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25 Sweetest Brown Ombré Hair Color Ideas to Copy in 2024

If you think that the ombré hair trend has lost its momentum, brown ombre hair will certainly prove you wrong. Since this ombré hair shade is versatile enough for an everyday look yet stylish enough to make your hair stand out, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of women still go for this eye-catching option. And with plenty of brown shades to choose from, it looks like this hair color is here to stay. 

That’s why, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is the best time to do so! 

Who Should Try Brown Ombré?

Before we get into brown ombre hairstyles and the various ways you can achieve this hair color, let’s talk about light and dark brown colors and who should wear which.

Light Brown

light brown ombre

Let us start by saying anyone, literally, anyone can try either one of these ombré hairstyles. However, one might suit you better than the other, depending on what you’re looking for.

Light brown ombre is a great hair color choice for women who have somewhat tanned skin and what to bring out more the darkish color of their skin. The reason behind this it’s straightforward: Light ombré helps you show off your tanned complexion.

So, if you’re a blond or light-skinned girl who wants to look as if she has been kissed by the sun during the summer, these light brown hairstyles are definitely the right choice for you.

Flattering Hair Color Ideas for Light Skin

Dark Brown

Now, getting to talk about the dark brown ombré, this hairstyle has almost the opposite effect on the light brown ones. First, it will help you create more texture in your hair, and give you more volume and depth, which is great, but it doesn’t end there.

People who actually go for this hairstyle instead of the lighter version don’t really care about bringing out their skin color but want to get more depth into their hair.

There’s also the fact that this type of ombre, when done in dark hair, can be very subtle since the idea is to blend in with your natural hair color instead of actually popping out so much.

Brown Ombré Hairstyle Ideas

We have almost all the types of brown ombre hairstyles that you can choose from in this list! So if you’re ready, let’s get started. 

1. Black to Brown Ombré

brown ombre hair for black girls
Instagram / bobbiboss_hair

If you really wish to make your brown ombre hair stand out, the best color pairing for it would be no other than shiny natural black hair. Don’t forget to cur the ends of your hair for the perfect finishing touch. 

2. Gradient Reddish Brown

brown balayage ombre hair
Instagram / lachevelurenacree

Do you want a rich and more vibrant brown shade as your ombré hair? Red brown is your best option. This multi-color blend tones down the striking red shade color while making the brown more striking and adding depth to your entire look. The best part? It’s a lot easier to maintain than the red hair shade!

3. Ombré Curls

brown ombré twists
Instagram / devanna_dior

Are you torn between light or dark brown? Go in between and opt for a gorgeous medium shade like this one. This shade is also the perfect match against a black hair color. Bonus point: this will also make your curls look more eye-catching which is always a welcome surprise! 

4. Ash Brown Ombré

ash brown ombré hair
Instagram / beyondwaxstudio

If you have either a neutral or cool skin tone, the perfect shade of brown ombre for you would be ash brown. This unique color will also bring out the blue-gray notes in your hair which will certainly look amazing against your beautiful skin tone. Heads up, ash brown gets brassy over time so make sure to use blue shampoo to maintain its color. 

5. Natural Brown Dreadlocks

brown ombré dreads
Instagram / bellabasstron

If you just simply want to keep things simple, natural brown is the shade for you. The best thing about natural brown shade is it’s so versatile. In addition to matching with all types of skin tones, it’s also quite easy to maintain. You don’t need specialized shampoos or hair care products to preserve its color. 

6. Brown Ombré Locs

If you’ve been wearing your locs for quite a while now, you most have probably noticed that its ends have already gone brown due to sun exposure. If you love that shade, then you might as well dye your ombre hair natural brown almost all the way to the top to maximize the shade’s amazing look. 

7. Golden Brown Ombré Hair 

golden brown ombré hair
Instagram / pams_touches

The elegant-looking golden brown is actually a mix of light brown and medium blonde and is the perfect option if you wish to lighten your medium to dark brown hair or darken your golden blonde hair color. This warm and friendly ombre shade is perfect for people with peachy or golden skin. 

8. Caramel Brown Tint

caramel brown ombré hair
Instagram / goshensalon

If you don’t want a light hair color, opt for a medium-dark shade like caramel. This brown color features hints of gold and amber that would look beautifully against the sunshine and will suit all types of skin tones.

9. Chocolate Brown Ombré

brown ombré hair color
Instagram / alexis_hair

Can you just imagine the lovely rich color of chocolate? Well, try using it as your brown ombre shade and you’ll get to enjoy the prettiest brunette shade which perfectly reflects light (tip: the darker the shade, the shinier it gets). It’s also the perfect brown color for people with olive skin tone. 

10. Curly Light Brown Ombre

curly light brown ombré hair

Let’s start with a classic example of a lighter brown ombré type. Again, it’s a very common hairstyle, but this time, you should part your hair slightly off to one side and curl it into big chunky curls to go for that classic vibe.

