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15 Impressive Long Mustache Styles for Men

The long mustache is never out of fashion. Often it is considered the ultimate representation of raw masculine energy. Different people wear their mustache differently.

Often the mustache style also becomes a part of one’s identity. Imagine visualizing Hitler without that typical toothbrush bush on his upper lip. It is almost impossible.

How to Grow and Style A Classy Longer Mustache

How to Grow and Style Long Mustache

A long mustache often makes your personality imposing but growing the same may not be that simple. In fact, growing and styling a classy long length mustache style takes both time and resources. You have to eat well, tend properly and extend the right kind of care.

  • Depending on the style that you are keen, don’t trim your mustache excessively.
  • Let your mustache grow to the desired length.
  • Comb the mustache hair regularly every day.
  • If your mustache is particularly long like a handlebar, you have to apply wax after a shower.
  • Based on the shape and the size you want, you may also need to twist and shape the mustache.
  • You can curl the ends using your fingers or a slim pen for best results.

You need to trim the mustache when it grows out of shape. Regular wash and care schedule is an absolute necessity to maintain your long mustache.

How to Trim Mustache

How to Trim Long Mustache

But then the question is how exactly can you trim your mustache? Without proper scissors and technique, it can look rather untidy and out of place.

  • First of comb your mustache with a fine-tooth comb
  • Ensure the mustache is completely dry
  • If you want your long mustache to be softer, you can wash and shampoo before trimming
  • You can use trimming scissors or electric trimmer and start from your lip-line.
  • Keep your face expressionless and follow the natural line of the mustache
  • Always work from outside towards the center of the mustache for best results
  • Keep a picture of the shape that you want for reference. That way it will be easier for you to trim it to the desired shape.
  • You can use gel to curl up the ends to keep them in shape and help to trim properly

For best results trim in front of a mirror and rest your hands on a platform while operating the trimmer.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Trim Long Mustache

Some Striking Long Mustache Ideas

Here is a look at some of the most striking long mustache styles.

1. Fu Manchu

long fu manchu mustache

The trims are allowed to grow, often below the chin. It borrows the name from the villain of the British author, Sax Rohmer’s series of novels. Creating this long mustache type is a time-consuming process.

2. Van Dyke Style

long mustache with van dyke beard

This is a combination of mustache and a small goatee or soul patch. The name is derived from the name of the 17th Century Painter, Anthony Van Dyke. A classic combo of short beard and long mustache.

3. English Mustache

Guy with Long English Mustache

The most distinct feature of this longer mustache is the way it is pulled into whiskers towards the end.

Quite needless to mention that this is a rather high maintenance mustache styling and needs time and patience. Moreover, it is a variant that everybody cannot carry it. You need real panache to wear this style.

4. Handlebar Mustache

long handlebar mustache

This long mustache style first came into the forefront in the 16th century and gained popularity through the 19th century.

It is quite bushy towards the center and tapers towards the end. The ends are curved upwards to resemble a handle. That is how it got its name.

5. Long Horseshoe Mustache

Long Horseshoe Mustache

Often the mention of Horseshoe mustache brings the image of Hulk Hogan to your mind. This long length mustache style is similar to Fu Manchu, but in this case, the length is restricted till the chin.

So the shape is similar to a horseshoe when you look at it from a distance.

6. Imperial Style

The most striking aspect about this long mustache style is that it includes the whiskers too. It is rather bushy and thick and covers the upper lip and cheeks too. Its origin is traced back to the 19th century.

7. Long and Thick Walrus Mustache

Long and Thick Walrus Mustache

The reason this long ‘stache is named thus is essential that it looks like the Walrus Whiskers. It is bushy and thick and drops over the mouth. It gained popularity starting the 20s.

8. Petite French Mustache

The petite handlebar is another iconic long mustache style. In this case, the ends are twisty but not as thick or bushy as the conventional handlebar.

9. Dali Mustache

The most striking aspect of this mustache style with long length is the extremely narrow ends that are turned upwards.

The overall width of the mustache is also quite narrow compared to a Painter’s brush or even a chevron. The name is derived from the famous artist, Salvador Dali who sported this style.

10. Connected Mustache with Full Beard

long mustache with beard for men

Though the beard and mustache are connected in this case in one continuous motion, the shape of the long mustache is triangular like a pyramid.

It is almost as bushy as the Painter’s Brush, but the difference is in the shape. While the painter’s brush covers the entire upper lip, this one has a triangular formation.

11. Long Beard with Long Walrus Mustache

Long Beard with Long Walrus Mustache

This is the long walrus mustache in its complete glory. It covers the upper lip totally and takes on the natural fall of the facial hair. The overall connected long beard help intensify the impact.

12. Curled Ends with Short Beard

long mustache with short beard

You don’t often see long mustache styles in blonde. Make the most of this gorgeous color by curling up the ends of your ‘stache and pinching them tight. Add a short beard to further show off.

13. Wide ‘Stache and Long Beard

long chinese mustache

A long Chinese mustache always looks goo when worn wide across the face. Pair it with thick sideburns and a long, untamed beard. Highlighting the beard on the chin helps the style form shape.

14. Wide Beardless Mustache

long mustache with no beard

You’ll look extra quirky if you don’t pair your ‘stache with a beard. Have the facial hair reach your mid-cheeks and trim it neatly along your top lip. It shouldn’t be long enough to cover the bottom lip.

15. Looping Ends

long mustache

Grow your facial hair long enough for the ends to form large, thin loops styled with gel. Add a short scruffy beard on the sides, jaw, and lower chin. 

FAQs Long Mustache Styles

How long to wait to grow a mustache long?

The time required will depend on the specific style and length that you need. So if you are looking for a bushy handlebar, it can take more than 6 months while a pencil-line like Clark Gable’s, may be manageable in a month. The rate at which your mustache hair grows also makes a difference.

Does long length mustache suit all face shapes?

Long mustaches can suit people of any facial structure depending on the:

Weight: A bushy and weighty mustache will add volume. If you want to add proportion to your face or minimize the impact of another imposing feature like a large nose, this can help.

Direction: Narrow shaped faces look better with horizontally shaped mustaches. Meanwhile, those with broader face may use a vertically shaped mustache for toning down the impact.

Width: A relatively wide mustache will make your upper lip and nose appear, and the opposite happens when you keep a narrow mustache.

You have to balance these three factors carefully to get the desired impact.

Is long mustache unprofessional?

No. A longer mustache is not unprofessional if it is properly trimmed and groomed. The problem is many times, you may not be able to trim it properly or become just lazy about it for a few days. It is then that it can look quite unkempt and shabby.

Therefore, keeping a long mustache is never that simple. It needs proper maintenance and regular care. But the good thing is the final result is invariably satisfying, and it always adds a dimension to your face and appearance.

Think about Clark Gable. He always had a handsome face, but with that trademark pencil mustache, he became the Hollywood Hero that fans look up to even today.