10 Stunning Hairstyles With Thin Dreads

How many times have you thought about getting thin dreadlocks and backed off because you weren’t quite sure? Well, think no more. We have collected here some fantastic pictures of dreadlocks that will make you go all gaga and drag your heart willingly to the world of dreadlocks.

Fixating you with its uniqueness and extraordinary looks these dreadlocks are sure to make you fall in love with it. These thin hair dreads are just the next best thing to try with your looks.


How to Make Thin Dreads

How to Make Thin Dreads

To make thin dreads, you can either use rollers or plait your hair. In either case, make sure that you use a very little portion of hair and also dampen your hair while doing so. For thinner curls use a soft sponge. Cover your hair in a skill cloth overnight, and you will have your amazing set of dreadlocks in the morning just as you want them to be. Try this very easy hair maintenance look by using these simple procedures.


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Thin Dreads vs. Skinny Dreads

Thin Dreads vs. Skinny Dreads

How thin can one’s dread get? The dilemma of this question is huge. Well, your hair can have the kind of dreadlocks just as you want that be thin, skinny or thick. The deal with dreadlocks is how you braid them that’s going to make all the difference.

The skinny dreadlocks are braided by using an extremely small amount of hair. Now it is to be noted, that if the quantity of hair is large and you are going for skinny dreads, then they will be extremely difficult to maintain because these dreadlocks add volume to your hair.

On the other hand, the thin braids are made by taking a little bit more hair and depending upon the thickness of your hair braiding them out. Skinny dreads are usually for people who have extremely thin hair on the other hand people with a fair amount of hair should definitely go for thin dreads. Your dreads really depend on the thickness of your hair.

Spectacular Short Dreadlock Hairstyles for Men


Tips and Maintenance

tips to maintain thin dreads

Your new hairstyle is easy on maintenance, but there are some precautions that one needs to take. You can wash your dreads by simply soaking them in water, make sure that the dreads are never left wet. One healthy habit of maintaining dreadlocks is to use a scarf while you are sleeping or something.

Also, use your rubber bands on your dreadlocks very loose as tying a tight rubber band might cause breakage and hair pull. Never ever re-bleach your thin dreadlocks. These are a few tips to keep in mind while having dreadlocks. Thin dreads have been an in-fashion trend.

Their look on a person can vary from a wanderer to a gentleman, to a fun guy at the party, and basically, however, you want them to be. The initial period of maintaining your dreads can be quite difficult, but later on, it just becomes a part of you naturally. You can be off combing as long as you want to. The entire look of dreadlocks is pretty vibrant.


Coolest Thin Dreadlock Styles

Here are some thin dreadlocks that can be worn by both men and women. Check out the below styles:


Amazing Thin Dread Styles for Women

These are 5 most ravishing thin dreaded hairstyles for women to copy now.

1. Loose End Dreadlocks

thin dreads for women

These carefully plated braids have been left lose towards the end. Let the wind play a little with your hair while you tuck major part of it in tight thin braids. Color your hair to give thin dreads a more dramatic look.

Retro Red Dread Hairstyles for Women


2. Blonde Dreadlocks

women's thin dreads for blonde hair

Dreadlocks look amazing on thin blonde hair too. Plait it in an up stand manner and let them make you look even more gorgeous. Give thee ancient hairstyles a taste of your modern looks.


3. Thin Dreadlocks for White Girl

 Thin Dreadlocks for Medium Hair

It is often noticed that dreadlocks are being pulled off with women who have long hairs. Well that’s really not the thing, and here we are here to change, you can style your short hair with amazing dreadlocks and make people stare dead into you.

Pull this thin dreaded hair look the way you want to and churn it with colors to add more feel to the rebel look.


4. Bob Dreadlocks with Reverse Ombre

thin dreads bob hairstyle for women

A bob cut too can be compacted into the dreadlock look. Mate or braid your hair just like you would for long her for these thin dreads look. Give your already short looks a notch more of less maintenance by trying this out, and if you don’t like it, you can always go back to your original hair. Honestly, a little exploration hasn’t hurt anyone.


5. Colored Dreadlocks

thin curly dreads for women

Enhance your long hair even more by curling your thin dreadlocks. It just adds so much variation and style to your look that is incomparable to anything else. It’s very simple. Braid your hair for the dreads as you wish to and follow the required procedure.

Once this is done curl the dreadlocks individually by rolling them with the help of some curlers after some time loosen them up to give this look. If you further wish to make this look funkier, you can go for partially coloring your thin curly braids.


Latest Thin Dreadlocks for Men

We have listed 5 top thin hair dread styles for men to explore too!

6. Cool Style with Beads

thin dread styles with beads

We all are aware of how hot a man looks in braids. These simple dreadlocks for men add so much charm to your look and make heads turn around. The thin dreads easily make you look most different from everyone. If you are fond of long hair, then go lock them up in dreadlocks and rock the look.


7. Afro Dreadlocks

thin dreads for afro hair

Make extremely compact braids to get a look like this. The right size of the hair and its arrangement adds you to the shows charmer list. Steal hearts by putting in minimum effort and practically wearing anything yet rocking this hairstyle.

Inspiring Mohawk Dreads for Men to Sport


8. Viking Dreads

Dreadlocks have been existing for a very long time. It has been observed that there were some sacred things that a group of people followed. After a long time in human growth, these dreadlocks has received recognition and been picked up as a hairstyle. The thin hair dreads are low maintenance and easy way to keep your hair in place.


9. Bob Marley Dreads

Curly Thin Dreads for Men

Dreadlocks for thin hair are lightweight and don’t require much nurturing. Be it any age you are never old to try these dreadlocks. Create your own vibe by braiding or mating your hair into thin dreads. Dreadlocks look extremely vibrant and are a very good optional way to do something different with your hair.


10. Dreads with Ponytail

Thin Dreads with Ponytail for Men

Your dreadlocks are going to leave an impression about your vibe on people, make sure you do it right. This easy and friendly manner of styling your hair has its own quirks. Moreover, the dreadlocks on men look quite friendly.

If you are a wanderer, a traveler then you should definitely try this thin dreadlock look. The dreadlock can always be tied in a rubber band. Explore your looks with the dreadlocks and look an amazing young self. It is to be noted that long dreads can get fairly heavy.


Go explore your looks too and check out the thin dreaded hairstyle what suits you best. Because now is the right time. If not today then when? Got a knack for dreads? Go get yours too and flaunt it like you’ve owned it forever now.

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