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15 Mother of The Bride Hairstyles With A Hat or Fascinator

The mother of the bride can be said to be the most important person after the couple, and the hairstyle is unavoidably a make-or-break factor in one’s wedding guest attire. Some mother-of-the-bride hairstyles use the timeless and sophisticated fascinator or hat as the focal point.

1. Beach Blue Mother Of The Bride Wedding Hat

short bob with a hat for mother of the brides

If your daughter’s wedding is outdoors or on the beach on a hot summer’s day or at the beginning of spring, this bright blue straw hat is a beautifully bright yet casual look.

It looks especially pleasing on short hair like bobs or boy cuts since it almost compensates for a shorter length of hair or fine hair. If you want, you can throw in a final tropical hair flower as a finishing touch!

2. Blue Feather Fascinator Wedding Hairstyle

long hairstyle with fascinator for mother of the brides

Shoulder-length hair looks amazing in a crimped style in a way that long hair rarely does. Style your medium hair with this frizz-free hairstyle achieved with a crimper or a crimping attachment on your flat iron and perfected with this blue feathers fascinator.

Blue is a statement color as it instantly lifts a neutral outfit and looks particularly dazzling in contrast to the wedding white or creamy beige colors. 

3. Black Woven Hat With Flowers

medium hairstyle with fascinator for mother of the brides

For mothers looking for a very pretty and youthful look, this hat captures the essence of ‘the sound of music’ and looks very farm girl adorable complete with some seasonal blooms all over the rim of the hat. This hairstyle will appear even more alluring if you are a natural or dyed redhead!

4. A Side Suede Feather Hat

short hairstyle with a hat for mother of the brides

For a regal, almost vintage look, this small suede hat, complete with red and black feathers, is a statement piece, and it can be worn at the center of the head or on the side.

The small size of this hat enhances your natural hair color and texture, so a nice blowout, for example, will still be quite visible.

And as the bride’s mother, the color red will make you stand out from the crowd!

5. The Perfect Mother Of The Bride Hat With Feathers

bob hairstyle with a hat for mother of the brides

A sophisticated bohemian style like this is an aesthetic choice for a more rustic wedding and also an indoor multi-course reception. This fascinator’s sheer size and expanse distract attention from shorter hair or even those troublesome fine lines!

Its creamy ivory color, faux pigeon feathers, and twine-like accents make it neutral yet impactful, especially when paired with a white, beige, or pink outfit.

6. Go Big Or Go Home

hairstyle to the side with a hat for mother of the brides

In contrast, a fascinator in brilliant blue with gorgeous grey flowers has an unusual and stunning appeal, especially if you pair it with a matching outfit and some chandelier earrings.

7. A Pink Mother Of The Bride Fascinator

mother of the bride hair up with fascinator

For short mother-of-the-bride wedding hairstyles, this hot pink ribbon fascinator showcases a striking pop of color that immediately stands out. Style the rest of the hair with loose curls or waves; no other hair accessories are required!

8. Beautiful & Bold Red & Black Flower Fascinator

long hairstyle with fascinator for mother of the brides

For the mother of the bride, bright and powerful colors for attire are remarkably well-suited as they put a spotlight on you. This fascinator features gorgeous red flowers with gems and feathers with a universally liked contrast with black that imparts a vaguely gothic vibe.

If your hair is a shade of red with highlights and romantic curls, it will blend in seamlessly with the statement fascinator and its style.

9. French Chic Fascinator Hat With Flowers & Feathers

mother of the bride hairstyle with fascinator

If you’re the bride’s mother aged over 70, this concept of modern French chic hair is a very throwaway style with beach waves or casual weathered hair.

This hairstyle combines the modern French girl aesthetic with a little beret-like fascinator with a central red flower, feathers, and lace.

10. Braids And A Side Hat

updo hairstyle with fascinator for mother of the brides

This braided bun is endlessly practical and formal for mothers with long, thick hair, but the orange side hat is a quirky addition for some visual interest.

You can add other tropical or brightly colored hair flowers or hair gems for an extra ‘oomph.’

11. Fun & Dramatic Floral Wedding Fascinator

mother of the bride hairstyle with fascinator

If you have a boy cut or a sleek bob with very fine hair, finding a style that enhances your features can be tricky, but a statement fascinator is always the answer.

This one is a particularly ethereal and charming choice, with flowers in shades of purple, dull gold, coffee brown, and peach with some glitter, feathers, and even comforting woolen petals.

12. Elaborate Grey Fascinator

short hairstyle with a hat for mother of the brides

This elegant mother-of-the-bride hairstyle with fascinator is perfect if you’re above 50. A large grey or taupe fascinator enhances a youthful fringe and beach waves but is still understated and elegant, especially if your outfit is a little loud.

Grey is a wonderful neutral shade that compliments most skin tones and works well with other muted colors in your outfit.

13. The Color Of Champagne

black hairstyle with fascinator for mother of the brides

For beautiful deeper skin tones, gold and champagne colors bring attention to the facial features, so a fascinator in these tones with some pearls, flowers, and faux organic foliage makes any mom even more of a stunner!

14.  Navy Blue Fascinator In A Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up hairstyle with a hat for mother of the brides

Princess curls in half-up and half-down mother-of-the-bride hairstyle an incredibly youthful and mesmerizing way to play up the natural long length of the hair.

A navy blue fascinator with blue pearls is the perfect, understated addition to your ‘mom of the bride’s attire, as it doesn’t take away attention from the gorgeous elongated curls on display.

15. Mother of The Bride Fascinator In Black & Green

hairstyle with fascinator for bride's mother over 60

Short hair can feel dressed with this fruity-inspired fascinator with pineapple-like shapes, with the green color inspiring a fresh and rejuvenating feeling. Both green and blue can offer a pleasing contrast to a warm-colored neutral outfit.

Wedding fascinators have been a long-standing tradition and aren’t going anywhere. They are elegant, fun, and chic and come in various styles and colors, so there’s definitely the perfect one for everyone. A fascinator is the quickest way to add that wow factor to the mother-of-the-bride hairstyles.