11. High Ponytail

light brown ombré hair ponytail

The great thing about brown ombre is that you can style it however you want to, and this ponytail will really help you bring out the contrast between the lighter and darker parts of your hair!

12. Messy Ponytail

light brown ombre hair

Recreating this look is actually pretty easy. First, ask your stylist to give you a very subtle, light brown ombre that blends with the rest of your hair. Then pull your hair back into a pony, and you’re done.

13. Asymmetric Bob

brown ombre bob

This is a go-to straight bob hairstyle. Basically, your ombre should go from the middle to the tips of your hair and be completely straightened out. Remember to part your hair in the middle for the full effect.

14. Long Blunt Bob

light brown ombre

Remember we said this hairstyle is very versatile? This is what we meant. First, you’ll have to ask your stylist to cut your hair into a straight medium bob and then ask for a very subtle yet light ombré to give your brown hair some more depth and texture instead of just a regular bob.

15. Long Ponytail

light brown ombré hair high ponytail

If you have long hair, you can still show off your light ombré by styling it back into a high ponytail and tying it all together with a hair tie. You can keep the ponytail on the back or to one side on the front part! Make sure your hair is straightened down as well.

16. Short Curly Bob

short curls with light brown ombre

Who said brown ombré hair color only looked good on straight hair? You can add some depth to your naturally curly hair with a subtle short ombre that will bring light to your face while giving your hair extra depth and texture as well.

17. Big Waves

 brown ombre waves

If you’re looking for a fancier hairstyle, this one’s for you. Try to blow out your hair and then, using big curling rolls to curl your hair, give it this ‘big wave’ style.

Don’t forget to slick back one side of your hair, tucking it behind your ear, and pin it with a huge hairpin to give it the final touch.

18. Short Ombré Hair

short brown ombre

Again, a light ombre can really transform your short dark hair. In this case, instead of taking the ombre too high, make sure to ask your stylist to leave a huge part of your natural hair untouched so the contrast between the top and bottom part can be even more dramatic.

19. Super Curly Light Ombré

light brown ombré color for curly hair

Last but not least, we love this particular dark brown to light brown ombre hair color because it really gives your curly hair more depth.

You have to ask your stylist to give you an ombré that blends well with the natural part of your hair, but that doesn’t go as high actually to hide your natural color.

20. Middle Parted Bob

dark brown ombre

This particular ombré bob hairstyle is great for dark brown hair because it really helps you bring out the different colors in your hair, giving you more texture and volume almost instantly.

21. Big Curls

Curls with dark brown ombre

As we said, ombre doesn’t only look good on straight hair, it can also look amazing on curly hair just like this one, since it helps you bring some light to your face while giving your natural curls more depth and definition.

22. Short Hair with Dark Ombré

dark brown ombré bob

Not all ombe hairstyles have to be done in extremely long hair; you can try asking your stylist to cut your hair down your cheeks and give you a very subtle ombré that blends with your natural color and brings some light into your own hair.

23. Ombré Braids

brown ombre braids

Believe it or not, darker brown ombré looks great with braids as well, and contrary to what most people might think, the contrast between the two colors will still show off even if your hair is in tight box braids like this one. Of course, you can also style it into high ponytail braids.

24. Messy Top Knot

brown ombre

If you have very dark brown hair and you want to really bring attention to your hair, you can try going for a brown ombre with a more reddish undertone that will pop off way more on top of your natural hair color.

25. Reverse Brown Ombre

Reverse Brown Ombré

This reverse brown ombré is great to spice up your asymmetric wave. Of course, it would have to be a little bit shorter so your hair color can still be seen on top. As usual, don’t forget to wave it with a flat iron to really bring out the two colors on your hair!

Maintenance Tips 

Taking care of your brown ombre hair entails the same regime as any type of bleaching. Since you’re using strong chemicals, you’ll want to use products that replenish moisture and keep your ombré bright rather than brassy.

Here’s the best way to maintain your gorgeous brown ombré:


Still, want to know more about the perfect brown ombre look? Here are the answers to your most common questions concerning brown ombre.

What ombré color will look good on brown hair?

Hairstylists often recommend using a warm ombre color on brown hair. Honey, caramel, or copper are popular picks for brown ombré hair.

Brown ombré vs. balayage – which one should you go for?

Whether you choose a brown balayage or an ombre hair-dye style depends completely on your personal style and what look you’re trying to achieve.

If you want something that looks more natural and sun-kissed, as well as requires less maintenance, balayage may be the better option. However, if you’re looking for a bold hairstyle and don’t mind keeping it touched up, ombré is a fun and gorgeous way to express yourself.

Will brown ombré hair require bleach?

Yes, to do a brown ombré look with dark roots will require hair bleach. Other hair dyes won’t deliver the lightening effect that an ombré look calls for.

Does ombré damage hair?

Unfortunately, any lightening of the hair that includes bleach can dry out and damage your hair. However, with the proper precautions and maintenance, there are ways to keep your hair moisturized and healthy!

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