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15 Stylish Ways to Wear a Hat On Your Wedding

Hats have always been trendy and stylish, but they have rapidly gained popularity in recent years. And on your wedding day, they are an absolute trend-setting style.

So, if you love rocking a hat on most days, or even if it’s something you rarely wear, wedding hats are a trend that we love. But if you’re curious about how to pull it off, check out these 15 wedding hairstyles with a hat.

Wedding Hairstyles That Look Great With a Hat

From cowboy hats to fascinators to trilby and ranchers, wearing a hat on your wedding day elevates your style to ultra-glam levels. Here are some of our favorite wedding hairstyles with a hat. 

1. Wedding Fedora

pixie haircut with a hat for wedding

Up first is one of our favorite wedding hats- the classic Fedora. It gives off a fun and flirty vibe with a touch of boho spirit. The wedding Fedora looks fantastic with a lace wedding dress, as seen in this photo.

2. Mini Bridal Top Hat & Face Veil

curly hairstyle with hat for wedding

Nothing screams retro-bride style more than a mini bridal top hat & face veil. This elegant and simple bridal mini top hat is decorated with beautiful and luxe white silk shantung. It is embellished with a white face veil and a luxurious spray of ostrich plumes.

It’s a fun and sassy look with the wild ringlet curls, but we love it! Can’t you picture a bride wearing this at a vegas wedding?

3. Oversized Floppy Wedding Hat

wedding hat hairstyle for red headed women

For an outdoor garden wedding, we love an oversized floppy hat. It just screams Gone With The Wind, romance, and whimsy. This bride chose an oversized white, floppy hat with sheet organza, large flowers behind her ear, and dramatic makeup. 

Hair down and curled for this wedding hat style, ladies. It’s an ethereal and vintage wedding hairstyle.

4. Vintage Glam Top Hat With Bow

wedding hairstyle with a hat for black brides

Are you wearing an 80’s style wedding dress with lace and puffy sleeves? Complete your wedding day look with a cute, vintage glam top hat with a bow on the side. It’s retro, classic, and romantic that needs hair worn down.

5. Boho-Chic Wedding Hat

wedding hat hairstyle

Another classic boho wedding hat is this Fedora. Worn with her hair down and the hat placed at the back of her head keeps it away from her face allowing her beauty to shine. If you’re a free-spirited boho gal, this wedding hairstyle with a hat is for you.

6. Country Bride With A Cowboy Hat

cowgirl hat for wedding

For all the true country souls, yes! You can wear a cowboy hat with your wedding dress. We love how this bride chose a black cowboy hat to contrast against her beautiful blonde and burgundy hair. Just a few soft curls and a stunning lace wedding dress are all she needs to complete her look.

7. PillBox With Ostrich Plumes & Net

wedding hair bun with a hat

A retro-glam wedding hairstyle with structured pin curls, a pillbox hat, lace gloves, an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, and an oversized pearl necklace create an absolutely classic vintage wedding look. This is one of the hottest hats most women wear at the wedding. 

8. Ivory Wedding Hat With Flowers For Short Hairstyle

wedding short hair with a hat

This is a beautiful hat for short hairstyles. The hat is a modified cowboy hat of sorts that’s been decorated with flowers. The bride has a short hairstyle, so this hat is perfect for her.

9. Medium Length Hair With Fedora

wedding hair to the side with hat

Rustic, outdoor weddings with a boho flair always make our hearts sing, and when you add a Fedora to the bridal look, it’s simply incredible! The key to this wedding hairstyle with a hat is the medium-length locks, soft curls, and side part, and the Fedora hat worn at the back of the head.

10. Thick Braided Hair And Blue Wedding Hat

braid with hat for wedding

Here’s a wedding style that has a lot of personality. It’s a great look for thick hair because it allows the braids to be wide enough to add decorative pearl accents.

Her hair has been twisted into a braided look and pulled to one side so she could wear a dramatic blue hat on the other side. We love it!

11. Mini Top Hat and Fluffy Veil For Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

long wedding hairstyle with a hat

When you have a simplistic wedding dress, it calls for a classic wedding hairstyle. So, for this bride, she opted for a sleek ponytail and added a little drama with a mini top hat and face veil worn slightly to the side. It’s a modern and minimalist wedding day look.

12. Pillbox Wedding Hat With Short Bob Hairstyle

bob hairstyle with a hat for brides

Short blonde hair in a bob style needs some ringlet curls and a fancy pillbox wedding hat with sheer organza accents. It’s fun and flirty and will look incredible in photos.

13. Dramatic Winter Hat And Veil With Long Glamorous Hair

retro wedding hairstyle with a hat

Ok, we don’t even know what to call this hat, but it’s absolutely dreamy! A soft, grand, unique hat with thick but sheer fabric as a veil and beautiful long dark hair create a stunning wedding day look. Her hair has been curled for a soft and romantic look.

14. Pill Box Bridal Fascinator, Wedding Hat With Birdcage Veil

wedding updo with a hat

If you love the 40s and 50s and want to embody their incredible sense of fashion on your wedding day, a pillbox wedding hat with a birdcage veil is in order. The birdcage veil covers only the top half of her face; it’s retro-vintage and looks best with an updo. In this case, the bride has pin curls pinned up in the back.

15. Boho Wedding Hat With Long, Soft Curls

hairstyle with hat for brides

And to round up our hairstyles to wear with a hat list is a boho fav. This bride has beautiful long brown hair with golden highlights along the ends, so she added soft, long curls, some feathers, and a brown Rancher-style hat. It’s a bridal look that will surely never go out of style. 

Hats have always been a stylish and trendy accessory to wear at a wedding, from the cloche hats of the 1920s to the stylish designs of Princess Diana in the early days of her marriage. Wedding hats hold lots of tradition and can be fun, flirty, rustic, and boho. There is definitely a hat style for any type of bride and wedding.