10 Undercut Ponytail Styles for Men to Revamp The Look

The undercut ponytail is gaining a lot of attention from men all around the world. Men have always been adventurous with their hairstyle choices. However, the recent surge in new trends and cuts have allowed men to embrace their inner style more than ever. With interesting new styles and fascinating cuts popping up everywhere, choosing a style that suits you can be tricky.


How to Style A Manly Undercut Ponytail


Best Undercut Ponytail Hairstyles

Let us delve into the different styles of the undercut ponytail to help you choose the best one for you!

1. High Undercut Pony

high ponytail with undercut for man

The high undercut ponytail with dreads is a trending new style in the men’s fashion world today. The high pony gives you the edgy look while keeping your undercut the center of focus.

Ideal for: The hairstyle looks best with oval and square faces as the pony tends to bring out the overall contours of the face. Men with medium hair length hair should surely give this style a try!

How to style: Make dreadlocks and pull it into a ponytail high, at the back of your head. Enjoy the new trendy look!


2. Ponytail Undercut with Design

undercut ponytail with design for men

This ponytail isn’t for the faint of heart. Go out of the way and get an intricate design on your undercut. The top is left with dense hair that you can pull into an inverted ponytail.

Ideal for: The ponytail undercut style is ideal for a casual look and suits people with silky and medium length hair. The face cut is not too much of a problem as the undercut style diverts attention and balances the look.

How to style: Get the design undercut of your choice leaving the top part out without a significant gradient. Smooth out your hair with a hair gel and comb the hair back to the top of the head. Pull the hair in a band and twist it to give it a rough, yet well-put-together look.


3. Sleek and Long Ponytail

guy with undercut and long ponytail

Another compliment undercut ponytail for men is the high ponytail. Instead of taking it low, this ponytail is a more of a high ponytail and its sleek look gives it a new style.

Ideal for: Men with textured hair that is slightly rough will be able to pull this style off in no time! As the ponytail is generally tight, it suits most face types.

How to style: Start by brushing out your hair to control the texture. Pull all your hair back in a loose ponytail at the back of your head. Remember to pull back the ponytail to give volume and bring out the undercut to emphasize the style. You can also try man bun undercut similarly.


4. Ponytail with Braids

 ponytail undercut with braids

This edgy style gives you Dothraki vibes for sure. The stylish braid ponytail undercut for men starts from the front of the head and goes down to the very bottom.

Ideal for: This perfect for men with long hair, looking for a chic style. The style will work with both silky and textured hair to bring out your personality.

How to style: Start with priming your hair with some hair gel and detangle it to ensure a sleek braid. Start with an inverted French braid at the top of your head and continue downwards along the back of the head.

Stylish Braids for Men with Short Hair


5. Undercut Freestyle

guy with undercut ponytail

We are in love with this carefree hippie look that is the perfect example of casual. This men’s undercut ponytail goes well with a cozy attire and can help you bring out the inner you.

Ideal for: People looking for a relaxed style would rock this look. Men having hair highlights or different colored hair would also win with this style.

How to style: The goal here is to keep the undercut at the back so that you can have a loose ponytail. Clamp all your hair and pull them in a rough ponytail at the midsection. Rock your style carelessly!



men's braided ponytail with undercut

men’s braided ponytail with undercut



short undercut ponytail for men

short undercut ponytail for men



slick back ponytail with undercut for guys

slick back ponytail with undercut 



undercut ponytail with beard

undercut ponytail with beard




We know that finding the perfect undercut ponytail style can be a hard job. So that’s why we have gathered these hairstyles that will truly help bring out your personality.