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30 Incredible Pageant Hairstyles For Really Special Occasions

Every girl dreams of winning a beauty pageant. This dream comes true for some and others are left without a prize. However, there is no reason to look as though you are about to win the beauty contest every day! You can do it on some of the special occasions.

If you have beautiful hair, you absolutely must make it look fabulous at least several times a month. Pageant hairstyles will give you an idea of how beautiful and regal you can look if you know how to style your hair right.


Unique & Stylish Pageant Hairstyles for Women

Never thought about winning a pageant, but still want to look like a beauty queen? No problem. No matter how little experience you have with hair styling, there is a pageant hairstyle out there for you. Over the years, stylists have been coming up with fabulous ideas of how to deal with any type of hair.

Most of these hairstyles can’t be worn daily since they can damage the hair. However, they will make any girl look amazing on any occasion she chooses.

Take some time to browse pageant hairstyles for short and long hair to get a better idea of how you can look absolutely fantastic and really stand out of the crowd better than any beauty queen.


1. Platinum Blonde Pageant Hairstyle

You can win a pageant even as a senior! Opt for a platinum blonde pageant hairstyle for short hair by layering the mane. Turn the ends outwards and wear make-up that highlights your eyes.


2. Pageant Hairdo with Crown

pageant updo hairstyle

When having pale skin and blue eyes, opt for a hair color that mixes your favorite honey shades. Style a bun in the back and tuck the bangs over the ears. This pageant updo hairstyle seems to be waiting for the crown!


3. Pageant Wavy Hair for Black Girls

Don’t know what pageant hairstyle for black hair to wear? Give your hair volume and texture with some loose, relaxed waves, and you’ll probably get the big crown!


4.Long Curly Hair for Pageant

Having a glorious voluminous hairstyle for a beauty pageant will definitely improve your image! Hair must be perfect when attending such contests, and you can nail a real queen look by obtaining some perfect curls and a lot of texture.


5. Fishtail Braid for Pageant

Braids are fantastic choices for all sorts of occasions, including beauty pageants. The fishtail braid looks more sophisticated, and using this knitting technique, you can obtain a marvelous one sides hairstyle that will make you win any contest!


6. Differently sized curls

pageant hairstyles for women 1-min

Curls are usually considered a compulsory part of a beauty pageant hairstyle. There are so many ways to style them. Consider going for differently sized curls to make your style unique. Larger curls are made on top and smaller on the bottom part of your long hairstyle.


7. Combed over bangs

pageant hairstyles for women

This is a great hairstyle for women with long bangs. They can be combed over to create a voluminous crest on top. This will prevent your hair from getting into your face. This is a wonderful idea for special occasions, which involve dancing.


8. Brushed to one side

This is a great pageant hairstyle for young girls whose hair is not too thick. The volume is created by brushing the long mane to one side. This way it makes an impression of thick hair. Don’t forget about the curls!

You won’t see any better short hairstyles than these


9. Teased waves

cute pageant haircut

Teasing is not a very healthy procedure, but it can help make a really regal hairstyle. If your hair is not thick enough to create a voluminous impression, teasing will really add some volume. The wild and sexy look this style creates is amazing!

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10. Side part

pageant hairstyles for women 5-min

Pageant hairstyles don’t necessarily mean voluminous locks. This easy to make hairstyle with a side part is just as perfect for everyday wear as it is for special occasions. Leave the top of your hair natural and curl just the lower part.


11. Long waves

pageant haircut for beautiful women

Long waves make a really regal style. The longer the hair, the better it looks. This simple option is great for a woman with any type of hair. If your locks are not long enough, you should consider getting a weave.


12. Curly bun

pageant hairstyles for women 7-min

If you are choosing beauty pageant hairstyle for kids, different kinds of curly buns are a great idea. Create a voluminous bun with the help of an elastic band and some pins. Pull separate strands out and curl them to make a really magnificent look.


13.  Teased ombre hairstyle

hairstyles for pageants women

If you want to look like a beauty queen, you must follow modern trends. Ombres are in style. So, think about creating one on your long hair. Ombres are easily made with the help of weaves, especially when you don’t have enough hair length.


