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15 Best Hairstyles For Women Over 60 With Oval Faces

Ovals faces are one of the most straightforward shapes to work with, as this universally flattering silhouette can easily stand up to even the boldest style.

For that reason, there is no shortage of hairstyles for over 60 women with oval faces. We have collected some of the best style options for you to consider below.   

For more mature women, this gives the added benefit of wearing trendy, modern cuts that hide many age-related hair concerns, like changing texture and bald spots.

You can choose something low-maintenance or spice up your life with a more dramatic hairdo, knowing that whatever you choose will look fabulous. 

Hairstyles for Women Over 60 With Oval Faces

When it comes to hairstyles for women over 60 with oval faces, you have the most options out of any facial shape for age-appropriate, trendy cuts.

1. Super Short Feathers

layered hairstyle for over 60 women with oval faces

Feathered ends remove excessive weight from your hair without compromising volume, but they tend to require quite a bit of upkeep to nail the retro flip.

Instead of spending time carefully coiffing longer hair, women above 60 with an oval face shape can use the style as inspiration for a sportier pixie.

Ask your stylist to leave a little extra length on the sides, then use a small, round-barrel brush while blow drying to create the fanned effect.

2. Short, Natural Waves

thick hairstyle for over 60 women with oval faces

As you get older, your hair tends to get increasingly drier due to decreased oil production at the scalp.

You can fight against it with expensive keratin and conditioning treatments or confidently embrace your funky frizz.

Keep your hair short, and you’ll have an incredible volume that balances out a narrow chin with your oval face.

3. Fringed French Chignon

updo hairstyle for over 60 women with oval faces

French twists are a more sophisticated alternative to casual updos for ladies over 60, but they can look formal for everyday wear.

Adding eyebrow-length curtain bangs brings a breath of fresh air to a potentially stuffy hairstyle, though oval faces should avoid parting them straight down the middle.

4. Short Mullet

thin hairstyle for over 60 women with oval faces

Mullets are making a major comeback for men and women, so try out the trend with a feminine version that leaves plenty of tousled length on top, then ends in a more subtle razored tail at the back.

It’s an excellent option for dealing with the awkward process of growing out a pixie cut, as it keeps your hair neat without removing new growth.

5. Short and Swept Back

hairstyle for over 60 black women with oval faces

Take back your morning by opting for one of the easy-to-maintain hairstyles for women over 60 – a pixie with soft, well-blended layers swept back from your forehead.

The subtle shapeliness adds structure to this shorter cut without appearing overly masculine.

6. Platinum Blunt Lob

platinum blonde bob for women over 60 with oval face

Live your dream of being a femme fatale (or at least looking like one) with a blunt-cut lob bleached platinum blonde.

Warm highlights and cool lowlights add gorgeous dimension to a style that struggles to catch the light. Finish the look with a piece-y fringe that hits just below the eyebrows.

7. Textured Asymmetric Pixie

hair color for over 60 women with oval faces

One of the best features of an oval face shape is that just about every hairstyle looks universally flattering.

This brick-red textured asymmetric pixie cut is a bold, youthful choice for over 60 women that few other facial silhouettes can sport, so take advantage of this low-effort but stylish cut.

8. Ballerina Bun With Tendrils

hair bun for over 60 women with oval faces

Oval faces benefit from face-framing pieces, as these pieces can accentuate the natural curve of your cheek. They also help if you have a more angular chin.

If you want to keep your hair long without weighing down your features, try a swept-back ballerina bun with a wraparound twist to hide your ponytail holder.

Then, draw out two tendrils at your temple, add a medium curl, and you’re done!

9. Grown-Out Pixie

grey hair for over 60 women with oval faces

Pixies are already a low-maintenance cut, but you can make your morning hair care routine easier by embracing your natural texture.

This longer-length pixie adds volume without elongating your oval face, and it also means you can skip the heat tools when styling your hair.

10. Tousled Waves

feathered hairstyle for over 60 women with oval faces

If you’re struggling with thinning hair as you age, you’re not alone. You can create the look of thicker tresses by keeping your hair short, then adding soft waves.

For additional volume, tease the crown of your head and spritz with a light-hold hairspray. It will help keep everything in place without looking or feeling overdone.

11. Chin-Length Bob

bob haircut for over 60 women with oval faces

A smooth, sleek bob is one of the most beloved hairstyles for ladies over 60 who have oval face shapes because it draws attention to a shapely jawline, while the side-swept bangs add a bit of width to narrow foreheads.

The monotone color is a bold choice. You can also add a more dynamic dimension with highlights.

12. Short Perms

curly hairstyle for over 60 women with oval faces

Beachy waves aren’t just for long locks! You can rock this texture in a face-framing lob that sweeps back at the temples.

The curl helps hold the softened, rounded shape of your hairstyle without requiring the additional product, and you’ll only have to visit the salon every 4-6 months as your perm grows out.

13. Full Feathered Fringe

hairstyle for women over 60 with oval faces

Thick hair can be frustrating to work with, but dramatic razoring creates more manageable tresses that don’t suffer from looking limp and lifeless.

Try the slightly ruffled look or add more structure with a touch of styling pomade at the ends.

14. Structured Layers

wash and wear haircut for over 60 women with oval faces

Keeping your hair neat while growing out a crop or pageboy can be challenging, but this center-part structured layer hides uneven length while still framing your facial shape.

The choppy bangs are an excellent touch, as they emphasize the eyes and cheekbones.

15. Brushed-Back Crop

pixie haircut for over 60 women with oval faces

The best hairstyles for older women with oval faces add volume and texture to mask thinning areas.

This brushed-back crop capitalizes on weightlessly wispy strands to create the illusion of thicker hair. To achieve this look, just brush your hair back while blow drying.

Being over 60 doesn’t mean you have to succumb to stereotypically “grandmother” hairstyles, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have an oval-shaped face.

Your natural curves and angles open the door to fun, modern styles that prove you’re still young at heart.