20 Mesmerizing Long Layers with Bangs for 2020

Pair off your bangs with nice long layers and you’ll have a cut that is bound to suit your face shape. If you have medium to long hair and you’re bored of your hairstyle, it may be time to get bangs.

Bangs were the go-to hairstyle nearly a decade ago. Now in 2020, they’re making their way back to women’s hairstyles!


Trendy Long Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Long layers with bangs can come in many different forms. To make it easier for you to decide which haircut to get, we put together a list of the best haircuts we could find.

1. Long layers with Front Bangs

Long layers with Front Bangs

This haircut is one that is immensely popular, the hair is cut in long layers that give them a very soft look with a very smooth transition, the bangs are cut right in the front and are the apex of simplicity and elegance.

This look can be achieved by sectioning your hair by a length of two inches then individually straightening them, also while straightening the bangs carefully maneuver the straightening iron in a way that it faces towards your face.


2. Long Wavy Layers with Blunt Bangs

Long Wavy Layers with Blunt Bangs

In blunt bangs the hair on the front is cut thick and straight across the forehead, this goes well with thick wavy hair making for a very classic look that screams of the 70s. These long layers with bangs are very easy to style.

Simply straighten the bangs and brush the rest of the hair in the natural direction of your waves. This style looks best when it’s natural to put a very minimal product on your hair if using any.


3. Wavy Layers with Long Bangs

long wavy layers with bangs

In this style, the long wavy bangs transition into the wavy layers seamlessly, to give a very elegant and classic look. Ensure that your stylist knows to cut your hair in the natural direction of your wave, and the length of layers is slightly longer to ensure that the hair flows voluptuously.

Comb your hair and bangs in the natural direction of your waves, apply some volumetric mousse to help hold the look and add more volume.


4. Long Layers with Side Swept Bangs

hairstyle with side swept bangs and layers

If you’re relatively new to bangs and aren’t comfortable with them being directly in front of your face, these layers with side bangs for you. The hair features long hair that is cut in layers, effectively framing the face and the bangs should be cut as to blend in with the layers when swept to the side.

To achieve this look, apply some volumetric mousse to hold the look in the direction you bang are swept in.


5. Long Layers and Arched Bangs

Long Layers and Arched Bangs

Arched bangs work well in softening the features of a square face, this is a very cute hairstyle and works well with square faces as well as oval faces. The look requires very minimal styling and the arched bangs transition into the longer layers very smoothly.

To style, this long layers with bangs look simply brush your bangs and hair towards your face in order to frame them around your face.


6. Long Layers with Colors and Bangs

This style is similar to the first one except it features colored hair, a style that’ll really help you stand out, the choice of hair color is up to you and anything will go colors like red, purple, silver. The level of creativity in this style is limitless.


7. Long Straight Layers with Front Bangs

Layers help define straight hair even more and will help shape the hair around your face, the front bangs compliment the look and to make the look a bit more dramatic ask your stylist to thin your hair a bit so that it falls very delicately, styling this hair is fairly simple.

After straightening your hair, straighten the bangs with straightener facing towards you and to ensure that the look holds a bit of setting spray can be used.


8. Layers with Baby Bangs

Long Layers with Baby Bangs for Women

This bangs with long layers look is very classic and elegant, the length of the bangs is cut to a medium length with the rest of the haircut in long layers to create a contrasting look. To style this look, create a separation between your hair and bangs by combing the hair back.

Keep the hair in place using pins or a headband and let the bangs hang freely, for a more formal look the long layers can be tied up into a bun.


9. Long layers with Feathered Centred Bangs

If you’re looking for the go ultimate girl next door the look, that’ll get you by in any event be it formal or casual this long layered haircut with bangs is your answer.

Slightly wavy long layers with bangs that are cut thinner in the middle and flow into the layers at the sides. The haircut is very easy to style due to the nature of its cutting.


10. Choppy Layers with Bangs

haircut with choppy layers and bangs

In this haircut the layers aren’t cut as long, the layers in this cut are thin and sparse which makes them much easier to style afterward and still giving you the same amount of volume longer cut layers would, the bangs are cut to flow into the hair for a look that is low maintenance but very high reward.


11. Straight Layered Cut with Choppy Bangs

straight long hair with bangs and layers

Most people would consider that choppy bangs only go well with short choppy pixie cut but that simply isn’t true, long layers with choppy bangs make for a very versatile look that suits most face shapes and is fairly simple to style. Simply straighten out your hair and bangs, use the setting spray in order to ensure that the look holds


12. Choppy Layers with Short Side Bangs

These unevenly cut layers, contrasting with the short side bangs give off a very punk rock star look, the hair needs to be cut at a 45% to ensure that it is edgy. To achieve this style, straighten hair while brushing them downwards and use hairspray to ensure that the look holds.


13. Layers with Bangs and Lowlights

long layers with lowlights

To achieve the short bangs look, ask your stylist to cut bangs 1.5-2 inches in length depending on how short you want them, the long layered locks with the short bangs give off a contrasting look which is very edgy. Short bangs can also help a rounder face seem slimmer and seemingly elongate the length of a small forehead.


14.  Side Bangs with Long Layers

The key to great long layers with side bangs is ensuring that the bangs blend in well with the rest of your hair. Paired with the long choppy layers, the side bangs create an effortlessly chic look.

The key to styling this look is blow-drying your bangs properly, brushing them forwards while blow drying is absolutely essential towards achieving this look.


15. Peekaboo Bangs with Long Layers

Peekaboo Bangs with Long Layers

Peekaboo bangs work brilliantly with long layered hair, the key to this haircut is ensuring that your stylist keeps the length of your bangs fairly long, if the bangs are cut too short the look can’t be achieved. The look is the best style by sweeping the hair to one side.

While blow drying your hairbrush them forward to give them more volume and then brush them towards the side, let your bangs dangle a bit freely. To touch up the look use a bit of volumetric mousse.


16. Long Two-Layer Haircut with Side Bangs

While most modern haircuts feature multiple layers, having more layers isn’t the only way to modernize your look. The two-layered haircut offers a very minimalistic look and with side bangs cut to smoothly transition into the layers it gives off a very modern and chic look.

To style, this hair blow dries your hair while brushing them forwards to give them more volume, then brush your hair in their natural direction.


17. Long Soft Layers with Bangs

Long Soft Layers with Bangs for ladies

These bangs on long layers have bangs that are usually of a length that covers the eyes a bit. The bangs are cut in a manner that frames around the face and the long soft layers help give off a very adorable look.

It’s very easy to style look, and the bangs can be either parted in the middle because of their length or swept to one side.

Best Bangs Hairstyles for Stylish Women


18. Long Flaring Layers and Side Swept Bangs

Flaring layers are typically layers that include several tiers, this partners incredibly well with the soft side swept bangs to give off a very modern and exciting look. The hair is very easy to maintain and can be styled fairly simply. Blow drying the hair will give it more volume.


19. Tapered Layers with Middle Parted Bangs

long tapered layers with bangs

In a tapered haircut, the hair is typically longer at the top and moves gradually shorter down the sides and back. The look features bangs of a longer length because they have to be part of the middle. This look is especially suited for rounder face types because of its slimming effect.


20. Long Shaggy Layers with Bangs

Long Shaggy Layers with Bangs

If your hair is slightly naturally wavy, then this look is perfect for you. A no-fuss style that looks beautiful without even trying. Very easy to style and require minimum maintenance.


So, there you have it! 20 great long layers with bangs haircuts for you to browse through and choose your next look from.