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Garibaldi Beard: The Grooming Guide

Thinking about letting that beard grow out a bit? There’s a standout style that’s grabbing all the attention lately – the Garibaldi beard. And if you haven’t given this one a try yet, trust me, you’re missing out.

Why? Well, it’s got this cool mix of being neat and a bit wild at the same time. It’s the kind of beard that gets noticed, in a good way.

So if you’re curious about shaking up your look and stepping into the Garibaldi zone, keep reading. We’ve got everything you need to know about this bushy beard!

What Is Garibaldi Beard?

garibaldi beard style

The Garibaldi is a classic, bold, and mature beard style. You can trace its origins to Italy, particularly in the 1800s, during its tumultuous years.

The Garibaldi got its name from an Italian general of that period, Giuseppe Garibaldi, an important military figure and hero who contributed to the founding of modern Italy.

Aside from his military success, he is famous for his unique beard style. The Italian general wore a thick, full beard that drew the attention of the beard lovers.

Garibaldi’s beard especially took off when the disco and hippie culture emerged in the 70s. During this period, thick facial hair, like the horseshoe mustache, exploded in popularity.

What Does the Garibaldi Beard Style Look Like?

how to style garibaldi beard

The Garibaldi beard style is a unique variation of a full beard. It’s typically longer and rounder compared to your regular full beard.

In this beard style, you let your facial hair thicken and grow to its maximum length. The most common size of the Garibaldi is around seven to eight inches or roughly 20cm.

The wide, rounded bottom is the most discerning feature of the beard. The sides are usually shorter to emphasize the bottom half, while the long mustache connects to the rest of the beard.

It creates a somewhat unkempt appearance while maintaining a carefully trimmed round form. So, it’s not as messy-looking as the Amish beard or as angular as the Bandholz beard.

The good thing about this beard style is that it fits most facial shapes. The Garibaldi looks vintage and classy, whether you have a round, heart, diamond, or triangle-shaped face.

How to Grow A Garibaldi Beard?

The first requirement of the Garibaldi is dense and pronounced beard growth. Thickness and texture are vital aspects of the beard style that make it unique and appealing.

For this reason, if you have thin or sporadic facial hair, it might be best to pick other beard styles. But if you meet the hair qualities, you’ll only need one thing to achieve the look: time.

Remember, the Garibaldi requires your beard to grow naturally to its maximum length. And most Garibaldi styles need at least seven to eight inches to get the best look.

Growing a Garibaldi can take several months or year, depending on how fast your facial hair grows. Once you get the right hair length, the next step is to trim it accordingly.

How to Shape a Garibaldi Beard?

how to trim garibaldi beard

Here are the five easy steps to achieve the classic beard:

  1. Trim the lowermost part of your beard and carve the signature rounded bottom.
  2. After the rounded under-beard, trim to define your neckline and cheeks.
  3. Next, clip the sides shorter near your earlobes, cutting straight down and connecting to the rounded lower half.
  4. Afterward, trim your mustache above your top lip without touching the sides to make it look naturally flowing to the rest of your beard.
  5. Finally, snip any flyaway hairs to make your Garibaldi beard spotless.

Now, you can get the assistance of a professional to get the shape and trim you desire. And it’s probably the best option for people unsure of their snipping talent—no one wants to waste months or years of patience from a trimming mistake.

Still, you can also have the satisfaction of clipping your own mane. Despite its appearance, the Garibaldi is a simple beard with no complicated styling.

How to Maintain Garibaldi Beard

Of course, getting the look is only half the work. The real challenge with long and thick beards like the Garibaldi is its maintenance.

Growing the beard takes considerable time and patience. So, you should take extra care to keep your facial hair healthy and not waste your effort.

how to maintain garibaldi beard

Remember, beard care doesn’t end with trimming. Here are some essential tips for maintaining the stylishly classic beard:

  • Invest in the right beard care tools, such as shampoo and skin cleansers that suit your skin and hair type.
  • Use beard moisturizers while growing and after growing your Garibaldi to prevent skin drying, flaking, or itching.
  • Frequently wash your beard using gentle cleansers to remove dirt, oil, pollution, and dead skin from the strands.
  • Finally, comb or brush your facial hair constantly to avoid knots and tangles that can damage strands. Trim your beard using electric clippers if you’re prone to skin irritation.

Garibaldi Beard Styles For Men

Do you plan on upping your masculine appeal by growing the iconic Garibaldi beard? Here are five styling ideas you can try:

1. Curly Red Beard with Brushed Back Hair

red garibaldi beard

While most would say that unkemptness is one characteristic of the Garibaldi, keeping it clean-looking strikes a balance between vintage and modern appearance.

Trimming your neckline and cheekline emphasizes the outline of your wavy red beard. Here’s a tip: applying beard wax will help hold the shape of your curly beard.

Pair this with parted brushed-back brown hair. Use hard glossy hard-up hair gel to hold the hair on top for a professional look.

2. Squared Beard

Squared garibaldi beard

Faded high and tight haircuts have become popular among men. And rocking the Garibaldi beard with short hair makes an incredibly masculine combination.

The smooth transition between the square beard and bald fade haircut shows class like no other. In fact, it’s the mane style sported by the MMA legend and champion Connor McGregor.

3. Medium Beard with Hungarian Mustache

long hair with garibaldi beard

Long and thick textured hair shows the strong quality of the classic beard style. So if you want to push the masculine vibe of the Garibaldi, try wearing it with long hair.

Let your beard grow to a medium length and pair it with a thick Hungarian mustache. But don’t forget to groom both so you don’t lose the classy air of the Garibaldi.

4. Round Beard And Bald Head

garibaldi beard for bald black men

If you are a bald man with a beard you will be glad to know that the Garibaldi beard will suit you too. It will give a masculine look and can counter the absence of hair on top.

Have a look at this African-American man with a garibaldi beard. He looks absolutely amazing, rocking the bald and bearded combo, doesn’t he?

5. Gray Beard

garibaldi beard style for older men

This gray Garibaldi beard is also an excellent style choice for first-time full-beard growers and also for older men in their 60s.

The salt and pepper mustache is thick and curved like a handlebar mustache. You need to have a lot of patience to grow the beard and mustache

But don’t let that keep you from trying the style. Many famous actors, like Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper, have gone full classic Garibaldi a few times throughout their careers.

The Garibaldi is one of the most impressive beard grooming styles around. After all, no other beard has the cool name of a hero who liberated an entire country!

Setting its epic origins aside, the Garibaldi remains one of the boldest beard styles in history. The thick and textured beard expresses personality, masculinity, and style like no other.