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30 Versatile Man Bun Styles for Asian Men

Are you curious about the Asian man bun like every other person walking this Earth? Well, this hairstyle man bun for Asian guys ascended from a fashionable, edgy, alternative to style men’s long hair in a natural way.

The man bun is styled in an extremely simple manner where all the hair is grasped and tied in the form of a bun at the crown. One needs at least hair of ten inches to tie up the hair in a bun.

With endless ways to grow, tie, and style a man bun in both long and short hair it is important to try the coolest hairstyles. Asian men look especially good in the man bun for their hair’s natural texture, length, thickness, as well as shine.

How to Do An Asian Man Bun All by Yourself

How to Do Asian Man Bun

In order to look sensational and try the man but you need to know how you can ace the look. If you have medium to long, straightish hair then consider yourself lucky.

The current summer trend will suit your style just fine. The Samurai topknot or the Asian man bun is an easy and quick way to change your look while keeping yourself comfortable when there is a rise in temperature.

Are you ready the ultimate tutorial?

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is wash your hair with shampoo followed by a conditioner. Choose a shampoo that will add texture and fullness to your hair. Make the most of your hair dryer.

Step 2: Make a ponytail using the top half section of your hair. The thickness of the ponytail will depend entirely on how you want to look. If you want our opinion, then the ratio should be 3:4 of the hair that is left loose. It will give you a neat look. Make sure that the hair on both sides is even.

Step 3: Twirl your hair like a rope so that it is tightly turned around. Now, begin the process of creating the Asian man bun. Coil your ponytail to create a complete circle by turning the hair around itself.

Hold the base of the hair with the other hand and tie it securely at the place the hair overlaps with pins. You can even tie it up with a hair tie.

Brush the remaining hair to get rid of tangles. This casual look with its stylish vibe is perfect for everywhere you go.

Watch The Following Tutorial of DIY Asian Man Bun Hairstyle

Topknot vs Manbun

Topknot vs Manbun

The fashion industry has made room for both top knot and man bun hairstyle. Hipsters and male modern proudly carried out both styles. However, there are several people who still fail to understand what the difference is between the two.

Allow us to help. The top knot hairstyle is all about having longer hair (in comparison to the rest of the hair) at the top portion of the head.

This will give you the look of a Samurai. On the other hand, man bun is done when your hair is of the same length which is actually long. To hold your hair together you can then tie it all together.

Trendiest Asian Man Bun Hairstyles

From a messy bun with shaved sides to textured, long hair that is pulled back and tied in a bun, there are several Asian man bun styles that you can give a try.

1. Curly Asian Man Bun

curly Asian man bun

Tame those curly locks in one easy swoop of gathering the hair into a man bun. Banish frizz with hair gel for a smoother look.

2. Asian Man Bun with Scruffy Beard

Asian man bun with beard

For an Asian man with thick hair and a scruffy beard, gathering the hair into a high man bun is a hot look, especially for the gym where you’ll want hair out of the way for your sweat sesh.

3. Man Bun for Older Asian Guy

man bun for older Asian guy

White and grey hair on Asian men can be super attractive when a messy man bun is involved. The loose pieces of hair around the face match the scruffiness of facial hair.

4. Asian Guy with Top Hair Bun

Asian guy with top hair bun

Asian men that typically wear their hair straight and down will love the breath of fresh (h)air this look involves. It takes only minutes to finger comb a man bun.

5. Asian Man Bun for Fine Hair

Asian man bun for fine hair

Not sure what to do with your fine hair but tired of wearing it down? A low man bun is just the thing!

6. Classic Man Bun Hairstyle

classic asian man bun

The simple, neat, and classic look of this Asian man bun is perfect for you. The hairstyle is extremely practical and everyone with shoulder-length hair can give it a try.

It is all about trying a simple bun. There is no way one can fail at this sophisticated and ultimate style.

7. Man Bun with Undercut

Asian Man Bun with Undercut 

Your barber will be more excited than you if you ask him for this particular hairstyle. This man bun undercut hairstyle for Asian guys will start off high on both sides. Men can make the most of the undercut fade look with the man bun.

8. Asian Man Bun with Beard

Asian Man Bun with Beard

If you can rock the look that man bun brings when it is paired with an Asian beard, then you will look like a modern-day sensation.

You can choose this Asian man bun look but never make the same mistake when it comes to your beard. Always keep it well maintained and trimmed.

9. Man Bun with Shaved Sides

Asian Man Bun with Shaved Sides

You can look exceptional with this man bun Asian style. It is quite similar to the usual man bun that you are used to. The majority portion of the hair is shaved off except the man bun.

The style will appear both exciting and unique. If you are quirky enough and have an impeccable sense of style. Give this style a try.

10.  Half Bun Look

half bun for asian men

Isn’t this hairstyle sensational? And, the best part about it is you don’t have to be a pro to master it.

All you need to do is flex your wrist and tie a small section of your hair in a bun. Make sure you comb the rest of the hair to enjoy a cool look.

11. Messy Curly Man Bun

This hairstyle is the perfect version of Asian style man bun. It sits high up on your head. If you want to achieve a relaxed and messy look then keep your hair loose and if you want a sharp and neat look then keep the hair tied up tightly.

It doesn’t matter which look you choose, it is very important that the bun is placed in the right place. If you want to nail this look then sweep all your hair together. First, tie it up in a ponytail and then create the bun.

