.


44. Afro Updo

dance party hairstyle

If you are an African American woman, take advantage of those gorgeous coils and go for a dance party hairstyle that adds value to your perfect ringlets. Style a top ponytail that will look like a palm on top of your hair.


45. Cornrow Bunparty hairstyle for young girls

Do you want to be the coolest girl from the club? Style cornrow braids and pin them in the back, in a low bun. Wear square modern huge glasses and pink earrings if you want to get all the attention.

When attending an event, even if we are talking about Christmas, themed, birthday, freshers, or club parties, you need to give your best and build the perfect outfit. You’ll spend hours doing your makeup, choosing what to wear and making your party hairstyle, but in the end, all eyes will be on you.

We’ll be happy to find out which of the above is your favorite and how your party was, so write to us in the comments section!