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7 Popular Low Fade Afro Hairstyles for 2024

First time getting a low fade afro haircut and you are not too sure what to expect? No worries, this hairstyle is universally beautiful, and the only requirement to successfully pull it off is to have curly hair! Men who want to rock this bold haircut will enjoy the following 7 stylish ideas!

Low Fade Afro vs Drop Fade Afro

Low Fade Afro vs Drop Fade Afro

The similarity between these two haircuts is undeniable, but the main difference is in the leftover pieces of hair at the bottom part. A drop fade has a sudden drop, without slowly and gradually transitioning into a low fade.

It suits everyone, but it does give a reckless vibe. However, a low fade on afro hair is very sleek & defined, maybe a bit more appropriate for the office wear. You should go for the one that suits your style and stick to the one which is the most appropriate for your age.

Coolest Low Faded Afro Hairstyles

Following are the most attractive low fade haircuts for black men with afro hair.

1. Mohawk with Low Fade

low fade afro with mohawk

This low fade afro is very relaxed & fun-looking, appropriate for black men who are in their mid-twenties.

If you already have tightly coiled curls make sure you embrace them by adding a bit of shea butter cream on top to give them some shine.

2. Low Fade Undercut

black guy with low skin fade afro hair

If your hair texture is naturally frizzy but wavy you can let your natural curls bounce on their own. Guys who don’t love to spend a lot of time doing their hair will appreciate this afro hair with low fade look the most.

3. Low Skin Fade with Defined Side Parts

short afro hair with low skin fade

If your hair is naturally curly but you prefer sharp & defined sides, make sure you go for this low fade afro cut. It is easy to maintain, and it won’t take more than 2 minutes each morning for you to comb through your curls.

4. Low Fade with Beard

low fade afro hairstyle for black men

If you really trust your hairdresser and believe that they can easily connect your hair with your beard, get this stylish low-fade black men cut. It is ideal for office wear, and it will suit guys who already have facial hair.

5. Afro Man Bun with Fade

bun with afro hair and low fade

If you prefer haircuts that don’t come in contact with your face; always wear your hair in a bun. This curly man bun style is ideal for athletes since it allows them to move with ease, and at the same time to enjoy a stylish low fade afro hairdo.

6. Afro Hairstyle with Low Taper Fade

textured low fade afro for black men

If you are into precise cuts and you have a lot of material & texture to work with make sure you emphasize your hair & your beard.

This low fade look will suit black men with afro hair in their thirties and will seek attention no matter where you go.

7. Low Bald Fade with Voluminous Top

Low Fade Afro Haircut with Voluminous Top

If you love your curls and you want to keep them as the main focal point of your cut, leave them as bouncy as possible.

Get the afro hairstyle with a low fade on the sides, and finish off the look with a lot of hairspray to hold your curls in place.

FAQs on Low Fade Afro Hairstyles

Can I try twist on afro hair?

You can! Also, you can do dreadlocks or tight ringlet curls, as well as unusual braids!

Even though this look is a bit harder to achieve & maintain, it usually suits black men with low fade haircuts the best. It gives them a slight twist to their hair, but it also emphasizes their rich & wavy texture.

Which fade type is best for afro hair?

Since your hair is naturally thick, curly, wavy, as well as frizzy, the best fade haircut for you may be the one that follows your natural hairline, as well as your curl pattern.

Guys who have a lot of hair at the center and the top of their heads should go for a low fade.

However, men who have brittle and short hair should do a high fade to cover up these bold or thin patches, and to create an illusion of a fuller hairline.

Can white men also have afro hair?

No! Usually, Africans will have the best natural curls due to their good genes. A white male can have curly hair, but it will probably be a slight S-shaped curl, while Africans can have tight & coiled (true African) curls.

These 7 low fade afro hairstyles are appropriate for every black guy, and for every event! If you have naturally beautiful thick & curly hair you can easily & stylishly emphasize it by getting a low fade on the sides.

Remember to maintain your curls & don’t damage them with heat-styling tools, rather leave them as natural as they can be.

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