12. Man Bun with Mid Fade

This is a stylish way to look trendy. No matter the type of fade you choose low, medium, or high. The short sides are perfect to highlight the long to medium length hair tied up in a bun on top.

This isn’t the only fade that you have to stick to. Ask your stylist and you will have an incredible Asian man bun hairstyle that suits your face and style.

13. Messy Man Bun

Messy Man Bun for Asian Guys

If you want the relaxed and edgy look then give this man bun hairstyle for Asian men a try. This hairstyle is perfect for all those men who want to be stylish and yet appear casual.

The disheveled look of this hairstyle is for all of those men who want to make the most of the natural texture of wild or wavy hair. For this look give your hairbrush some rest and use your bare hands to lose tie your hair in a messy bun.

14. Casual Bun

When you have long hair the easiest thing to do is tie it up securely. It is an easy and stylish solution that every man with unruly and thick hair should give a try. But, you can always enhance the glory of a simple hairstyle by adding the touch of an undercut.

15. Man Bun for Short Hair

Asian Man Bun for Short Hair

Don’t have the required patience that is needed to grow your hair yet want to try a trending Asian man bun hairstyle? A mini bun is perfect if you get it done the right way.

16. Asian Man Bun for Short Hair

Asian man bun for short hair

For Asian men rocking a hairstyle with long hair up top and short hair on the sides, a man bun will show off the cut. You can even shave in edgy designs on the sides.

17. Top Knot Man Bun

Asian man bun

Top knots aren’t just for women and this twist on the man bun proves it. It’s secured at the hairline and a perfect option for men with long hair.

18. Asian Man Bun for Thick Hair

Asian man bun for thick hair

On those days when it’s too hot to wear your thick hair down, a man bun will keep it tidy and out of the way.

19. Man Bun with Fade

A small fade spices up the sides of a man bun hairstyle. To make the look work-appropriate, smooth back loose strands and frizz.

20.  Cute Mini Bun

If your hair doesn’t touch your shoulders, then there is nothing to worry about. Try this incredible hairstyle that is designed especially for you.

Look extremely stylish with the mini man bun that you will see several Korean superstars rock with great ease.

21. Man Bun with Low Fade

The combination of the two most trending hairstyles together is the best and ultimate fashion-forward styles to look impressive and cool. This is a match that is made in heaven and will look good on every man.

When you try both of these styles together you will have an impressive and unique appearance. Choose the low fade to make Asian man bun even more eye-catching.

22. Braided Man Bun

Braided Asian Man Bun

How about upgrading the look of your top knot to a whole new level? You can even braid the hair before you tie it up in a knot. You will end up with a trending and stylish look.

It is a pretty bold look and only if you have the confidence to carry it on make sure you proceed. In case you want to add further intensity to your look don’t miss out on the well-groomed beard.

23. Slick Man Bun with Fade

There is nothing that you can do wrong about this breathtaking yet simple man bun hairstyle for Asian men. Feel comfortable yet stylish at the same time with this hairstyle.

All you need to do is pull back your hair and tie it up in a bun. Don’t try to make it look too sleek.

24. Man Bun with Hair Line Design

Asian Man Bun with Undercut and Design

Are you hot happy with your regular man bun hairstyle? Then, go with the bold and sassy look like this one. The shaved sides make for an extravagant Asian style man bun.

25. Sleek Man Bun Hairstyle

You don’t want to look messy? Then, give this classic Asian man bun a try. Pull back your hair in a tight, neat bun. Look sensational no matter what the occasion is.

26. Loose Man Bun with Side Curls

Asian Man Bun with Side Curls

This is the Asian man bun look that no one can ever say no to. The side curls and loosely tied up hair bun is to die for look. Don’t miss out on this look every time you are out on a date.

27. Man Bun with Low Skin Fade

This hairstyle projects the best of two worlds (in this case hairstyle). The spectacular man bun and fade hairstyle for Asian guys are combined together to give the ultra-sensational look.

28. Funky Man Bun with A Dash of Colour

This is something that we bet you haven’t seen before. Isn’t it so different and well funky? The dash of color adds a fresh look to the Asian style man bun that you have seen quite often.

29. Low Asian Man Bun

low man bun for asian men

Sexy! Well, we said it. Don’t you think the combination of Asian guys with a well-groomed beard and side-parted hair loosely tied up in a low bun is the way to go? The laidback vibe of this house is something we have fallen in love with.

30. Two Braided Man Bun 

Braided Asian Man Bun

The fades and the braided man bun for Asian men aren’t the most interesting thing about this hairstyle. It is the braid that makes it look so divine and phenomenal.


Fade or undercut which looks better with the Asian man bun hairstyle?

It totally depends on the style you prefer. From slick back to messy, top knot, undercut and fade all look equally good on Asian men for the texture and length their hair usually has.

But, if you want our personal opinion it has to be the sensational and unique look that fades, and Asian man bun combination brings.

Are samurai buns and top knots similar?

Yes, they are the same. The top knot hairstyle is done pulling the hair together in a ponytail and then forming a bun closer to the crown. This happened to be a symbol of warriors and was worn with great pride.

Which face shape suits the Asian man bun style better?

If your face is square in shape make the most of the angular top knot hairstyle with the added look of shaved sides. It will heighten your features.

The best shape for Asian man bun hairstyle is triangular. It will provide a bulk at the top of your head.

This is our definitive and ultimate guide for Asian man bun hairstyle.

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