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20 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Brides Over 50

If you’re over 50 and getting married, you need a stylish wedding hairstyle. Whether you’re rocking short locks or long hair, natural grey, white or colored hair, creating a look that fits your personality and looks good with your dress is essential. We’ve handpicked the most flattering wedding hairstyles for brides over 50.

Grab a coffee and get ready to be inspired because these bridal hairstyles for women in their 50 will make you feel confident, beautiful, and glamorous!

1. The Perfect Beachy Curls

medium length wedding hairstyle for bride over 50

How can you not love easy, breezy beachy curls? Beach weddings are by far one of our favorites and we love when brides keep their hair simple. So, up first is a classic wedding hairstyle for brides over 50 – effortless and naturally curly hair.

Feeling confident on your wedding day starts with feeling comfortable, so instead of getting some fancy wedding hairstyle that’s stiff and structured, keep it natural. This bride has medium-length hair with natural curls, and she looks so happy and relaxed with them blowing in the wind.

Sometimes less is more, right?

2. Half Up, Half Down Wedding Hairstyle With Veil

medium length wedding hairstyle for bride over 50

A half-up, half-down style is one of the best wedding hairstyles for brides over 50. This bride has beautiful blonde shoulder-length straight hair that’s perfectly styled for her wedding day look. Wearing an ivory jacket, pearl necklace and veil, she wanted an effortless wedding hairstyle.

A classic and simple half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle with a little volume on top and wispy tendrils was all she needed to look absolutely stunning.

3. A Romantic Updo For Beach Wedding

short wedding updo for bride over 50

This bride chose a traditional updo for her outdoor wedding for an ultra-soft and feminine look. Her dark hair is pinned back in a low bun with a few loose strands, creating an ethereal and whimsical look. It’s the perfect wedding hairstyle for a bride over 50 that’s wearing a dress with straps.

The updo allows the beauty of the bride’s face and gown to shine because it’s simple and elegant.

4. Sophisticated Updo With Barrel Curls & Headband

wedding hairstyle with headband for bride over 50

Whether you are in your 50s or 70s, this bridal hairstyle will look amazing. This look is for the bride that wants a more traditional and formal wedding hairstyle.

It’s achieved by styling her bangs over to one side, pinning the rest of her hair in a high full updo with large barrel curls at the top of her head and then accented perfectly with a dainty headband.

5. Stunning White Hair Styled Down With Soft Waves

long wedding hairstyle for bride over 50

All we can say is WOW! There is nothing more elegant than naturally grown white hair; it’s the epitome of grace. Brides over 50 want to be a vision on their wedding day, and this lovely bride has achieved that in abundance.

Her long, flowing white hair is worn down, with a soft and gentle curl that looks effortless and glamorous at the same time.

Wearing a strapless gown, she allows her hair to cascade over the shoulders, creating a feminine and demure look that’s perfect for a wedding day.

6. Short & Simple Wedding Hairstyle For Brides Over 50

wedding hairstyle for Asian bride over 50

This simple wedding hairstyle features short brown straight hair with a side part and auburn highlights. The bangs are tucked behind the ears, adding a touch of sophistication, while a little volume on top completes the look.

7. Ear Length  Bob Hairstyle With Birdcage Veil

wedding blonde bob hairstyle for bride over 50
kellidanieltaylorphoto /Instagram

This ear-length blonde bob is short and sweet for brides over 50 who want a classic, elegant look. The side part adds an element of sophistication while tucking the hair behind the ears highlights your facial features. 

And when paired with a birdcage veil and matching pearl earrings and necklace, this style exudes vintage glamour that will turn heads.

8. Ringlet Curls & Flower Pins

wedding hairstyle for fat bride over 50

When wearing a strapless wedding dress, an updo is always a beautiful choice. We love how this bride elevated her updo with ringlet curls and dainty flower pins throughout her updo.

9. Wedding Updo With Straight Bangs

wedding hairstyle with bangs for bride over 50

When you’re wearing a wedding dress with a feminine scoop neckline and beautiful lace sleeves, wearing your hair up to accentuate the neckline is a great choice.

This bride over 50 looks so happy with her simple wedding updo wearing her bangs straight down across her face. 

No one ever said you have to get super fancy and elaborate with your wedding hairstyle. Sometimes simple is best.

