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The 20 Prettiest Hair Color Ideas For Oval Faces

Women with oval face shapes have the most balanced and versatile face shapes, so they seem to have it all. But did you know that the right hair color for oval faces can help you achieve the perfect hair by adding depth, texture, and shine?

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the most flattering hair color ideas for oval faces!


What is an Oval Face Shape?

The oval face shape is longer than it is wider. This shape is the ideal form of balance and features a forehead that’s a bit wider than the chin and the cheekbones being the widest part of your face. 

To further give you an idea of what an oval face shape looks like, you may want to check out these celebrities:

  • Beyonce,
  • Cameron Diaz, 
  • Cindy Crawford, 
  • Charlize Theron,
  • Courtney Cox,
  • Rihanna,
  • Julia Roberts, 
  • and many more.

If your face is similar to the shape of the celebrities mentioned, congrats! You’re one of the blessed few.


Gorgeous Hair Color Trends for Oval Faces

Since you have the perfect face shape, you can go for just about any hair color or hairstyle. But if you want to find the most suitable hair color, other factors you need to consider are your natural or current hair color, skin tone, and eye color.

Since you already have the perfect face shape, let’s get started searching for the right hair color to suit it. Here are our top picks for the best hair color for an oval face: 

1. Balayage

balayage hair color for oval faces

The right hair color for oval faces should perfectly frame the face not distract from it, and balayage is a good example. Balayage is a coloring technique wherein the hair color is applied with the aim of creating a graduated, more blended, and natural appearance.


2. Pastel Pixie 

colored pixie hair for oval faces

Pixie cuts have always been one of the go-to haircuts for oval faces because it allows the shape of the face to take center stage. The good news is this edgy hairstyle is made even bolder with the addition of a pastel hair color. 

The pastel purple shade (and other similar hues) in the picture looks best on fair skin with cool undertones. 


3. Shades of Blonde

colored bob for girl with oval faces

If you prefer going blonde, then you have two options– icy or warm blonde

People with a cool undertone will benefit well from a warm blonde shade while an icy blonde color can help balance out a warm skin tone. Or you can follow our model’s cue and experiment with different shades of blonde to add richness and depth to your beautiful bob.


4. Platinum Blonde

blonde hair color for oval faces

Platinum blonde is an almost-white shade of blonde that has a metallic sheen and a cream-ish tinge to it which makes it a great canvas that will allow your oval face to shine through. Heads up, this unique hair color is a great option for women with cool skin tones. 


5. Dark Roots + Orange Tips + Dreadlocks 

colored dreadlocks for oval faces

If you want a fiery shade like this orange but you don’t want it to be too overwhelming, the best option you have is to dip-dye your tips and leave the roots in a darker shade to balance out the vibrant orange shade


6. Dip-dyed Tips 

hair color for black women with oval faces

For an eye-catching yet well-balanced look, leave your roots dark then play with as many colors as you want for your tips. In this case, our model went for different shades of blue which looked extra gorgeous. 


7. Ombre 

ombre hair color for oval faces

Adding dimension, depth, and a few face-framing features to your hair can make an oval face look even better, and this bangs-and-ombre combo can do it all.

The bangs perfectly frame your face while the ombre allows you to play with different colors that promote a brightening multi-dimensional overall look. 


8. Red Dreaded Buns

red hair color for oval faces

The easiest red shade to work with is neutral red which is the hue shown in the picture. Since it’s somewhere in the middle– not too coppery, warm, or rich, it’s a great option for women with a neutral yellow skin undertone. 


9. Split dyed

two tone hair color for oval faces

From its name, split-dyed is the coloring technique wherein you color your hair on one side of the parting with a different color and the other half with a different color. It’s like Cruela de Vil’s look but with a pop of color. 

Pro Tip: Go for middle parting to perfect this look.


10. Pinkish Blonde

pink hair color for oval faces

We all dreamt of looking like Barbie and this pinkish-blonde number is exactly just what we need to achieve the dream. The gorgeous blend of blonde, soft pink, and platinum hues looks fun, flirtatious, and just actually gorgeous!


11. Ginger 

hair color for women over 50 with oval faces

Torn between going for brown, orange, or red, the ginger hair color is the best shade for you because it’s actually the perfect blend of those 3 beautiful hues.

If you have a pale to medium skin tone with a cool undertone, this subtle red number would look best on your skin. 


12. Multicolor

medium hair color for oval faces

If you’ve been thinking of adding splashes of color to your look, you may want to consider this unique hair color. 

But heads up, achieving this look is not as easy as you think. Creating this intricate design would require lots of steps–bleaching, toning, and many more-  so make sure that your hair is healthy enough to survive it. 


13. Chocolate Brown + Golden Blonde 

dyed curly hair for oval faces

Did you know that you can make warm blondes glow even more? It can happen when you go for a darker base color. In this case, we went for a chocolate brown base to make the golden blonde highlights and lowlights stand out. 


14. Grey

grey hair color for oval faces

With grey hair and dark roots, you can easily achieve a gothic and mysterious look. But be warned, you’d need to bleach your hair multiple times and then re-color it, so make sure to work with a professional colorist if you’re aiming for this hair color. 


15. Shades of Brown

dark hair color for oval faces

The brown shade is the obvious choice if you want a timeless and classic look. You can add depth and dimension to this simple shade by adding lowlights and highlights in different brown and blonde shades. 


16. Reddish Brown Afro 

hair color for afro women with oval faces

No matter what the length, curly hair will always frame an oval face perfectly. If you want to take your ‘fro to the next level, try coloring it with a beautiful reddish-brown shade that looks best on women with warmer skin tones. 


17. Blue + Pink Pixie

short hair color for oval faces

Make your pixie cut (the ultimate oval face shape haircut) look even chic-er and edgier by adding unexpected hair colors. With this color combination, you can definitely make heads turn. 


18. Moneypiece Highlights

highlighted hair for oval faces

Moneypiece highlights are making the rounds in social media because of their unique placement. This type of highlight places a  lighter shade around the front hairline designed to brighten and frame your face at the same time. 


19. Bold and Vibrant

teal hair color for oval faces

Don’t let anything prevent you from going for the boldest and brightest hair colors. Case in point: this neon green and turquoise combination. 

The neon green shade in the front part helps to highlight your face and draw the eyes to all your best features so that’s a big plus!


20. Copper

brown hair color for oval faces

Brighter than auburn but warmer than ginger, copper is a rich bronze color with a metallic sheen so it’s also a great option if you wish to boost hair shine.

However, you can only achieve this shade perfectly if you apply copper hair dye on brown or blonde hair. 


While it already looks perfect in itself, you can make your oval face look even more beautiful by choosing hair color shades and techniques that will add depth, dimension, and mystery to it. Choose any of these hair color trends for oval faces and we assure you you’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye.