7 Cutest Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for Kids [2022 Update]

Are you here to learn how to do kids braided ponytail hairstyle? Well, you’re in the right spot! We rounded up the 7 cutest ideas that will have your little one thrilled. There is something about kids and braids. They simply love them in all shapes and forms. That is why you should definitely do your best to make them happy and help them have a unique hairstyle.


Lovely Kids Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Our experts have shortlisted the sassiest braided ponytail hairstyle for kids that both you and your daughter will love!

1. Pigtail Braids

Double Pull-Through Ponytails for Kids

Instead of one, make it two ponytails. Decorate them with a bow for the young lady to be even cuter.

Ideal for: This kids braided ponytail is such an adorable look. Starting with the hair ties and the bows, it is everything your little girl dreams of.

How to Style: Start watching tutorials and get loads of hair ties. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to create this fancy look.


2. So Many Braids

pull through braided ponytail for kids

Try combining any two braids in a kids ponytail. You can choose whichever you like. This mane features a fun pull through braid style.

Ideal for: It’s great for long hair, which gives you the space to experiment with more styles at the same time. And, the ponytail looks richer.

How to Style: Opt for a two-in-one style with both a three-strand braid and a pull-through one.


3. Ponytail with Four Strand Braids

five strand braided ponytail for kids

Four and five-strand braids are a great substitute for the classic one. These two ideas are not as easy, but the final braided ponytail for kids look says that it will be worth it. Spare some of your free time to master these techniques.

Ideal for: Amazing braided hairstyle for little girls. They’ll be so happy to try something new.

How to Style: Put the hair up in two ponytails. Braid the top one in a four-strand braid and include the rest in the low pony.


4. Side Braids Pony

Dutch Side Braided Ponytail for Kids

The chances are you already know how to make a Dutch braid. Amp up the game with two on each side.

Ideal for: Both short and longer hairdos can opt for this kids braided ponytail look.

How to Style: Start off with the Dutch styles on the sides. Once you’re done, put the hair in a high pony and even add an additional braid in for things to be more interesting.


5. French-Braid Ponytail

kid with french braided ponytail

Here comes a classic that never gets old.

Ideal for: It’s great for when you don’t have too much time to experiment with new looks.

How to Style: Do a French braid Mohawk in the front and add another classic one to the kids braided ponytail hairdo.


6. Rope Twist Braids

 Rope Kids Braided Ponytail for Kids

Remember that gorgeous rope braid that you could see all over Instagram? There is another version of it and it’s even cooler. It is the French rope twist braid and looks absolutely fabulous.

Ideal for: Great for moms who want to learn any possible type of braid for their daughters and themselves as well.

How to Style: Do several French rope braids, then put the hair in a low ponytail. Finish off with a different braid that will cover the hair tie.


7. Cute Fishtail Pony

fishtail braided ponytail for kids

Everyone loves a good boho side fishtail braid. A classic braided ponytail for kids.

Ideal for: Great for fashionable young ladies with a cool style.

How to Style: It all begins with a chic pull-through braid on the side. If you can do it, great. It not, opt for a classic French one. When you do the pony, add a messy fishtail style.


These are the most adorable kids braided ponytail hairdos that you can opt for your little princess this season.

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