10. Half Up, Half Down Wedding Hairstyle With Veil

wedding hairstyle for blonde bride over 50

For a traditional wedding hairstyle, select a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a two-layer veil and delicate headband. It’s the quintessential bridal look with an ethereal and romantic look.  

11. Classy Short Pixie Wedding Hairstyle

short wedding hairstyle for bride over 50

This short pixie wedding hairstyle is perfect for the bride with thick blonde hair. The side part and swept bangs create a flattering and feminine look, while the short length adds a touch of edginess.

Paired with soft makeup, this short hairstyle for women over 50 is the perfect balance of modern and classic, making it a great choice for any bride looking to make a statement on her big day.

12. Beautiful Boho Wedding Hairstyle For Brides Over 50

wedding hairstyle with braid for bride over 50

This boho wedding hairstyle is perfect for the free-spirited bride over 50. The thick side braid, draped over one shoulder, beautifully showcases the blonde and grey hair and perfectly complements the romantic lace neckline and long sleeves of the boho wedding dress. 

Pair with dramatic and moody makeup for a stunning and unforgettable look that perfectly captures the bohemian spirit.

13. Elegant Wedding Hairstyle With Puffy Veil

wedding hairstyle with highlights for bride over 50

Let your true beauty shine on your wedding day with an elegant wedding hairstyle. Half up and half down with volume on top and thick ringlet curls paired with a thick and fluffy veil placed at the crown of her head.

14. Edgy Short Wedding Hairstyle With Gold Crown

wedding updo with bangs for bride over 50

For a bold and edgy wedding day look, style your bangs down to your eyes and to the side, add a low veil pulled over one shoulder, tease hair at the top for volume and complete the look with a beautiful gold crown. 

It’s edgy, fun, and a wonderful bridal look for a woman over 50.

15. Keep It Simple And Rock A High Ponytail On Your Wedding Day

wedding ponytail for bride over 50

This is an elegant wedding day look that’s perfect for outdoor weddings. The high ponytail is perfect for showing the bride’s beauty and her stunning lace wedding dress. Sometimes less is more, and in this situation, we agree!

16. Romantic Updo With Side Swept Bangs & Veil

wedding hairstyle with veil for bride over 50

This elegant updo with side-swept bangs is the perfect choice for brides with a sophisticated and timeless look. The addition of a romantic veil adds an element of romance and femininity, making it the perfect choice for a traditional wedding. 

And with the hair swept to one side, this style is perfect for showing off your gorgeous jewelry or neckline.

17. A Fun & Sassy Pixie Cut Wedding Hairstyle

short layered wedding hairstyle for bride over 50

This fun and sassy pixie cut wedding hairstyle is perfect for the 50-year-old bride with a free spirit and love for life. The hair is teased for volume on top, giving a playful and flirty look. Her glamorous white hair is graceful and feminine. 

With a hairstyle like this, the bride can confidently dance the night away and celebrate her big day with style and energy.

18. Embrace Your Natural Style

wedding bob hairstyle for bride over 50

It’s perfectly ok to simply rock your natural hairstyle on your wedding day. This is a beautifully simple wedding hairstyle for brides over 50. A short hairstyle teased for a little volume and away from the face allowing the bride’s natural beauty to radiate. 

19. Short Wedding Hairstyle With Curls & Headband

wedding hairstyle for bride over 50 with glasses

Add some loose curls and a bridal headband for an easy breezy short wedding hairstyle. It’s elegant, fun and easy to achieve. The short length of her hair hits right at the top of her shoulder, allowing the beautiful lace neckline on her wedding dress to shine. 

20. Glamorous Fairytale Wedding Hairstyle For Brides Over 50

wedding hairstyle with thick hair for bride over 50

The epitome of glamour and grace. This stunning bride looks like a Hollywood movie star with long black hair with touches of grey sprinkled in her bangs and on the side. Soft curls are added for a romantic look, bangs are straight down, and an oversized regal tiara completes this absolutely glamorous and fairytale wedding hairstyle. 

Truly glamour and grace on all levels. 

Getting married after the age 50 is no reason to compromise on style and beauty, especially when choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle. With these 20 inspiring wedding hairstyles, mature brides can confidently walk down the aisle looking and feeling their best.

From soft and romantic curls to bold and playful pixie cuts, there’s a wedding hairstyle for every personality and style. Whether you’re going for a boho vibe or old Hollywood glam, these stunning wedding hairstyles will help you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to celebrate your special day.