Top 10 High Top Dreads for Men You’ll Love

Whoever said dreadlocks were out of style obviously hasn’t taken a look at these high top dreads. That’s why, today, we have put together a short but sweet list with the best 10 high top dreads hairstyles for you to check out and maybe try out. Let’s begin.


Best High Top Dreadlocks Styles for Guys

These are the trendiest high top dreaded hairstyle ideas for modern men to explore this season.

1. Men’s Top Knot with Dreadlocks

high top dreads in a bun

If you are looking for classic high top dreads look then this is the one for you. You will need to ask your stylist for a classic dreadlock style, meaning very thin, regular dreadlocks on the top of your head.

Once that’s done, simply take them and push them to the top of your head, twisting them together until you get a high bun. Once that’s done simply tie it all together with a hair tie and you’re done.


2. Long Dreads with Undercut

long high top dreads styles

This is a variation of the previous style. This time, the very top part of your hair, meaning the dreads, should be significantly longer, and also thicker than before.

That being said, the sides and back of your head should be shaved down once more. However, the shade should be equal all around your head, including the back part.


3. Short Dreads with High Bald Fade

short high top dreads with fade

To get this high top faded dreads hairstyle for men with short hair you will have to let the very, very top of your hair to grow out enough for the dreads to reach the length you want to. However, the rest of your hair should be really short.

Remember to ask your barber to cut down and shave the sides and back of your head, without going completely bald; On the contrary, the shading should be visible and mark the contrast between the dreads and the rest of your hair.

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4. Top Dreadlocks Styled to The Side

high top fade dreads to the side

If you already have long hair you can ask your barber to cut down the sides and back while leaving the top to turn it into dreadlocks. Remember, these dreads should be very thick.

Once that’s done all you really have to do is push them to one side of your head and style it that way. Let the top dreads fall down naturally on their own.


5. Twisted Dreads for White Boys

high top twisted dreads

This is one of those classic men’s high top dreads styles that look good on everyone. To get, you’ll need to ask for twisted dreads and tell your stylist to shave not only your edges but also the sides and back of your head, leaving only the top part untouched.

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6. Pineapple Style Dreads

This is one of those dreadlock hairstyles for men that are more on the risky side but are also very easy to achieve.

You will have to let your hair grow long enough to have length dreadlocks and then simply style them almost in a high bun but this time, instead of tying it all up to leave the tips hanging upwards to achieve the pineapple style.


7. Taper Fade with Dreads

This is another one of those risky high top dreadlocks with fade styles that are very low maintenance. This time, your dreads shouldn’t start right on your scalp but rather on the tips of your hair, meaning the top part is pretty much left alone but the tips are turned into dreads and then put in a high bun just like in the picture.


8. Dreaded Top + Tapered Undercut

To get this hairstyle you will have to bleach the tips of your hair before actually getting the dreadlocks. Also, don’t forget to ask your barber to shave down the sides, leaving only the top untouched.

You can then style the back part into a bun and leave just a few dreads on the front part of your hair hanging loose to frame your face.


9. Mohawk Dreads for Men

high top dreads styles for men

if you’re looking for a classic high top fade with dreads then this is the one for you. To get this hairstyle your hair should first be braided back and THEN turned into braids, style them into a low bun. Make sure your edges are braided as well with the rest of your hair.


10. Thin Dreads Styled to The Front

high top dreadlocks styles to the front

Last, but not least, we’ve got this hairstyle. To get it, you will have to bleach the tips of your hair first and then get dreads only on the high top part of your hair.

Once that’s done make sure to style them to the front of your head so they fall into your face. You can tie them in a little hair tie to make sure they stay that way throughout the day.


And that’s it! Now that you have seen our high top dreadlocks style list you have multiple choices to pick from. Just remember to get proper care of your dreadlocks once you’ve got them and you should be good.

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