14. Blond and fabulous

pageant hairstyles for women 9-min

Blond is often the choice for pageant styles, so consider dyeing your hair. When your locks will become light, even the simple hairstyles will start looking regal. Take a look at the photo. There is nothing special about a side part and slight waves, but the girl looks amazing.


15. Raven black beauty

pageant hairstyles for women 10-min

If you want to create a look of an eastern beauty, go for dark hair dyes. Raven black looks especially well on women with long thick hair. However, if you go for the black dye, make sure to brighten up your make up, so the facial features are not lost.


16. Windblown waves

pageant hairstyles for women 12-min

If your natural hair is fine and straight, it is hard to make a voluminous pageant style. But if you are ready to put in some serious work, there is nothing impossible. Go for a windblown style, which will add volume all by itself and don’t forget the waves to go with it.


17. Straight and thick

pageant hairstyles for women 13-min

Girls with thick and heavy hair have no reason to bother with a lot of curls. Yes, curls are often compulsory, but you can do without them. Make sure to create some volume on top with the help of a hairdryer and some gel. The rest of the hair can heavily fall down your shoulders.


18. Voluminous bangs

women pageants hairstyle

Another secret to creating volume in hairstyles for pageants are side swept bangs. The longer they are, the better the style will look. Make a side part and brush the hair from one side of it to another. The volume will appear immediately. Secure it with some hair gel.


19. Messy curls

short pageant hair

This is one of the most popular pageant hairstyles for short hair. Curls are created all over the head and styled in a random way to create a great look. This style is perfect for everyday use and is quite easy to maintain.


20. Princess curls

pageant hairstyles for women 16-min

You can get a princess-like look by creating proper curls. They must be styled one by one. Separate the hair into several strands and curl each one carefully with a flat iron. This style looks great on any type of hair. However, the thicker your locks are, the better.


21. Teased ponytail

pageant hairstyles for women 17-min

Do you think ponytails have nothing to do with pageant hairstyles? You are absolutely wrong. Make a teased ponytail on one side to create a really interesting and dreamy look. Separate one strand on top of your head, twist it and weave into the ponytail.


22. Low Bun

pageant hairstyles for cute women

Heavy low buns will make any woman look like a queen. At first, curl the hair. Then a bun is created by using the elastic band and pins. Afterwards, hair is carefully pulled out to create volume. Bangs are styled to make tight curls.


23. Blunt Bangs

pageant hairstyles for women 19-min

Blunt bangs are a terrific idea for a special hairstyle. Let one strand loose on each side of the blunt bangs and curl them as you see on the photo. The rest of the hair can either be collected into a bun or a high ponytail.


24. Weaves

pageant hairstyles for women 20-min

Weaves are a great help for creating regal hairstyles. If your hair is fine and not too long, a weave will save the day. You can either choose the one that matches your hair or get a more voluminous piece. Any weave will make your hairstyle look worthy of a pageant look.


25. Accessories


Accessories are often a compulsory part of pageant hairstyles for kids and adults. Usually, beauty queen candidates use tiaras. However, different flower coronets and bows are also worth some attention.


26. Platinum Blonde

nice Platinum Blonde hairstyle for girl

Amazing platinum blonde hair colorings are bound to catch the eye. Use hair bleach to help to get your hair as light as possible. Make sure that you do not leave it on for too long or else you could damage your beautiful hair.


27. Long Lush Waves


Thick long wavy hairstyles are a mainstay of the pageant circuit. For perfect waves in your hair, you should use curling irons and hairspray. Brush gently through your hair to turn curls into waves.


28. Black Beauty

Black hairstyle for womwn

Jet black hair is the perfect choice for some pageant contestants. Keep your hair long and thick for a classic pageant hairstyle that the judges will absolutely adore.


29. Voluminous Waves

Wavy haircut you favorite

In some pageant hairstyles, bigger is much better. Backcomb your hair and brush upwards from the roots to give maximum volume before styling. Use a lot of hairsprays to maintain your volume throughout the contest or during your special event.


30. Show your Roots


Perfect color is not essential for a beauty queen. The judges know that many people dye their hair, so there is no need to lie about it. Showing a few your roots can actually help your hair to look much thicker at the base.


We did our best to provide you a choice of wonderful pageant hairstyles for your special occasions. If your hair is not long or thick enough for these options, give some thought to different weaves. Remember, many beauty queens use them, so why not do it too?